Opening day

I think the Peeps were ready for the Tigers’ home opener:


I can’t tell for sure, but I think they’re doing the wave.


Look, you can eat an entire row for just 140 calories! And you get a gram of protein! See, Katy, it says “natural flavors.” That has to be good, right? Don’t worry, I’m not planning to send the entire stadium. While acquiring these, I found the last bag of Lifesavers jelly beans in a 1/4 mile radius. Thank heaven. Cuz I was out.

I’m posting this for Pam to see. I told her I had the bossy needlework manual from which I learned to crochet eons ago (having since lost those skillz). She has a bossy manual too. This one cost my granny one thin dime:


For a dime, you could acquire all of these mad needlework skillz:


It’s the old-school, bossy approach to teaching needlework. I like that in an instruction manual:


Had I been any older when I learned from this, I’m sure I would have had an opinion of what the manual could do with its left hand. Perhaps this manual–used at such a tender age–is the root of all of my problems with authority. Ya think?

Oh well.

I can’t get enough of the bright Free Spirit’s bright Monaco and Pretty Please fabrics. And I couldn’t get enough of Kathy’s Arcadia quilt (scroll down) the other day:



Oh, is that ever a fun block to make!

Have a peaceful weekend!



  1. Zonnah said

    I love those blocks, so bright and cheery 🙂

  2. diane said

    I have that how to book also, just recently confiscated it from my mom’s basement. Funny that you think it is ‘bossy’. It is a different approach, where have the good ol’ days gone? I think you are very well adjusted, even tho….
    Love those pretty blocks! Is it applique?

  3. I have that book too! I think I’ve had it since I was about 12 and never used it! I’ll have to dig it up to finish both rugs I started to crochet and then put in a bag!
    Lover’s Knot looking gorgeous in pretty colors! Happy Bunny eating! k

  4. Stephanie said

    Curved piecing or reverse applique? LOVE the block but can’t figure out how you did it.

  5. Mimi said


    I love your quilt blocks you have pictured. Do you mind telling me what pattern is it?

    Have a wonderful Easter.


  6. Kelly said

    Gorgeous blocks! I have the same question as Steph, curved piecing or reverse applique? Either way they are fabulous! I’m loving Monaco too, am going to add that to my fabric wish list. 🙂

  7. Amy said

    Everything about this post is cracking me up. A 42g serving of chicks has 34g of sugar! Holy diabetic coma, Batman! And that “I would have had an opinion of what the manual could do with its left hand” comment made me laugh out loud. I need to introduce you to my friend Kelley. Very similar sense of humor there. And I LOVE that block! Is that some kind of applique? Gorgeous!

  8. Boy — that block is amazing! (And oh, what a weakness I have for Peeps! Easter candy is the only candy I can’t seem to reject.)

  9. Robyn said

    Wow. amazing colours in those fabrics, and such a pretty block.
    can’t wait to see the finished quilt.

  10. Jeanne said

    Wasn’t it a great game today? I hope they saved a couple of runs for tomorrow. Love your blocks.

  11. Jan said

    Even at 10 cents, they must’ve made a million on that instruction booklet…I have my mother’s copy!
    I love that block and am happy you used the Pretty Please fabrics…I’d been wondering about the scale of those prints.

  12. Jackie said

    First, I just gotta say, you sounded just like my kids with the nutrition facts on the Peeps. They will find the smallest “good” thing and say, “but Mom, it has fiber” albeit less than .0001 percent of your total daily value. I respond “well then it just has to be good, go ahead eat up! Not!” But I do love those little critters and got an assortment of colors this year, blue, green, pink and orange. They also came out with chocolate ones too.

    Okay, now I am off my Peeps rant. I just love those blocks! What is the name of the block, please, please tell me, I just love a challenge.

  13. V said

    My teeth hurt just reading your post! SWEET PEEPS, and SWEET candy colored fabrics! nice block! curves. sigh… I have yet to challenge myself that way… happy weekend!

  14. Leslie said

    i think i have that exact same book stashed away with all my yarn that i used to learn some crochet from….i am not sure where mine cam from but it was probably my moms or grandmothers

  15. Carole Evon said

    I just found your blog, good work. I also see you are a fellow Detroit Tigers fan.

  16. dianne said

    a fellow peep lover – who knew?

    the bunny brought me some Bronco orange chickies – woo hoo!

  17. Mamaspark said

    Wait, you’re a Tiger’s fan? Do you live in MI?? Have you met Jeanne over at luv2stitch? Sh is a HUGE Tiger’s fan too!!

  18. Dawn said

    Mmmmm – Peeps!!!!!

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