SEWN Launch Party Giveaway


I’m still unpacking the market goodies, but I wanted to get to posting about Sarah’s new adventure, SEWN.

See, here’s the lovely Sarah signing books at the Moda booth (hi, Sarah!):


You’ve probably already heard about SEWN, but if not (and I quote…):

SEWN is new and innovative online quilting and sewing community for all lovers of fabric crafts. We have Tips and Innovative Tools to help with your projects, an Advice Centre for all your sewing questions, online forums and chats, and information on your local shops, sewing groups, quilt groups and classes.

SEWN will feature designers and shops from Australia and New Zealand, as well as the latest from the USA, Canada, Europe and Japan.

There will be articles, interviews and tutorials from industry experts, competitions and free patterns! We’ll even be reporting via podcast from craft shows around Australia and the USA.

It sounds like it will be a WONDERFUL place for us, doesn’t it?!

I’d signed up to join the SEWN Blog Party Giveaway when Sarah first announced it, but I wanted to see if I could find some choice goodies at Market to share. And I did, so here’s my giveaway post.

I’ll be giving away two offerings, so there will be two winners.

First up is a four-fat quarter set of Heather Ross’s Far Far Away double gauze fabrics from Kokka:


Ooooh, aaahhhh. They match today’s ranunculus:

orange ranun

The second option is a set of four fat quarters of Erin McMorris’ Wildwood fabrics:

erin mcmorris

BUT you have to play my guessing game to be entered.

Here is a pic of my totebag that I carried home from Quilt Market:


I even had to go expando on the way home:

expando bag

Here’s a photo of some of the innards spilling out:


Here’s the deal. You have to guess how much my bag weighed when I arrived home. Here’s some info on the bag to aid in your guessing. It contained a combination of items including books, some plastic templates, some fabric (duh), a camera, very little money (!), gum, wires, etc. It did not contain a laptop or any clothing items. Oh, and it didn’t contain all of my goodies, just what would fit.

To be entered, you need to guess how much the bag weighed before it was unpacked. I’ll draw from the correct answers for the Heather Ross fat quarters. I’ll draw from ALL comments to this post for the Erin McMorris fat quarters. You can enter until 11:59 EST on June 7 and I will draw the winners’ names on Monday, June 8. So, take a guess. Oh, my achin’ shoulder.

Here’s a wonderful love note that was in my tote bag too:


This is the back of a day-by-day love note from a certain nine-year-old. Awwww….

And, quickly, I wanted to show you a couple of fun things I found. I love this Kokka creepy stuffed animal fabric:


Here’s a LIME feedsack I picked up as well:


Sorry, no, they’re not part of the giveaway… I’ve taxed my brain going between photo downloads on different computers, so I’d better go before I start babbling. I’ll babble at you later.

Don’t forget to guess how hefty my bag was for a chance to win!


  1. fabricpile said

    Mmmmmmm . . . . . . yummy lovelies!

    Can you please describe what “double gauze” feels like? Maybe a macro shot of the texture? I’m at a loss–but I lurv-lurv-lurv the designs!!

    And that cute bag . . . . 24 pounds. That’s my guess and I’m sticking with it.

  2. sherri said

    Sounds like you had a great time at market! I’m going to guess 12 pounds!!!

  3. Rachael said

    My guess is 11 pounds. Thanks for being so generous!

  4. Rachel said

    Oh, probaly 21 lbs. Super cute fabric! I wish I could have gone to quilt market!

  5. Michelle said

    That’s a very cute bag – who knew something commercially available could look so good?? And Hmmm…fabric is heavy… 26 pounds is my guess, which is still pretty heavy to truck thru the airport.

  6. 27 pounds and OH! I hope I win! I could make such good use of EITHER goody!

  7. Chen said

    It sounds like you had a great time at the Quilt Market! It’s been fun peeking in via blogs. As for the cute bag, my guess is 18 pounds.

  8. Your bag looks like it is about to bust at the seams. My guess is 32 pounds, because that is what mine would have weighed if I went to market. Love looking at all of your goodies.

  9. Kari said

    I love your bag of goodies! I’m guessing it was 28 pounds. That is definitely enough to make a shoulder ache.

  10. Nichole said

    i guess about 18 pounds?

  11. lil said

    oh my, Sarah in person, how cool is that

    by the way, did she bring a copy of the second book?

    and about your bag, hmm difficult for me as we use different weight mesures, what shall I say, 13,5
    well I’ll see on june 8th

  12. Maria said

    What beautiful fabric! I’ll guess 16 lbs.

  13. pam said

    Sarah is so fun, I had coffee with her. I feel so hip. Love all your shots. I bet your bag weight over 40… Don’t put me in the draw, save it for the newcomers, but I think I”m closer. My suitcase was overweight from my Lecien fat quarters. Sorry I missed seeing you.

