Spring do-over

Now that the snow is melting, I can emerge from my cocoon of bitterness and move forward with a spring attitude re-start. Yes, I know it’s April in Michigan. I didn’t say I was surprised. I said I was bitter–only slightly… in an eye-rolling way.

Still sewing. Took a bit of an unplanned detour with some American Jane Snippets fabric:


The pattern is called Rainy Day Paper Play. It just takes about 45″ of the cute paper doll fabric, one charm pack and about a yard of red.

That quilt top intervened on this project. We had to take a bit of a break from each other. Three false starts. I’m going to blame the fact that we’re out of every ink color but black and I couldn’t figure out what was supposed to go where–despite the fact that I had the photo up on my computer screen right by my sewing machine. We worked out our differences.


Most of the fabric is from the Monaco fabric collection by Dena Designs–good old Free Spirit. Funky peacocks, bright colors, pretty flowers. Wheeee. The pattern is free over at Free Spirit and was designed by Scott Hansen. It was fun and I kind of love the triangles. Which is the part I was cursing at the outset. I confess that I didn’t read the pattern. Twice. First I made a “sash” of 60 degree triangles strung together. Oops–too long. Then I had the triangles and the sides of the triangle reversed colorwise. Oh, and then I had to learn how to properly trim the triangle units:


You’ll note the pointy orange point at the bottom and the shorter, if you will, blue point near the top (allowing more orange to show at the top). I’m not sure, but I may only want to make more of these because I figured out how to do them correctly. Master of the universe.

Enjoyed the fabrics so much that I used them for this year’s Easter basket:


I had my Zakka Sewing book (attention, Pam…I’m sure you’re already in the know) out and was all ready to make one of these cutie-pie bunny adaptations that Liesl posted. And then I thought about the age of the basket recipient. Hmm, while I am sure a nine-year-old would still think the bunny was adorable, she might also appreciate something a little less adorable that she can use on her bookshelf to organize, well, stuff since she has begun to take slightly more interest in what her room looks like. So, I went over to Pink Penguin’s basket tutorial and made a slightly bigger version.

There’s still time, I could make a bunny basket. Maybe I’m the one who wants the bunny basket… That ought to keep the spring in my step…a bunny basket and some slightly stale Peeps. OK, I guess she can have the plain basket AND a bunny basket since I just can’t stand it.



  1. Katy said

    I want a bunny basket. I want to know what peeps are. And I want to be able to figure out how the heck you did those triangles, because I am really amazed by them. (well, there’s a change, eh?)

  2. Stephanie said

    You do cute AND pretty so well. Cute paper dolls and pretty triangle pointy quilt. Winter reared her ugly head her the last couple of days. None of the snow stuck but I was definitely irked! If you need a stress reliever or entertainment…blow up your peeps in the microwave.

  3. krommama said

    ack! cute bunny! and i must say those 60* triangles are tricky.

  4. Mary on Lake Pulaski said

    It may not all have gone as planned, but everything turned out great. Love the snippets quilt.

  5. Janet said

    What a feast for the eyes this post is, I Love the funky 2nd quilt, the fabrics are amazing.

  6. Jana said

    I love the Monoco fabric. I am making my daughter’s Easter dress out of the pink fabric.

  7. Nanette said

    Had to go look at the book before getting my comment in. Japanese books and me are frienimies. Friends but the cost makes them my enemy! Love the quilts. Amy you are amazing. I should have made some baskets with easter fabric. Darn. Too late now. I have too much to do. But yours is cute.

  8. Love your paper doll quilt!!!

  9. Forgot to mention, I am from MI, too. Spring sure is taking its time coming, isn’t it?

  10. Cathy U said

    The Monaco quilt is gorgeous, so bright and springy. The triangles look great.

  11. Scott said

    I am SO GLAD you liked the Monaco quilt, and that my directions made sense to you. When I write things up they make PERFECT sense to me, but I am not sure how others will read them. I love your version, and I will be putting a link to it here from my site in a couple days! TOO COOL!

  12. Trisha said

    I love the paper doll quilt. It is so very cute. I veened something to make me smile, it started snowing, AGAIN! Spring just seems to take forever!!!

  13. Andi said

    Love everything in this post.
    So beautiful.
    So many gorgeous fabrics.

  14. Jackie said

    The first two thirds of this post sounds like you were having one of those “Where are my glasses?? Mommmmmm, they are on your face!” days. But looks like everything worked out just fine. Now all you need to do is get some color ink.

  15. pam said

    So I guess I need the book? I’ve seen it a bunch of times but thought gee it’s in English, whats the challenge in that.

  16. Mmmm… stale Peeps. My family buys them at Easter, hides them, and then we eat them at Christmas when they’re rock hard. It’s amazing, if not weird.

  17. Beth said

    Wow, your triangles look so great! I love the Monaco line so much — this looks fantastic!

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