Chocolate bunny

Nope, I couldn’t stand it.


Pay no attention to the chalk lines of the face I embroidered upside down. Look instead at the bunny’s yo-yo tail.




  1. pam said

    Holy crap that’s cute.

  2. Nanette said

    You are killing me here. this is so so so sweet. Love the color, the yoyo and the face! Amy, you’ve done it again.

  3. Liesl said

    Oh, the yo-yo is a great touch!

  4. The yo-yo tail is so genius! I love it.

  5. Jean said

    So which did you decide? Is it for her or for you?
    Have a Wonderful Easter!

  6. Mary on Lake Pulaski said


  7. Pat said

    OMGosh how cute!

  8. pamina said

    Funny and cute !!!

  9. Janet said

    now you just have to fill it with something! It’s so adorable with it’s tail.

  10. Kelly said

    Soooooo cute! I bet you could fit a tonne of Easter eggs in that! Love the yo-yo tail, sets him apart from all the pom pom bunnies. He’s a “Yo bunny” LOL! Have a wonderful Easter. 🙂

  11. AnnieO said

    Adorable!! The white smudges just look like he was eating some white peeps, that’s all…:)

  12. anne from finland said

    Your Easter bunny is really cute! I think he can carry a lot of Easter eggs! Happy Easter!

  13. jmbmommy said

    that tail is the best! I want one of these bunnies…maybe I will get it made by Colombus day…

  14. Bonnie said

    Oh, I wish I would of found your blog earlier. I don’t know why I haven’t. Love the bunny purse. I hope I have time to make one to go with the grand baby’s outfits. Love your blog,
    Keep Stitchen’

  15. krommama said

    ack! super cute!

  16. Ahfat said

    It’s cute, especially the yoyo tail.

  17. Mamaspark said

    This is quite possibly the cutest bag ever!

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