Lover’s knot/rose dream block

I thought I would post some info about this block:


I’ve seen this called Lover’s Knot and also Rose Dream. This is a 12″ pieced block (please refer to recent conversion to curved piecing…). I used a template set acquired on eBay from Jerry’s Gizmos. I had another set for an 8″ block but I thought the inset piece was a little narrow for my tastes. Can I add that the Bernina #57 patchwork foot really makes a difference for me in piecing these curves. I’m sure that other machines probably have a similar foot–a 1/4″ foot but with a little edger kind of thing. It helps me control the curve a little better–kind of like training wheels. I can’t stand to use #57 for straight seams (you know, already having found the 1/4″ “sweet spot” with a regular 1/4″ foot…), but love it for curves.

Matilda’s Own also has an acrylic set for 4″ and for 8″ blocks. You may be able to get those from Kathy. While it is super-easy to get goodies from Australia, I couldn’t find anyone in the U.S. who carries Matilda’s Own templates–and they make some great ones.

So, that’s the block info. The blocks are fun to make and the imagination runs wild with fabric and color possibilities. This may be a slow-moving project with a block added here and there. But I would like to run off and make a block right now…

EDITED TO ADD: I’m also wondering if the Melon Block template (templates make an 8″ block) from Elisa’s Backporch could be slightly modified to achieve the same block as above. One would need to cut both concave pieces using the shorter concave template and then add a square to two ends one of those pieces. Clear as mud, but I think this template set might work too.


  1. Mary on Lake Pulaski said

    Thank you for answering the exact questions I had about this awesome block you are working on!! It is gorgeous. Even though it may be a vintage style, with the wonderful fabrics you are using, it is totally 2009.

  2. JudyC said

    Thanks for sharing…I love this block!

  3. jennifer said

    So pretty! Makes me want to get better at those dreaded curves. 🙂

  4. Kelly said

    Thanks for sharing that info, the block looks fantastic!

  5. Stephanie said

    Thanks Amy!

  6. kathie said

    beautiful block, thanks for the info
    I love having templates for blocks

  7. Every time I see this block I say to myself that it is one I have to try…:o)

  8. Jackie said

    I love it! You are a wealth of knowledge, thanks for the info.

  9. Melissa said

    Thank you! Have just purchased the templates and 4 others to keep it company on it’s way to Australia 🙂

  10. Hi Amy–

    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a note last week. It’s been an ordeal to say the least. You do the most beautiful quilts! Thanks again—

  11. V said

    great spring colors! I added alittle link on my side bar for your giveaway.

  12. Mimi said

    You know, after your posting the name of this pattern and where you got the templates, I made my way to ebay and got the templates from Jerry’s Gizmos. I’ve purchased from him before and he does a really nice job on templates.

    I can’t wait to get it in the mail and try my hand at this block. I think it’s beautiful, but I think it’s your choice of fabrics that makes it out of this world.

    Thanks for sharing!


  13. Chelley said

    Love this! But I am just way too afraid to tackle curved blocks. I’ve done some New York Beauties and the curves were doable, but no where near fun!

  14. Deb said

    Scrummy colours and love the block.

  15. Kylie said

    I have only just discovered your blog thanks to a friend, but have immediately added this block to my “must try” list! I love your use of colour. Definitely adding you to my regular blog check list too!

  16. Mamaspark said

    This looks difficult but the result is so cool!

  17. Doris said

    Lover’s Knot is one of my favorite blocks. Beautiful in your fabrics!

  18. jmbmommy said

    I love that the center looks woven, very nice block!

  19. Kerstin said

    Wonderful block! I like it very much and I hope to see more soon.
    Happy quilting!

  20. Deb said

    The pink/orange/yellow is beautiful! I recently saw another curved/concave quilt block on a blog and was intrigued. Looks hard to get the points perfect (for a quilter like me!).

  21. Wendy P said

    I really like the Lover’s Knot / Rose Dream block! I was hoping to find a template for free somewhere so I can try making one before buying the acrylic set. I just may have to buy them anyway, it looks so nice!

    Do you find it hard to narrow down to just 2 or 3 fabrics for something like this? I have 2 nice new assortments of Sandi Henderson’s Farmer’s Market lines to choose from, and I think choosing will be hard!

  22. Hedgehog said

    This is one of my favorite traditional blocks. Great colors!

  23. karen said

    Beautiful block. I have such little luck with curved piecing! You give me inspiration.

  24. Elisa said

    I just stumbled across your site. Love the block. Beautiful choice of colors.
    Yes, you can use the Melon templates to create that block with my templates. I give examples of that block in my Melon Block book.
    I saw your 8″ Neptune quilt too and linked to it from my blog if that is ok.

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