Fixing a fracture

I am a card-carrying member of the Material Obsession dolly quilt program. I will admit that I hoarded last year’s kits. I don’t know what I was waiting for, of course. They were all lovely and I am excited about each and every one. Sometimes I have to have “the perfect time” to do something.

Trying to live more in the present, I cracked open the first kit of this year and got started. Of course, they had me at Kaffe when I saw the pretty Kirman print and delicate yellow and cream stripe. I cut, cut, cut, sewed, cut, sewed, pressed. Decided to put a few blocks together and found out: Fractured quilt ur doin’ it wrong! Blast it! Here is an example of what I got down to:


The tiny block on the right is the incorrect one. It measures in at 1 1/2″ square. Cuz I kinda ended up with skinny rectangles the first time around and then cut them down trying to see if I could salvage the situation.

The block on the left is correct and we are moving forward with another colorway of Kirman.

Here is some progress:


Oh, I get it. And this is a very fun technique. The mind is racing thinking of other possibilities. Fractured pinwheels, for instance! Thank you for another lovely kit!

I’m crediting a lovely Australian movie with getting my fractured mojo back. It’s called The Dish and is about the Parkes satellite dish (in Australia) which transmitted the video feed from the moon landing in 1969 so that we could watch in on TV–I am included in the “we” in this instance. It was a great movie, filled with quirky characters.

I will leave you with today’s weather in Michigan (having to add frenetic and perhaps overcaffeinated somewhere in there):


Yeah, I’d say that about sums it up.



  1. Mimi said

    I love your fracture quilt!!! Ooooh, it’s divine! Nearly makes my mouth water it is so delicious. What gorgeous fabric.

    So sorry you are having a bit of a hard time getting it right. That happens to me, and I’m assuming all of us, and it makes me angry with myself.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Heh. When I saw those first two blocks, I thought, “Oh awesome! She’s doing a cartwheel/whirlygiggle quilt!” But I like the stair-steppy layout, too. Regardless, it’s good that you’re working through the projects you’ve already got on hand. (Will you call my mom and explain this concept to her? 🙂

  3. Lisa A said

    The Dish was a great movie. I had forgotten about it. Thanks for reminding me.

  4. Anita said

    I was just thinking about trying this same quilt with my scraps. It looks so fun and free.

  5. Jackie said

    Now I get it too! I love the fractured quilt. But I just hate it when you mess up. I mean when I mess up, I mean, well you know what I mean. I love your weather summary. That is generally the forecast for New England too. I think we have the same weatherman.

  6. Nichole said

    i don’t know. i live in ann arbor and i think the weather today was definitely not gross. 🙂

  7. MichelleB said

    I love the way the fractures are coming out. It looks great. Dare I ask about the kits and what they are? Probably not. I love your bunnies too. They are looking mighty cute.

  8. Rhonda said

    Serendipity! I’m an Australian, I love ‘The Dish’, I have family in central Michigan, and I made some wonky stars for the Bushfire Quilts. Oh, and I’m a quilter! (

  9. pam said

    Ohh love it. Now I need to get the Dish.

  10. The best thing is you kept on trying until you got it right! Maybe you can use the little ones left over to do a border or a tiny center block for another quilt? The only way not to have waste is to do more work…did I say that? And The Dish is pretty funny, I think you are becoming an Aussiefile! Have you seen Strictly Ballroom? It is also an Australian classic well worth seeing. k

  11. jacquie said

    it wasn’t till your project improv blocks arrived that i made the are mrs. schmenkman! love the new little project…can’t wait to see it all come together. sorry about the little mess up…part of the process sometimes!

  12. Lily Boot said

    Arrgh!!! Messing up – makes you wonder why we sew sometimes doesn’t it! I’ve had such a mess up with my yellow and white quilt I’ve hidden it under some ebay “wins”. LOVE the map with the weather – clearly it’s been raining meatballs. 🙂 p.s. most of my family resemble the characters in The Dish!

  13. Sara said

    We get your MI weather here in NY just a few days after it leaves you. I am from MI and, bad weather and all, I’d love to be back there. Love the weather map – I’d guess it was more accurate than the actual weather forcast.

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