Screeching ensues

…when Cathy points out that there is a new Kim McLean pattern available over at Glorious Color.


  1. pam said


  2. Kelly said

    OMG!!! That is amazing!

  3. Jackie said

    Fantastic pattern! By the way, Happy 9th to your lovely daughter!

  4. Janet said

    I better finish my other two Kim quilts first! I saw this quilt in person last year and it is a stunner.

  5. Kristin said

    Ohhhh, Ahhhh…. Time to devise the plan of why I MUST aquire the fabric to make this.

  6. Susannah said


  7. twolimeleaves said

    Kim designs the most EXQUISITE quilts, doesn’t she?! Absolutely stunning.

  8. Alison said

    …it is absolutely amazing and made me gasp out loud too!

  9. Nanette said

    Absolutely awesome. Wow. I’m impressed

  10. Sarah said

    oh-oh, I followed your link over there and my credit card details fell into the order box by mistake! Guess I have to add it to the list of things to make now…… 😉

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