Careful, it’s catching

After  I made a couple of wonky stars for the Bushfire Quilt Project, I got a little addicted.  I’ve noticed others who are feeling similarly. These stars are like potato chips. I used The Silly BooDilly’s star tutorial. It kind of amazed me how my Bushfire stars came out looking almost like I’d cut and measured carefully:


About the same time, I saw a star quilt in a photo on Linda Lum DeBono’s blog.  The photo is of a quilt at Pennington Quilt Works. I love the stars in Amy Butler Daisy Chain on a light background with lovely strippy sashing.

I am attempting a reasonable facscimile using wonky stars:





I’m trying to be a little more wonky with these. And I never thought I’d ever say this in my whole entire life: I’m running out of white on white.

These aren’t nearly as fun-looking as the multi-colored stars in the Bushfire blocks, but I’m sure I’ll do some of those after these Daisy Chain stars.

And, while these are 12″ stars, I still want to make some of Belinda’s tiny wonky stars too. They are so cute!

So, be careful with the stars, you may find it’s all you want to do.

I’ve also been playing chicken with my last remaining size 8 needle. I use that size for invisible machine applique. The size 8s are delicate little things, as in I am afraid to use the machine’s needle threader for fear of snapping off the point. Happily, the eyes are still in good enough shape to thread invisible thread through a size 8 needle. Maybe not on the first try… But I was able to finish this week’s machine applique task in four corners:
And start on the begininings of another:


Not real fond of the prep work on all of these circles, so I took a prep break to sew some down and see how I feel about it. Hmm…not sure… This is the beginning of  Gardenia, which was a free pattern designed by Cate Tallman-Evans using the Gardenia fabric designed by Linda Lum DeBono. It looks like the free pattern is no longer available at the Henry Glass web site. I can download it using Camino when clicking on this link, but in Safari, it says the file is not found.  Go figure. In any event, it is circles and squares and Bloom led me to it back in February when she left me a comment during the giveaway.

So, those are some of the haps for a sunny Wednesday.



  1. Stephanie said

    Great stars and I just love Belinda’s little ones too. Haven’t made either yet. I apparently have an addictive personality when it comes to making things I like…I just keep going. :o)

  2. belinda said

    Must.Have.Stars……..AND New project!!! Just makes MY sun shine brighter!

  3. MichelleB said

    You have some lovely new projects going. I love the stars and the circles. I couldn’t get to the Gardenia pattern – but that’s okay. As if I need one. more. thing. to work on.

  4. Bloom said

    Oooh, you really did love that Gardenia pattern! It will look totally stunning when you’re done, but there are an awful lot of circles! To get to the file, I did a Google search for “gardenia henry glass” & found the PDF file. The link that worked for me is:

    Hope this helps anyone who is looking for it.

  5. You have such an eye for color. It really is fun to see your work. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Katy said

    yes – your stars look like you made careful measurements. Mine are more…um…haphazard. Practise makes perfect, they say. I’d better get back on it.

    And the white dots on white? *sigh* how can something so simple be so wonderful?

  7. Jackie said

    Your stars are great! Tiny, I find is definitely harder to work with. You have less room for error, therefore, you need to be more precise. I also use Safari and it came up as not found. But, I am going to try Bloom’s link and see what happens.

  8. Jackie said

    Bloom’s link works great!

  9. I’m at thirty four stars now, need two more to make a six by six quilt top. I didn’t have any white on white (I’ve bought some recently), so did mine with bright homespun in place of the white on white, so thought I’d best do an entire quilt top. They are fun, altho mine haven’t turned out very wonky, I think I was too particular when I was sewing them. I love your Amy Butler Daisy Chain stars! The Bushfire Quilt Project is such a great idea – even tho there will be a heap of star quilts, they will all be very different, and imagine all the quilty love that will be in them – it truly makes my heart sing to think that I’m involved in something this wonderful, along with others from all over the world. The first block I did was a mini one – I didn’t do my math and figure out it would turn out to be a 6 inch block – it is very cute. Then I found BooDilly’s tutorial and I was set. Feel free to pop over to the Purple Paisley Patch on Sunday to check out my wonky stars. Happy sewing, Kelly 🙂

  10. Janet said

    I love these stars, My DD made a cot quilt with tiny blocks the same and out of my scrap bin too.

  11. Those stars remind me of my Hoochy Mama stars…haha.
    I think your blog is always happy, uplifting and colorful….
    keep up the great work.
    Mary Lou Weidman

  12. Kathy said

    Oh Mrs. S! This post was a breath of Spring! I LURV the fabrics you are using in your machine applique project. And the circles on the purple wood ear print — whoda thunk? It looks great, and your circles are perfectly circular too.

  13. I love your blog and have kept up with most of your posts, but don’t always leave a comment. I usually just admire your taste and talent in quilting! I did email you some time ago asking about your wedge ruler. I had to take my quilting blog off since then because I just haven’t had the time to make anything to add to the blog. My blog now is just a “whatever” type blog.

  14. Nanette said

    Amy they are lovely. The stars are winking. Machine applique huh. I’m not one of those people that do that but I want to be. I’m going to take a class when my head clears, I get the taxes done, and get my list somewhat in order (endless job). I’ve seen some fabulous machine applique close up lately and I want to do it. Size 8 needle hmmm. Thinking.

  15. I love the stars and the Gardenia quilt. I can’t wait to see it all done. Please send me a pic when you’re finished!

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