This is a test

I would like to report that things have been quiet around here. If you count all the coughing and nose blowing, things are literally not quiet around here. But I guess things have been quiet figuratively because who has any energy after all the coughing? The after-effects of this virus have been very interesting, you never know what will happen next, affecting parts of your body you didn’t expect. Keeps things exciting, I guess. Keeps the over the counter remedy companies in business. And, gosh, who knew that every eight or so years, you might want to replace your thermometer? See? Very exciting. I am happy to report that my sense of taste seems to be returning. That was a blow cuz who doesn’t enjoy a tasty meal and if you can’t taste it, where is the enjoyment??? I am going to hold off taste testing the new Starbucks instant coffee samples that arrived.

I’m still sewing Neptune curves and doing some idea/theory testing. Here is one such test:


Aha, 20 wedges but not 18 degrees. It took me a while to realize that the large ones aren’t 18 degrees and the small ones aren’t 9 degrees. More like 24 and 12. That’s why I’m not a mathematician. Well, I guess that’s just one of innumberable reasons.

Here is another test:


This is small but inspired by Denyse Schmidt’s Single Girl quilt pattern. I need to re-think that ric-rac on the inside of the circle, perhaps pulling it a little tighter as I sew next time. Or leaving it out altogether and just turning that edge under. You see, I’m trying to broaden the horizon of the ric-rac applique application. I don’t just show you final products, you get to see the realm of possibilities as they happen. Lucky, aren’t you? Hmm, possibly also it would be a little boring around here waiting for things to be finished. Or I might have to claim upper respiratory virus a lot. The reality of that is plenty, thanks, I won’t go inviting it by making it up.

Oh, I paid a small tribute to Natasha Richardson today and watched Widow’s Peak. I can’t believe I hadn’t seen it before. A very nice movie. I have enjoyed every movie I’ve seen her in. What a sad ending.


  1. Michelle said

    I don’t know if this is twisted or not, but I had to watch Love Actually this weekend, where Liam Neeson’s character is coping with the death of his wife @ the beginning of the movie.

    I love the Wonderland circle! I even like the ric-rac, and I’m not normally a fan of it!

  2. imagingermonkey said

    Poor Natasha Richardson, isn’t it so very sad?

    I’m hoping your germs aren’t catching – so I’ll keep my hand over my mouth just in case whilst I’m here, it’s about time that nasty virus left really, isn’t it?

    And, yes, I do love both the disky thing and the hoopy thing. Obviously, that goes without saying, doesn’t it? In fact, the wonderland hoopy thing would look great as a ruffle on my cat.

  3. Stephanie said

    Wedges, rick rack, and Wonderland love. Sorry about the virus yuck. We went from spring break flu for son, to visiting a hand specialist for daughter now home on spring break…finger got caught in a metal grinder in the workshop on campus. Ugly, I tell ya.

  4. MichelleB said

    Ack! No sad endings! Thanks for the warning. Your experiments are darling. Yes, I realized that the wedges aren’t 18 degrees when I tried (as usual) to copy you. They are darn cute, however. All of your wedges are darn cute. And mine don’t look nearly as cute as yours.

    I hope you are completely back to feeling good normal soon!

  5. Lisa A said

    You’ve done it again, Mrs. Schmenkman. I love the test circle with the alternating white wedges.

  6. Nancy said

    I love the top picture, is there a pattern for this? Would love to find it.

  7. Beautiful tests. I’d personally love to hear more about the theories you’re poking at, if you have time to share.

  8. Jean said

    Sorry, not so sure about the ric rac in the middle! I do like it on the outside though.
    So, what did I miss? Natasha Richardson? Did she die or something? Just wondering, I don’t watch the news much too much negative stuff for me!

  9. Hi Amy–

    Thanks for checking in at the blog! Glad you enjoyed seeing the rickrack!

    The stuff you’re working on is WONDERFUL!! You know anything with rickrack is A-OK with me!

    Please keep in touch—

  10. Jackie said

    I am glad to hear that you are feeling better and that you sense of taste is returning. That is a bummer. I love all your tests. The rick rack looks great!

  11. Love these and love to hear about and see all your test runs. Like someone else said above, I’d love to give this a shot – can you point me towards the pattern puhleez.

    Ginger Monkey is sooooo funny, but I think that would look darling on my cats too – we could have a cat circus. LOL

    When I heard about Natasha Richardson I immediately thought of Liam Neeson in Love Actually. It is devastating that such a minor skiing accident can result in death – life is such a fickle thing really.

    Keep up the great work, I always love visiting your blog. 🙂

  12. Mimi said

    The background fabric over powers the ric rac – wonder what smaller figures on the background would do for the ric rac – all this assuming that you get some more energy somewhere.

  13. aneela said

    OOh! I do love your testy bits and pieces, they look like you are on a journey to create some superly amazing fabricational brilliance!!!! keep on playing it’s good for you!!

  14. Like Michelle I watched Love Actually to cheer me up. I loved Natasha Richardson. I have not seen Widow’s Peak. I think I better find it.

    Glad you are getting better.

  15. Nanette said

    Oh my I love the rick rack. I love the Denise Schmidt block too. I’ve admired them. Your curved piecing is wonderful. More more more.

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