It’s a beautiful day

If you turn nine today, it may indeed be a beautiful day.

You may get one of these:


(which will require you to then decide what to do with the money you’ve been saving for one)

This beautiful day may lead to this:


(note: your reaction to the Talking Heads may differ, but I hope not)

Or this beautiful day may lead to this:


Or even this:


And then your excitement involves more members of the household:


An audience, as it were. (unless you’re the one in the background scratching your ear because you have an ear infection)

And then you also do this:


If you are the mother of a nine-year-old on this beautiful day, when you open your freezer, you may see this:


In which case you also wonder what to do about this since there are no additional people eating this particular ice cream cake and one of the household has given up sweets and dairy. (anyone want some cake?)

Ah, well, it is a beautiful day.



  1. Ah well diets sometimes have to take a brief holiday. Happy Birthday to her.

  2. Sarah said

    Ice cream cake should never count as calories, especially not on beautiful birthdays.

  3. Nine? No. Way. She was just a baby last week, wasn’t she? Happy Birthday! Whatcha listening to on the iPod, Jingle?!

  4. MichelleB said

    Ah, what a beautiful birthday girl and birthday cake. Ice cream cakes are truly loved around here. Too bad there is not enough freezer space to have them. Perhaps I should make room since I do have a couple of household birthdays coming up.

  5. aneela said

    lucky girl! happy with her pressie too. You’ll have to patchwork/quilt her up a little case for her baby ipod (note I am rubbish with gadgets so at least that is what I think that is called). Spare cake I’ll have some please!!

  6. pam said

    Happy Birthday 9 Year Old!!!
    Pass the cake.

  7. imagingermonkey said

    ah, 9. Such an interesting age, somewhere stuck between little and big, not quite double digits. Mine will be 10 this year. She’ll happily suck up that ice cream cake if it’s going spare!

  8. krommama said

    happy birthday to your big girl! what a cutie! love her outfit too. and we love the talking heads here.

  9. that is exactly how I react when I hear The Talking Heads which isn’t often enough these days! maybe even a bit more dancing before diving into cake!! March is a good month for birthdays. kathy

  10. Jean said

    Too Cute! Hope her day was Wonderful!
    And yes please! Cake…. yummmm!

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