Signs of spring

It’s a grey day here in Michigan. At 6 am, it was 51 F and it’s now 32 F and heading down. But I saw several signs of spring today. For example, the daffodils are starting to poke up in the flower beds. And the green Hostess Sno-Balls are near the cash register at Walgreen’s. One cannot find a more sure sign of spring, wouldn’t you agree?

Lily asked to see more of Momo’s Wonderland. You can find much better images over at Moda, but I thought I would point out some favorites in the charm squares.


Medium spread out flowers (there are small bunchy flowers and large bunchy flowers as well).


Lacy butterflies in a few color combos.


SCISSORS in a few colors


Polka dots in great color combos.



There are several large-scale prints that are gorgeous (including a patchwork-y one). You can see that these would, ahem, be better in a larger piece. Not that I’m telling you to get 10″ squares or, heaven forbid, yardage when it comes out. 🙂

I’m going to think about whether I could make up Ann’s Jump for Joy in Wonderland.

Here’s a reminder from yesterday:


That would be a sure sign of spring!

I can also tell it’s spring when we open the mailbox these days. We seem to have a lot of small friends with spring birthdays. So, “we” are often busy trying to make birthday gifts in the spring. “We” started this guy this week:


“We” quickly lost interest and, since the party is today, I had to finish the bookmark.

I don’t understand where this child gets her short craft attention span. ::shaking head::

Anyhoo, we’ve been making bookmarks using the cute characters in the Aronzi Aronzo Cute Stuff book for a while now. They’re cute, naturally, with fairly simple shapes that can easily be stitched down with embroidery floss. It’s working for us:


Hopefully when quality control returns from school, she will appreciate my third attempt at a pom-pom (the tiny Clover pom-pom maker is too smart for me…). We combined the bookmark with a rocker pillowcase (since they’ll be playing one of the rock band Wii games–I don’t speak video game) and a monkey Webkinz (because I’m lame like that). It feels like a decent balance between homemade and pre-fab.

One last sign of spring…I could NOT resist Fifi Lapin over at LeSportsac.

Really. Who could resist these bunnies???? (What? I had a Macy’s gift card AND a coupon.)


Uh-oh, I think Binnie needs some new duds….

May you see some signs of spring!


  1. Stephanie said

    Well the colored peeps are out at WalMart. Our Columbus Dispatch has a Pimp my Peeps contest each Spring. My kids used to like to blow them up in the microwave.

    Well you know I’m now going to have to have Momo…did you know the use the words “tea time” in the description? You are chief contributor to my bad buying habits.

  2. MichelleB said

    Holy cuteness! Love the monkey and the cute stuff book. I think you have the perfect combo of homemade and store bought for the present. And that bunny purse? Love it. LeSportsac does me in on occasion, as well.

  3. pam said

    Ahh yes, she does need some outfits. But we’ll see if she’s still speaking to me after I try and trim her nails. I sense there will be bloodshed, probably mine.

  4. Jackie said

    Whaaaaat, you say daffodils??? It just can’t be. They certainly won’t rear their pretty heads here until probably May. Ugh! Anyway, I love all you little signs of spring. Have no fear, I think my kids have a shorter craft attention span than your daughter does. They don’t even come into my studio for a visit.

  5. Love that scissors fabric! How cute!

  6. belinda said

    That really is THE cutest quilt!!!

  7. Jean said

    Just thought that you might like to see Anne Sutton’s blog. She has some freebee’s too.
    Have a great day! It’s sunny here, around 60… but we are to get snow again by the week end.

  8. Nanette said

    Jump for joy would be fabulous in those fabrics. Lovely lovely. The scissors is my favorite of the prints.

    You left me the sweetest comment today. It really lifted me. It has been a tough start of the year for our family.

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