Breaking up is hard to do


My iron keeps trying to break up with me. I’ve been reading a lot about irons on the blogs these days. Stephanie got a new one. Kathy did too. I just can’t give mine up. It’s about 15 years old. These days, sometimes it will heat up. More often, it won’t. I’m probably going to get electrocuted playing around with the plug and the outlet. I am hopelessly attached to my Rowenta. It breaks my heart just a little to read the reviews of the new Rowentas being so leaky. I’m so brand-loyal that I’d rather wait out this slow death than buy a different brand until I have to.

And auto shut-off is a deal breaker for me.

So, now, I keep two irons out. The Rowenta has pride of place unless it won’t heat up. If it won’t heat up, the trusty travel iron is called up. Of course, I’m trying not to fry the travel iron because it is very special too–ya know, it can be hard to find one with a pointy tip for prepping applique shapes. Do you think I’ve become too inflexible in my tool choices??? Oh well, I never thought I could be so happy when I see the little orange light on the Rowenta light up. One ought to just be able to take that for granted.

I am enjoying how crisply batiks iron up. Batiks know how to act when heat is applied. Oh, you want me to go that way? No problem, at your service. No fighting with batik seams, by golly! All of the triangle rows of the Heaven and Earth quilt are CRISPLY together and I auditioned some “filler” fabrics:


I don’t like either of those fillers. Since I’ll be spending, oh, seven hours at a quilt store today, I might have the opportunity to find some other options.



  1. Stephanie said

    I feel your pain about irons. Good luck! I’d be in big trouble if I spent 7 hours in a quilt shop; as a customer OR an employee! I’d work for fabric. Happy hunting. Can’t wait to see what you find.

  2. V said

    really? you don’t like those? wow! can’t wait to see what else you come up with.
    It’s very energetic and lovely!

  3. Kim said

    I was kinda diggin the second one, but I’ll take your word for it! Can’t wait to see what you find! I bet it’ll be more than just filler fabric after 7 hours! LOL :o)

  4. Shelly said

    Cute stuff! Luv it! I had a Rowenta that pass on exactly like yours is doing. I loved that iron and I ironed its brains out. And since then I’ve had two cheaper irons that have lasted almost as long as the Rowneta each. And together they didn’t cost as much as I paid for the Rowenta. I did like that iron, and it was fun while it lasted.

  5. Tara said

    When you said that you wanted the greens to take a backseat to the blues, I thought maybe there were too many greens to start with. However when you added more green, the blues popped! You’re so smart! Goor luck with the iron!

  6. Heaven and earth is coming together beautifully.

  7. Judith said

    I am with you on the iron. I replaced my first Rowenta iron because it just stopped heating up and I upgraded to the professional version similar to yours. I have to say that after about a year my Rowenta is leaking at random. I am very sad and disappointed but love my Rowenta nonetheless. As for the greens, I like the second choice quite a bit but some time I know what you mean about wanting to LOVE the choice of fabric and the final product. I agree with the other commenters, if I spent that much time in a quilt shop I would have to sign over my paycheck!

  8. Susannah said

    I gave up on domestic irons years ago. I use an industrial KOBE gravity feed. To keep it portable I bought an IV stand used from a medical supply store to hang it on. Killer steam and no leaking. I could take the wrinkles out of a Sharpei dog with it (not that I’d try…).

  9. Nancy said

    Why not go with something not in the fabrics you have. maybe a red or purple?

  10. I have two generations of Rowentas tucked back on a shelf. How I loved them, and how they ultimately disappointed me. At least my kids aren’t on that path so far . . .

    I like the darker of the chartreuses. It gives the quilt an appealing moodiness.

  11. Jean C. said

    O.K. two things… last year my old Rowenta got dropped one too many times and just said Ta Ta….. may it rest in peace! I found a 50 % off coupon for a new one plus found it on sale at JoAnne’s and got it for a great price. I do a lot of ironing… if it shuts off that’s a bit of a pain… but, even if they shut off… they are made to come right back up to temp quickly! I don’t seem to have any problem with them coming back around to temp fast! Also, you were speaking about using an iron for applique…. have you seen the irons that are a handle with a tiny little triange tip on them for applique? I haven’t used one myself… but when I worked in the fabric store… I spoke to a few people that had, and thought they were great! Just a thought. Good luck!

  12. Nanette said

    Triangle quilts are really fun. I made several a few years ago. I like ’em! Yours is delightful. Of course. My old rowenta gave up the steam ghost a few months back. It is the big model with the water well. It was dropped one too many times. I have a smaller rowenta in my sewing room but really I miss my big boy.

  13. lily boot said

    okay – you need to be super grateful that you have an iron that has lasted 15 years – the most I EVER get out of an iron no matter if I spend $50 or $100 is two years. Clearly in my world, irons are disposable items! 🙂 Totally agree with you on automatic shut off – my mother’s did this until I dropped it several times (of course, then it just died) and it drove me nuts as someone who does lots of patchwork and want the iron to be hot the minute I jump up with a new seam to be pressed, and when it wasn’t hot, it retaliated by shooting dirty water all over my patchwork. No wonder I dropped it several times – must have been my subconscious! And your heaven and earth is heavenly! How gorgeous! And fabric that does as it’s told – that’s what we dream of isn’t it 🙂 You are a super quilter Amy!

  14. I have a Rowenta that is about a year and a half old. I actually read the manual when I got it and it says that one should not use softened tap water or hard water. I took that to mean that I should use the water that has been through the charcoal filter in the pitcher in my fridge. (We have a Brita filter) It doesn’t spit or leak and I totally love it. Yes, the sleep mode is a little annoying, but I’ve trained myself to just anticipate when I’m going to be needing to iron and to just “wake it up” by running it back and forth on the ironing board a couple times. Well, probably more than you ever wanted to know about the iron I have. I am sure they don’t make them like they used to though.

  15. samantha said

    I would say something comforting about your iron issues if I weren’t drooling over the triangles so much right now…

  16. I, too, am a Rowenta fan. My iron is 20+ years old and has never leaked a drop (knock on wood!) I’m just waiting for it to go kaput. BUT you mentioned the travel iron with the pointy tip – Rowenta has introduced a new travel size iron with a pointy tip! I just ordered a couple this afternoon. It is a little pricey for a travel iron ($49.99) but if it does the trick then it is worth it. Hopefully, it won’t be a “leaker.”

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