Casual Friday

I was going to call this post “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere” (because that’s what the dogs always tell me when they think it’s time to eat). It’s been an endurance challenge this week. You remember Monday. And, really, it was little things that got me. Nothing major. Although, I am thinking of pimping my 2009 H1N1 virus face mask for some upcoming air travel. Pam assumed I would have a Kaffe face mask. To be honest, I hadn’t thought of that. But I can get on board with that.

The only awesomely dumb thing I did today was melt the “carpet” in the sewing room with my travel iron. It is safe to assume this was not an expensive Berber or Bokara rug cuz it’s plastic of some sort. Nonetheless, a flaw that will taunt me for a long time (because that rug is under everything in the sewing room…halp).

And my sewing machine has been giving me fits this week! Rar!

I made sure to get a fresh batch of ranunculus from Trader Joe’s:


And the mail this week was stellar! You remember the awesome doll quilt from Tia:


I was so smitten that I forgot to tell you the name of the quilt. It’s called “British Influence” and has everything related to the UK…remember, the Liberty, the Kaffe, and that’s a map of London in the border. Bonus!

And, speaking of great mail, Brianna (no blog) and I did a swap. She mentioned that she was anxiously awaiting the April issue of Australian Homespun magazine. The cover quilt (with pattern!) is Kellie’s Meg’s Garden quilt. I asked her if she wanted to do a swap for a copy of the mag. Brianna kindly agreed and sent me a wonderful package:


That girl must have heard about how I regularly burn myself when baking–she also sent me an Australian Homespun oven mitt. People won’t know me if I don’t have a burn on my hand… But, the magazine–if you run into this issue in your travels–it’s a GREAT one! A lot of wonderful articles and patterns!

Get yourself a copy:


This so-cute bird came along:


So CUTE! I love the stripe on the reverse of the wings and that polka dot is a favorite! Thank you so much, Brianna!

What have I been working on for about two weeks? Trying to finish a project that started as a block of the month. There were many tasks left to complete–a couple of blocks needed to be appliqued, 12 flowers needed to be appliqued in the border, everything needed to be stitched “in the ditch,” and then some decorative quilting. I’m to the point where some more quilting could be done in the border, but I’m moving on for now, so I just have the binding to stitch down and some buttons to add in the border. I really had moved on from this project, but am very happy that it is so close to being finished. I’m fairly happy with the result (I’ll be sure to show a pic when I can get one of the whole thing).


This project gets to go meet Kaffe next week–well, they may not actually meet. They may just pass each other in the hall without saying anything.

OK, breathing deeply, welcoming May. Looking at the pretty flowers:



Have a stellar weekend. I’ll be hoping for a great “do-over” next week!

Oh, nearly forgot, you’ve seen Sarah’s SEWN post, haven’t you?



  1. MichelleB said

    Those flowers are so pretty. And I love that little bird! Here’s to a better week next week.

  2. Janet said

    What lovely mail you’ve had this week., the magazine is a good one, I made sure I got it. I love ranunculus, I used to grow them, I love their ruffly petals.

  3. Stephanie said

    I’ll just bet you wish you could to meet Kaffe with your cute project! You could open an Etsy shop selling pimped face masks. They’d be a great seller right now.

  4. Kelly said

    Ranunculus, Kaffe, Liberty & Homespun – WOW, what a post. I LOVE Kaffe fabric, it was love at first sight and has only grown stronger with time. Kellie’s Homespun Cover quilt is gorgeous, just like all her other amazing patterns, and she loves Kaffe too. I’m a ginger monkey is responsible for introducing me to Liberty which is one of my new fabric loves, and I think I first saw ranunculus on your blog (or somewhere else in blog land – the memory is shot to pieces so who knows!). I hope next week is much better for you and that you don’t burn anymore carpet, LOL 🙂

  5. Lorraine said

    I want one of those birds !!
    So cute .
    Ranunculus are so bright & cheerful

  6. Mary Flynn said

    Loved the color in today’s post!! It really makes me think spring.

  7. Katy said

    that bird is just way too cute, I want one!!! I also want those flowers too, but I suppose they might be a bit worse for wear if you stuck them in the mail to me? Hmm.

  8. Nedra- Cactus Needle said

    The Kaffe mask sounds hillarious. You may be on to something there. Hey, if we need to wear masks at some point, why not make them fun?! I live in Utah and they just closed every school in Park City. Yep, the whole town.
    Doesn’t anything from Trader Joe’s make you happy? My son works for Trader’s in Brooklyn, and they are a wonderful company.

  9. Pam said

    Okay that is just awful about your carpet. To make you feel better, many many years ago, I lived in a college rental with wall to wall carpet. I decided to make the boy I had a big crush on an embroidered shirt, ala 1970s…so cool was I that I decided to press the denim shirt before starting to stitch…only thing was, I didn’t have an ironing board. Get the picture? Soon the carpet had about a 2 foot melted area right smack dab in the center of the room. omg. I tried everything to get it to fluff up…no go. That boy did not turn out to be worth my renter’s deposit…live and learn! I truly adore that doll quilt…oh boy…do I!

  10. Cathy U said

    Wow Amy, I hope your quilt does meet Kaffe, I wish I could. I love Tia’s doll quilt and Brianna’s bird. I hope you have a much better week next week xo

  11. sharon71 said

    Stunning flowers. So bright and beautiful

  12. aneela said

    Oh your poor injured carpet, time to quilt up a rug I’d say, hide the evidence. And how exactly will your lovely quilt get to meet Kaffe? Tell me more please!!!!!

  13. Nanette said

    Lovely flowers, quilt block and everything. I am trying to get caught up on my google reader but I just cannot skim through your posts. fun stuff, love the mask idea.

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