  14. Isa said

    How generous of you. I would love to win either fabric. I’m taking a wild guess at 32 pound. Thank you

  15. Anita said

    I love those fabrics! I’m going to guess 17 pounds.

  16. Cyndi said

    Wonderful fabric… but, um, where did you GET THAT BAG! 🙂 Too cute. It’s so hard to find useful sturdy bags in colors other than brown and black. Blech.

    Sounds like Market was a blast!

  17. Anita said

    Well, I know how quickly all those Quilt Market goodies add up. So… I’m guessing it was 24.6 pounds. 😀 It looks like you had a blast! And I bet it’s nice to be sleeping in your own bed again.

  18. cynthia said

    I’m guessing about 12 and a half pounds! Doens’t seem like much, but walking around the airport, that would feel like a ton.

  19. Lisa said

    Hmmmm… this is a difficult one. I am gonna guess- 34 lbs. That sounds like a lot, but I will stick with it. (That would be like carrying 3 or 4 newborn babies in there- LOL!)

  20. lilamaequilts said

    I am loving all of that gorgeous fabric! I would guess that your bag weighed 28.5 lbs! Here I am…crossing my fingers! 🙂

  21. Evelyn said

    I’d flip for that Wildwood fabric!! I’m going to guess 23 pounds. Ooof!!

  22. Maria said

    27.3 pounds. I’ll unpack it for you!!!

  23. janet said

    Great giveaway! I’m going to guess 12 lbs. Do we get to see some of the other goodies that came out of your bag?

  24. Anne said

    Neat giveaway… I will guess 26 lbs.

  25. Iva said

    My guess is 27 lbs. I need to find a way to market…. looks like a lot of fun!

  26. Sue Cahill said

    My guess is 35 pounds, I know how quickly books and fabric can add up in weight.

    Whatever it weighed I am so jealous.

    Sue Cahill (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

  27. nana said

    i’m guessing 26lbs and crossing my fingers and toes. thanks for sharing.

  28. Renee G said

    I’ll guess 7 1/2 pounds.

  29. Stephanie said

    33 lbs and I’m sticking to it! But I think it weighed even more due to the fact it contained a note heavy with love. What delicious goodies you have to give away.

  30. jan richards said

    I guess the weight of your bag to be 24.5 lbs. I love to hall goodies home
    from anywhere as long as it is fabric and sewing related. Thanks

  31. Britt said

    17.7 pounds is my guess. I hope some of the goodies in there were for you and worth the aching shoulder!! Love the giveaway fabrics, yummy.

  32. Susannah said

    Hope you had a phenomenal time! Am going to guess 13 lbs… Thank you so much!

  33. Karin said

    Let’s see. How about 18.5 pounds? Sounds like a good number to me.
    I love all of your goodies!!

  34. Trisha said

    Sounds like you had fun! My guess is 14 lbs.

  35. Jackie said

    Not having looked at any other comments, I am guessing 19 lbs. As a market veteran, I usually have one of those too. But depending on the contents it can vary. But books and templates actually weigh a lot. That note though was the heaviest with the hugs and kisses. By the “weigh”…. LOL… great fabric picks for the giveaway.

  36. Jana said

    My guess is 42 pounds. A little on the high side, I think, but 42 pounds would make my shoulder ache!

  37. Kathy said

    I’m too far away to post but I adore those Heather Ross fabrics so much that I have to comment, so I guess 19.9lb. It all sounds so much fun.

  38. Barb said

    Hmmm…my guess is 16 lbs…and I hope I’m right because I’d love that beautiful Heather Ross fabric!

  39. Di said

    Love those fabrics! My wild guess would be 18.75 lbs. Glad you had fun!

  40. 2hippos said

    I’m going to guess you were schleping around 22 pounds.

  41. Sarah said

    Hi Mrs Schmenk!!!
    Great seeing you at Market. Am I allowed to guess??? I WANT that double gauze. I guess 19.5 pounds, my suitecase was over 56 with the fabric in it so lets go nearly half!!
    That is HYSTERICAL that you bought that feedsack, I saw it, thought how it was SO like Denyse Schmidt’s fabric, left it, thought the better of it went back and – gone. And now I know where!!!

  42. Tara said

    Hmmm- I guess 27.5 pounds! That’s enough to make your shoulder ache! It looks like you had a great time and I love the creepy stuffed animals!

  43. V said

    11 1/2lbs. uggg!
    What a great bag by the way. I want one of those! eastpak, huh? gotta look them up… made of great fabric… great give away! holy moly!

  44. Shelley C said

    I’ll guess 18 pounds…that’s my favorite number too. I’ve never had up to the minute newline fabric! This is great!

