Mo’, mo’, mo’

Oh, I’ve been waiting for you:


I believe March is finally MoMo month. Who doesn’t love some Moda, but this seems to be new territory in the technicolor landscape. Wonderland is designed by MoMo, one of Moda’s in-house designers in Japan (as I understand it). More MoMo, please.

I don’t know exactly what else I’ve been doing–flitting between projects, messing up projects, doing paperwork, working on a secret center for the Spring Fling round robin (speaking of which, I need to clean up my sidebar…).

I know what I’ll be doing later…reading the new Australian Quilters Companion. I’d been ordering back issues from time to time and there seemed to be more and more articles in which I was interested, so I subscribed. So many interesting things in each issue. Here are a couple of things I noticed in issue 35 as I took a QUICK peek inside:


Part one of Rainbow Lollipops designed by the breathtakingly talented Kellie Wulfsohn.

Also, American guest designer Anne Sutton (also breathtakingly talented) is featured. You really should make this for spring/Easter:


Get right on that, would ya? That kind of cuteness cannot wait.

EDITED TO ADD: For anyone who wants to know where to get the mag if you can’t get it locally…

I have a subscription through Stonehouse Publications in Canada (and have ordered back issues from them in the past). Here is a link to issue #35 that contains the pattern for the bunny quilt.

I also see that it can be ordered from QuiltBooks USA. And they have a subscription option as well.

Ooh, maybe I’ll take the magazine to the bus stop and to piano lessons. Or should I save it for the early evening lull?? Decisions, decisions. Such an exciting life.



  1. MichelleB said

    Okay, so if I click on your blog, I don’t get this post. But when I clicked on comments in my reader, then I got the post. Weird! Weird MoMo MoJo going on. Love the MoMo. And love those Australian mags.

  2. Jackie said

    Okay, I absolutely love Kellie’s quilts and Anne Sutton. You are so right, they are so talented. I may have to get that magazine. Where did you get it from before you subscribed and is this one the current issue?

  3. Kay Welch said

    I can’t find “Jumping for Joy” on any of Ann Suttons sites. Is that pattern in this magazing or just the picture of it?

  4. Jeanette said

    I’m wondering where to get the magazine, too. I love the Easter quilt and my mom wants to make it, too!

  5. Lily Boot said

    Ooooh! That momo is very nice! Spread out your charm pack and share some more loveliness! Do you know, I’ve never bought that magazine, and here I am in Australia – I’ll have to go take a look. Hope your week has been good – lily 🙂

  6. pam said

    I should make that rabbit quilt for Frankie. Except she’s mad I stole her rabbit.

  7. Hey, MoMo! You are mine now!

  8. belinda said

    Must be nice to have THAT magazine and some MoMo at your house!!

  9. Kim said

    Oh don’t you LOVE the MoMo! I have a fat quarter pack and am just having a blast bonding with it trying to figure out what quilt I shall make with the Wonderland!!! Love it!!!

  10. Kellie said

    I was just checking my stats and noticed that someone had googled my name and it lead them to you! Thank you so very much for your lovely words! You have made my evening … mind you you sound a lot like me I love my magazines … if you are ever in Melbourne you should come and check out my overflowing collection 🙂

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