Got some things done, got some things planned. So, of course, it was time to start a completely unforeseen project. Well, you know how it goes on the internet…one thing leads to another.ย  Here is how I got to this point.

Well, I was over at Flickr checking out people and their pretty pictures. I saw this picture of Lizzy House’s Marble Champ quilt. Nice, huh?! So I wandered over to her blog post about Marble Champ–which uses her fun new Red Letter Day fabric collection. And it was off to the Andover Fabric web site to have a look around. Oh, yes, gotta take a look at the free patterns. What’s this little beauty? A free pattern from Lonni Rossi called Heaven & Earth (using her gorgeous Blue Moon fabrics). OOooh, aaaah. Very striking.

So, I printed it off, gathered some batiks, cut some triangles:


And found myself pulling out the bendy “design board”:


I’m not sure I’m loving the lack of subtlety in the greens…as if acid green can be subtle. Snort! I think the green prints are fighting with the variety of the blues and I want the greens to be more background-y. We shall see…I may change these out and stick with just two or three of the lighter greens. Oh well, fun for now and it struck me as a nice, crisp summer-y quilt.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Off to ponder those greens some more.



  1. Jackie said

    Okay, so I LOVE it!! I made a little quilt, I posted about, as a PIF for Jacquie at Tallgrass Prairie Studio. She also posted about it. It is the same colors but in a drunkard’s path. I don’t think your greens are fighting the blues, I actually think they are pretty harmonious. Okay, so I put in my two cents, now I will shut up. ****whispering….. “still love it!”****

  2. I like the greens. But if you want them to be more “subtle” then I’d reduce their number by two-thirds and increase the number of blues. Then they’d act more as an accent. Pretty prints.

  3. betsy said

    I like this color scheme. Looking forward to seeing it put together

  4. Zonnah said

    I agree, when I look at the picture the green pops out more to me. But, I really love the colors ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. MichelleB said

    It looks great! I think depending on how you look at it either the blue or the green pop.

    I LOVE that marble quilt. Of course, I really, really LOVE that Red Letter Day fabric. I’n going to have to order some soon. I “need” it.

  6. Janet said

    It’s great the aquas speak out to me, I loved the marble quilt too, I’m attracted to circles.

  7. krommama said

    how fun! i love the mix of greens!

  8. Amy said

    I think it’s striking and the colors work well with the strong shapes – but you have to like it ’cause it’s your quilt!

  9. Cathy U said

    I love that pattern, so fresh with the greens and blues. The marble champ quilt is gorgeous.

  10. Sarah said

    I’m a blue and green girl myself, so I love it, but I do agree that if you want it a little more “sun on the ocean” you need some bluer greens in the mix. Keep us posted ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Stephanie said

    I’ll say you cut some triangles…maybe hundreds! Well of course I LOVE the blues and greens. Looks perfect to me.

  12. I like the variety in the greens.

  13. lily boot said

    I love it! I love how you rambled around Lizzie House – what a gorgeous quilt – and then mosied on over to Andover and now you are splashing about in gorgeous blue and green trianges. That’s blog life for you isn’t it – no good having plans for the week ahead – it just evolves into its own beauty and charm. I like it just as it is. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Paula Munter said

    Love the colors – turquoise with the lime green…yum! Very summery indeed!

  15. Anita said

    Love the acid greens! Don’t take those away… but maybe go light on the turquoisey greens. What a fun pattern to just play with triangles! And I love your ‘Family Circle’ train of thought. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Manuela said

    i went the same way, and iยดm loving the chart too. flickr is a DANGEROUS AREA ;o))

  17. aneela said

    Just noticed the title of your post and had to post twice to say I LOVE it!

  18. aneela said

    Don’t you always find these little questions love to niggle when your in making mode…but……always turn out right in the end, your stuff does anyway.

  19. I REALLY like what’s going on here.

  20. lizzy said

    thanks for the shout out! I’ll let you know when my pattern gets put up! Love Loni Rossi! She is so nice, and always produces beautiful work.

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