  45. I’m going with 27 pounds… and I love those ranunculus! Wow!

  46. Heather M said

    Since you said Some Books, I’m going to guess 20 pounds!! Thanks for the giveaway!! Love the Erin McMorris Prints!

  47. I’m not sure how you got home without being mugged with that cute bag and all of the contents!! I think it weighed 25.75 pounds.

  48. Jenny said

    Hello and thank you for a fun giveaway. Im going to guess 24 pounds…the weight of my son whom I carry around quite a lot…I love your giveaway fabrics and all the lovliness in your bag!

  49. Melanie said

    I’m guessing 35 pounds!! 😉 Has your shoulder recuperated from `carrying all those goodies yet?

  50. Emma said

    Converting from kg, I’m guessing about 28lb. I would love some of that wildwood, it’s gorgeous! And your bag is fabulous!

  51. Justine said

    My ‘guesstimation’ is 17.6 delicious pounds!!! Thanks for including us in your fun. Love your site !!!!

  52. Kelly said

    I’m going to go with 31 pounds, I love the fabric!

  53. yahaira said

    oh man, that looks heavy. umm 25lbs?

  54. srilalitha said

    How about 12 pounds?

  55. AnnieO said

    Wow, that’s a bright bunch of fun fabric! Very yummy. Like the bag too…

    My guess is 16 lbs.

  56. kristin said

    I will guess 19.5 lbs. The fabric is fab and so is your bag! Great giveaway, thanks.

  57. Kelly said

    It looks like you had lots of fun at the Quilt Market, and I’m not surprised that you couldn’t fit all your purchases into that gorgeous bag. Isn’t Sarah lovely? I haven’t met her in person yet, but have chatted to her via her blog.

    Soooooo, onto guessing the weight of that lovely bag. My guesstimate would be that it weighed approx 33 pounds. Where can we buy those bags???

    Thanks for sharing some of your lovely goodies.

    Kelly 🙂

  58. gari said

    The fabric is beautiful. My guess is 11.5#.

  59. Mama Spark said

    I’m going to say 13 pounds. I hope I’m right!

  60. Di said

    I like that bag, lol! I’m going to guess about 15 pounds. But I would guess after carrying it for awhile felt like a ton!

  61. Chelley said

    I’m guessing 17lbs. LOVE the bag!


  62. Ruth B said

    Gorgeous fabrics and love the bag! I’m guessing the bag weighed about 14.6 pounds. That’s a wonderful bag of goodies!

  63. Ida13 said


  64. I’m thinking it had to be around 24 lbs! My shoulder would ache too 🙂

  65. Lorraine said

    My guess is 18.5 lbs …… love all your market goodies .
    What an absolute treat to win one of those bundles !!

  66. aneela said

    What a fun giveaway, with ‘I don’t want to enter, just give me the goods’ prizes!!! What a sweetie you are putting hR up for grabs sooooo generous.
    Well here goes my brain….I’d say about ooooh 19 lbs.
    fingers crossed until june the 8th OUCH!!

  67. Lisa said

    I’m guessing 32 pounds!! I would have stuffed it to double that, though!!!

  68. Kim said

    Lovely fabrics!!!! I’m going to guess 27 lbs. :o)

  69. Paula Munter said

    Looks like you had a great time at Market. I love the way all the designs, colors, designer just infuse that creative spirit…where you want to go home and create the moon…well not exactly, but almost.

    As to the bag, I would guess around 26 pounds. Yes, your poor poor shoulder!!!
    They are lovely fabrics…thanks for sharing and look forward to more posts/pictures!

    Happy Creating,

  70. roberta said

    My guess is 12 pound 7 ounces, I love the fabrics you have chosen for the give-aways!

  71. patty said

    The Ross fabric is beautiful! My guess it 28.5 pounds.

  72. Rachel said

    I’m going to say 45ish. I think I would have taken a larger bag.

  73. Joanna said

    I’ll go with 19 pounds – it looks like you had a fantastic time!!!

  74. Brooke said

    I am going with 22 pounds as a guess

  75. Ellen said

    What fun! My guess is 18 pounds.

  76. MichelleB said

    I’m sure it’s too much, but I’m going to say 33 pounds. Sounds like you had a great time! Love the creepy stuffed animals.

  77. quiltingreader said

    36 pounds. Beautiful fabrics!

  78. Jeanne said

    I’m going to guess 44 pounds! Books can be heavy.

  79. Jocelyn said

    I will guess 21 lbs. Lovely fabrics. Even your carry on is beautiful!

  80. Deb said

    Looks like you fould some great stuff! I bet it weighed about 29.5 lbs.

  81. Nancy said

    My guess is 27 lbs. I love the expando version. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  82. Ann Svanmberg said

    I guess 11,3 kilos. The pink fabric was very nice

  83. My guess is 31 pounds. I am new at quilting but what I have learned so far is that quilt books and fabric can sure weigh a ton! Thanks for your wonderful blog I check it often.

