I respond well to bossy



The bossy needlework manual took me back to childhood and I got back in touch with my inner crochet-er. Yes, it’s just a granny square, but I consider it progress. I also have an easy wavy ripple sample, and a few silly what-nots which confirmed that I can do this thing! I have not, however, cracked the code of Babette. You’ll want to go say hey to gimpy Anita if you want to see some Babette goodness.

Oh, and I think I’m going to have to pay rent over at Attic24.

I’ve been saving the crochet for AFTER I get a respectable amount of other things done…quilting quilted, bindings on and so forth.

Like AFTER I finished this for DQS6:


Still needs a label. I wonder whose mailbox this will land in??? Hmm…

And AFTER I returned to this to quick-like add flowers to the border (oh, and finish the two applique blocks…) (and then it needs to be buttonhole stitched, I suppose, and then quilted…details, details):


Maybe I will take the crochet to dance class. Maybe the wool will help dampen the NOISE in the cinder block hallway so that a person can think during dance class. Bitter? Me? Yes.


  1. MichelleB said

    I love Babette – but can’t bring myself to bring out my crochet hooks to make it. Someone sure is lucky to receive that doll quilt. It’s fabulous!

  2. fabricpile said

    I think I’m going to sit out on the crochet dance. Never have been able to wrap my fingers around that. She is gorgeous, though! I would love to snuggle up under a nice afghan and nap now and again!

  3. Stephanie said

    Granny squares are popping up all over the place. Someone lucky recepient is going to be thrilled with their doll quilt!

  4. Nanette said

    It is always lovely to see what you are up to Amy. You are getting to be the curved piece queen alright. Love granny squares. Especially considering I used to hate them. I guess living through them in the 70s made me do that. But my daughter made me a granny square scarf. And I asked her to make it for me. So that tells you how much I love them now.

  5. andi said

    Well you have been a busy girl!!
    Love your work!!
    Andi 😉

  6. V said


  7. Jackie said

    My goodness there is no end to all your crafty skills. Love the granny square and the color. But the quilts, now ahhhh, that is my thing for sure. Love what you are working on, perfect.

  8. Tara said

    I love the flower quilt! It reminds me of blooming cacti. Perfect for this time of year in Arizona!

  9. Hi I’ve stumbled across your lovely blog . You have some beautiful things . Have just posted on my blog about my granny square quilt, that is if you’re interested , nice to meet you .

  10. aneela said

    Lovely crochet, STUNNING doll quilt, jaw dropping applique!!!!! where will it end????!!!?!

  11. krommama said

    i’m in love with your dqs quilt!

  12. belinda said

    You are ‘up to’ some really good projects there!!! Lovely!!

  13. lily boot said

    Swoon! Amy, Amy, Amy – you are the Queen of colour. And applique – I love your applique. You’ve reminded me of my granny squares – maybe I should pull them out. Oh and isn’t that Babette just gorgeous! If Kaffe crocheted, that’s what it would look like. When you work it out, you can let me know. Poor old Anita hey! But she has Kaffe crochet so … 🙂

  14. The flower are appliques are so sweet. It is going to make a very nice quilt!

  15. Liz said

    Love your sprial quilt. Is that a pattern or did you just create it? beautiful!

  16. Violette said

    I just started crocheting again myself. I am a little burned out on quilting.

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