PEZ fabric

While Stephanie (oh, wait, if you read today’s post, she may have lead herself astray…) was leading me astray, I found that AE Nathan has a group of PEZ fabrics. Wasn’t that your favorite candy?? All full of artificial goodness, Katy! Since I have eaten all the jelly beans, it would be safer to substitute fabric candy…or candy fabric.

To further lead you astray, Fabric Shack has its Amy Butler fabrics at 20% off and has a pretty darn good price to begin with. Oh no, the solids are calling me…

My apologies.


  1. Stephanie said

    Don’t you love the PEZ fab? I’m needing more wonderland fab and yes, one gets distracted. Happy shopping. I blame you for many of my purchases or I’m happy to return the favor.

  2. Katy said

    and there’s another piece of candy we flavour with fruit juices, not chemicals. I’m going to have to send you a box full of stuff, aren’t I? All for purely scientific comparison purposes, naturally.

    Pez fabric though? That is pretty darn amazing (but then again, pezs are pretty darn amazing themselves)

  3. Ana said

    now imagine a suit made entirely out of that pez fabric. pure, sweet genius.

    love the blog- come visit mine if you want to see more sugar!

  4. Jackie said

    Really, Pez fabric? Had to go see it to believe it, honestly what will they think of next?? My mind is racing with ideas, but I think I better keep them inside my head.

  5. Dawn said

    OMG! Pez fabrics! I never knew! I have to get some!

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