It’s my turn

I have an upper respiratory virus to thank for finishing the applique on the Jump for Joy quilt:


Despite a pressing need for a good steam pressing, these bunnies make me so happy! And they’ve kept me pretty happy this week as I appliqued next to a feverish child.  And now I have a bit of the virus…just enough to be uncomfortable, not enough to keep me from any of my responsibilities…which I get to carry out while uncomfortable. Does anyone have a lozenge?

Once again, this is Anne Sutton‘s design for Australian Quilters Companion. Hop on over to Anne’s Bunny Tales blog and fetch her free pattern for a punchneedle bunny.

I imagine that the bunnies are trying to jump over the ric rac fence to get to the lush vegetation on the other side:


Had to put the tallest fence on that side, don’tcha know.

You have seen Sue Spargo‘s new book, haven’t you?


Gorgeous! Gorgeous! And a new bag book is hot off the presses as well. Are there designers whose work you collect without question? In a reliable and very exciting way? Yes? I put Sue’s designs in that category. Without question. Hmm, I wonder if that’s a lot of pressure.

And something of a virtual “hot off the presses,” you’ve been to visit Sarah, right?

All right, off to find something for the throbbing in the corner of my eye.


  1. I think what I like about the bunnies is that with their heads up, it truly looks like they are just jumping for joy and not out of any purpose or goal. Just jumping for the sake of jumping, head thrown back with a big bunny grin. Awesome.

  2. Stephanie said

    Boo on sickness. I have a college kid home on spring break with the flu! Anyway, what a happy little quilt. I would like to live there; address: 3 Bunny Hill Lane, perhaps.

  3. Jackie said

    Amy, Wonderful finish, however I am sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I hope you are better soon. By the way, I received my magazines and love the pattern from Anne. Thanks for the link!

  4. Katy said

    I hope you feel better soon – keep sucking on lozenges!!!

    I can’t even mention the bunnies, they are too wonderful for words!

  5. Sarah said

    Thanks for the link Amy 🙂

  6. Nanette said

    Wow. I’m impressed. Sick and still keeping busy. Your version of Anne’s work is wonderful, lovely and inspiring. The bunnies look like they can really fly. That new book looks amazing too.

  7. kristin said

    I love your hip cottage and bunnies. And rick rack too! COOL.

    Hope you are feeling better. I am sitting next to a sick husband that we are calling Darth Daddy. Can’t wait to be able to open the windows and air out the germs.

  8. Brianna said

    Found your gorgeous blog thru googleing kellie wulfsohn. I live in Australia and thought you might want to know that in next months (April) Australian Homespun there is a beautiful quilt by her in it. Not sure if you are able to get it in the States. Your bunnies are so cute, I think I am going to have to track down that mag!

  9. Kim said

    Cute bunnies! Love that roof! :o) I love Sue’s work too…but haven’t had the chance to paw the new book yet! Hope you feel better soon!!

  10. fabricpile said

    That does it! Next time I have trouble sleeping, I’m counting BUNNIES! Soft, perfectly appliqued bunnies!

    Vodka will work for that eye–just be careful to get it all down your throat! ‘Cause if you actually got it in your eye, that might burn . . .

  11. Lily Boot said

    lovely, lovely, lovely – I do so admire your applique skills Amy. And again, I’m so repetitive, your colours are beautiful. I completely agree on the rabbits longing for the lush vegetation over the rail – in fact, I think I can see the desperation in their bounds!

  12. MichelleB said

    I hope that you’re feeling better! I love your bunnies and their ric rac fence. Cute, cute.

  13. belinda said

    I’m liking it too much….and I hope you are better by now….as you can see
    I am W-A-Y behind on my reads!!

  14. Rachel said

    Oh dear, I hope you’re feeling better! The bunnies are adorable!

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