How romantic!

Arriving in the fall: SQUEAL!

Are you as excited as I am?

How many sleeps is that until it comes out??


  1. Stephanie said

    You must stop this madness…I just ordered charm packs of Sweet and Momo. You’re a bad influence.

  2. Nedra- Cactus Needle said

    Oh MY STARS!! Thanks for the Shout Out about Kaffe’s new book! I had no idea. And it looks stunning already! I am such a Kaffe fan, and this will only add to it.

  3. Jackie said

    Okay, you must have an in somewhere! That looks fantastic…. eek! It is definitely on my wish list. Love Kaffe!

  4. Janet said

    I’m going to have to check out the Kaffe book when it’s released, the cover is a teaser!

  5. Susannah said

    Please stop enabling!!! No… really… PLEASE DON”T!

  6. fabricpile said

    That cover quilt is reason enough to buy the book. Yum!

  7. Jan said

    Just that cover is something!

  8. pam said

    How many sleeps, you’re killing me.

  9. That came pretty quick on the heels of his last one. Not that I am complaining.

  10. Nancy said

    Might you live in Lansing MI? If so I see you may be a Sue Spargo fan?

    Shoot me an e-mail we have a fun group you might like.

  11. Sarah said

    That looks like a Kim McLean quilt on the cover unless I am much mistaken….. I feel more applique in my future.

  12. kim mclean said

    Yes, that is my quilt on the front cover of Kaffe’s book, it was such fun to do this quilt!

  13. Cathy U said

    I’ve just been checking out Kim McLean’s new Flower Basket Medallion Quilt over at Glorious Colour!! Drool. Kaffe and Kim are keeping me poor!!!! Keep them coming you guys are soooo talented. Thanks Mrs S for keeping us updated.

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