I don’t like Mondays

Generally, I don’t mind Mondays. I awoke bright and early with a good attitude. After all, it was lovely and I got to wear sandals and short sleeves. And then small things started going downhill. A girl might begin to think she was being conspired against.


I went downstairs to start the day’s laundry. Yuck. The inside of the washer was covered in dirty stuff. Probably crumbling wood support beams or something minor like that. So, OK, do a rinse load to get that stuff out and start the actual laundry after walking the dogs.


Note to self: For a variety of reasons, it is probably not a good idea to walk the dogs on the morning of garbage day (although I think it is their favorite day and time for walks..). The skittish-est of the dogs got out of her harness during a skirmish with some empty garbage cans. Mind you, the dogs wear harnesses instead of just collars during walks because they’ve both gotten out of their collars (see previous note re skittish dog…).


I could see in her wee brain that she was trying to decide what to do with her newfound freedom. In the end, she crouched on the sidewalk and submitted to re-harnessing. I think a full-body harness is next.

Upon returning home, I thought it was a good time for a fresh pot of coffee in the freshly washed coffee making apparatus. Mmmmmm….can’t you just smell it?




Sigh. I guess the kitchen rug needed washing anyway.

But it is a lovely day, warm, sunny. Did I mention a tad windy? Gosh, I don’t even mind that I’ve had to retrieve the garbage cans about eight times.


And then I met my arch-nemesis.


The linen thread. I’ve stitched with this before. Ten blocks of decorative straight stitching, most recently. Just two more blocks to go and I’d be ready to pin a quilt.

Even with the help of my able linen-stitching assitants, I am not yet done with the second block. Good heavens it is hard getting this stuff through the fabric!


Those are finger cots, by the way.

Oh well, there is still part of the day left. If I get these math books checked and some dinner made, I *might* get this quilt pinned.

In the meantime, the granny square without end is about 30 inches across…with no end in sight. Kind of addictive. Except that my skin appears to be bothered by prolonged contact with metal (a crochet hook, for example…I guess I could wear finger cot protection…). And the rounds are getting prolong-ier.

I was going to mention Kaffe scrap bags over at Glorious Color…but it looks like I didn’t need to mention it because they are sold out. OK, then I will mention that they have Jay McCarroll’s fabric collection on sale.

Oh, and I saw a really great new book over the weekend called Super Size ‘Em by Debbie Kratovil. Great super-sized blocks that she shows with a lot of Kaffe fabrics (including a lovely Princess Feather). Ooooh aaaaah. I will definitely be adding this one to my book collection!

If you’re having a Monday with a few bumps in the road, go listen to some Flight of the Conchords (caution: Hurt Feelings has a couple of bad words…) and you’ll surely cheer up.



  1. Awww… my mom used to call those Alexander Days. Hopefully it’ll be confined to just one day this week! (Your dogs are lucky that you still take them out on trash day. I can’t do it anymore with mine.)

  2. Kelly said

    You are such a show off putting that granny square up there to taunt us non-crochet able folk! I tried to teach myself again yesterday, I’ve sort of got the chain thing happening, but my tension and technique are awful. I think crochet is going to be an ongoing challenge for me, I will get it eventually, perhaps after some serious one on one tuition!

    Then you teased me with Kaffe scraps – sold out! Have I mentioned that I’m crazy about Kaffe?

    I hope Tuesday treats you better! 🙂

  3. MichelleB said

    So, what are doing with the linen? I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see. Your crochet square looks great – what kind of yarn are you using? I’ve already got a cart full at Glorious Color. Sigh. And another cart full at Fabric Shack. Double sigh.

  4. Lisa said

    Ahahaha! Well, you made a bright spot in my Monday, anyway! Thanks for the laugh! :o)

  5. How come you didn’t mention having dropped your toothbrush into the toilet? A great post with a great attitude.

  6. Stephanie said

    Perhaps some retail therapy would help…or if you can be at my house by Wednesday at 8 AM I’m going to Amish Country. Plenty of room in my van. I’m currently teaching myself to crochet because I desperately want to make granny squares (note envy here over your gorgeous giant granny). It’s very slow going on the basic stitches. I tear out more than I crochet.

  7. Jackie said

    Sounds like a Murphy’s law kind of day! I have had those before, but look back on them with some sort of fondness, but happy they are passed. At least it was a sunny day, that makes it all better. As for the Kaffe scrap bag, I got me some of those a few months ago…. terrific!

  8. pam said

    Love the giant granny square. I made a lot of those in college for something to do, but I don’ t remember how to do it anymore. But I’m in the old lady zone and that could explain it.

  9. V said

    geez sounds like stuff I do! I filled the brita, left it filter through on the counter, then came back and realized I didn’t shut the spout… and it drained all over the place…. oh well. 😉 Love the granny sqaure! I wish I had mor epatience for doing that. it’s so pretty…

  10. Kim said

    ROTF thanks for the ‘parental discretion’ warning on Flight of the Conchords and whew! I’m glad you cleared up that those were finger cots! ;oP I’m loving your giant granny square!!! And you are such an enabler going on about Glorious Color….and books…..and all that stuff. Thanks a lot! and I do mean that! ;o)

  11. I laughed aloud at the coffee pot incident- been there, done that. And finger cots…. I think those need a “censored” bar more than Flight of the Concords… 😉

  12. Nedra- Cactus Needle said

    Your colors for the granny square are wonderful! You have such an eye for color.

  13. belinda said

    OK…….next is Tuesday…..

  14. And what kind of yarn are you using for that huge granny square? It is lovely.

  15. Janet said

    Don’t make a habit of this every Monday! You are showing off your granny blanket, it reminds me, I’m going to have to show off my ripple, it’s going on the bed if it gets much colder here in Sydney.

  16. Lily Boot said

    Oh I’m sorry Amy, but I laughed all the way through! Ruefully when it came to the coffee. That’s a tragedy! All that lovely coffee. As for dog harnesses – I thought they were meant to be escaped from – guinea pig ones certainly are – just a simple wiggle and they disappear into the garden beds. I LOVE the granny square – hee!hee!hee! are you up to one round taking a whole ball of wool yet? The colours are gorgeous. Now I’m off to check out this book. Cheer up!

  17. Liza said

    Hi Mrs S
    If you love granny squares, you might love this:


    It is based on one of our first quilt patterns.

  18. Anita said

    Your Granny Square is Beautiful! It’s a good distraction when the coffee pot starts overflowing or flowing all all over. I so much hate cleaning up large food and drink spills in the kitchen. We’ve had spaghetti sauce on the ceiling. And my husband dropped his coffee cup out of the microwave which resulted in coffee in place I would never have even guessed! I can feel your pain.

  19. Oh the coffee flowing over the countertop has made me laugh a lot. I’ve probably done that also. I am sorry to laugh but i can just see you.

  20. gari said

    Just found your blog and you made me laugh outloud. I have done each of those things but not all in one morning. Thanks for sharing.

  21. aneela said

    I am in LOve with your crochet!!!! All that colour! is a fantastic thing to see and dream about making similar hooky wonderfulness..and..as….for your finger cots…they look…..kind of…………ScAry!!!!!!!

  22. Nanette said

    You’re so funny. I can just picture walking my dog and having him be naughty! The granny square is super hip and cute. Linen thread – now I’ve got to google that.

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