Some mothers’ children

Last week, after bearing up through three hours of dress rehearsal, we got to enjoy this year’s dance recital. This year, our kid was in the group of the oldest kids. That is still hard for me to believe. But as we sat and watched, I found myself welling up as every group performed. I do this every year. I guess that is the time that it profoundly hits me that these little beings belong to someone and, look, there they are “alone” on stage being all independent and stuff.

Trust me, I’m not welling up based on the art itself, ahem, because it happens at every “performance”–be it a little class play, a sporting event, what have you. These little people belong to us but are always moving away from us. It doesn’t matter whose child it is, I get a little verklempt.

So, to all the mothers of all of the children who make me well up, Happy Mother’s Day!



  1. pam said

    Now look at your getting all soft on us. Happy Mother’s Day. See you next week!

  2. How you reflect my feelings exactly…happy Mother’s Day!

  3. Katy said

    ah, you and me both. I well up at the sight of small children (or small-ish when we’re talking about the almost 10 yr olds) doing anything slightly creative. And this weekend Miss G has spent the whole weekend hanging out with her mates, being all grown up and feeding lambs. I even had to phone her to check what time she might want to come home. I got a bit teary eyed thinking about how my baby girl is getting all tweenage, spending most weekends doing things with her friends and not me. Before I know it she’ll have grown up completely and left me all on my own. *sigh*

  4. valerie said

    Happy Mothers Day to you too!

  5. krommama said

    happy mother’s day to you!

  6. Jackie said

    Funny, I get those same feelings too! I guess we all do! Motherhood is wonderful. Happy Mother’s day to you, Amy!

  7. AnnieO said

    The first time that happened to me I was shocked, but can’t say I ever got used to it! My former “littles” are 19,21, and 23 and I still get a bit verklempt at times, usually when they are being sweet and friendly with each other and turning into real adults in front of our eyes. I guess being a Mother always means having the wellies!

  8. V said

    Happy Mother day to you! Mine has a bday coming up, and I get teary just thinking about it… MOMMMM!! — she says…
    yeah, i know… I get it…


  9. jmbmommy said

    I feel the same way…I even “welled-up” when you mentioned the little ones belonging to someone and being on their own…I am welling up now, ahhhh pregnancy! Happy Mother’s day!

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