  84. Elaine said

    Guessing 33.5 pounds.

    Looks like you had alot of fun..

  85. Doris said

    MY guess is 32.4 lbs. That stuff adds up quickly. Great haul!

  86. Mimi said

    I’m guessing 32 lbs – I’m never good at estimating things like this, but it looks like you have quite a bit in your bag!!

  87. Nova said

    Uh, 35 lbs?

  88. Tara Hill said

    7.8 lbs!

  89. Cathy said

    How about 32.6? What a fun giveaway xo

  90. Nanette said

    Can’t wait for Sewn. What a great idea. Love the fabrics from market. Of course the creepy stuffed animals are something I would like! Cute note.

  91. Karen Sikes said

    Love the bag and fabric, I am going to guess 21 pounds. I am sure that whatever it weighed, it felt like a lot more….

  92. diane said

    Love your bag, love the fabrics, love to win. How about 37 pounds 7 ounces. You can handle it ’cause you are wonder woman.

  93. Kim said

    22 lbs. is my guess. Hope I win!!!

  94. Julie anne said

    Ummmm 24.20lbs, I hope I translated right – we speak in kilos way down here…. 🙂

  95. bumblebee_sulz said

    ermm.. ermm… 20 pounds? i hope i’m right cause the heather ross’ fabrics are gorgeous! =D
    thanks for sharing the photos, and of course, the wonderful giveaway!

  96. tasha said

    oooh great haul you’ve got there!! I’d guess 21.5 pounds 😉

  97. julie said

    First….I am so jealous that you got to go to market!! It always looks so wonderful!! I would guess that your bag weighed about 14 pounds.

    Hopefully I am close!

    thanks so much for the great pics and info!


  98. Jessica said

    What lovely fabrics! Urrrmmm – 27 lbs is my guess…

  99. Lori Kay said

    My gut says 37 pounds. I hope it really wasn’t THAT heavy!

  100. Ellen Ban said

    I’m guessing 19 lbs. What a great giveaway! Thanks…

  101. jbnelly said

    Ive got no idea but think 30 pounds!!

  102. 12 pounds

  103. karen said

    My guess is 15lbs, 10 oz… and no matter how heavy it was, I bet you didn’t mind since you were carrying such yummy stuff!

  104. Abby said

    I am guessing 22.5 pounds. It could be more though! That seems like a FULL bag.

  105. Barbara said

    17 pounds. That’s my guess, but you are one lucky lady.

  106. Ranette said

    Looks like a bag full of yummy to me….I’m gonna guess 19.6 lbs.

  107. Karen S said

    I’ll guess 27.75 pounds!

  108. auntiepami said

    Hi there–

    I spy DWR templates–they are easy-peasy! I’m guessing about 30lbs!

  109. SANDY said


  110. Karen in Breezy Point said

    I’m guessing 25.5 pounds–can’t wait to see the contents!

  111. Chris said

    Looks like you had a fun time with Sarah. Can’t wait till she gets back so we can see all her goodies. My guess is that bag was pretty heavy maybe 28lbs ( I hope I have done the conversion thingy correctly)

  112. Kylie C said

    I’m guessing 8.4kg – but then, I’m Australian and don’t understand your weighing system!! Had to have a go, though.

  113. kathie said

    just love that bag!
    I am guessing 32.5 lbs
    your poor shoulder carrying that!

  114. Belinda said

    I love the fabric too! I am thinking in kilos- about 8 perhaps because of books (how many I wonder?). 8 x 2.2 = 17.6 lbs

    Hope you had a great time!

  115. ivyjane said

    14 pounds 8 oz. How’s that for a random guess?

  116. hmm, I’ll take a shot in the dark and say 17 pounds. Those fabrics are just great, hope I win!

  117. Adri said

    My guess is 16 pounds… hope I’m right! Thanks for the giveaway!

  118. Patty said

    I’d guess 23 1/2 pounds. You’re probably worn out carrying all that!

  119. Angela said

    I’m guessing 9kg. It’s what my dog Lulu weighs. I’d love to lug home her weight in books and fabric!

  120. Linda T said

    My guess is 22 pounds! What a haul! It looks like you had fun. Enjoy your giveaway!

  121. My guess is 13.5 pounds. Fun contest. Thank you!

  122. Andrea said

    I’m guessing about 9lbs 10 oz. I love that bag!!!

  123. I’ll go fairly big, but not as big as I first thought: 33 pounds. Yikes!~

  124. Anna Fogg said

    The tote is such a nice one, looks like a keeper, love it…I carry a lot of totes as a homeschooling mom of 7, always have my applique projects, books, snacks, so I will guess, hmm, maybe….17 lbs.
    Crossing my fingers. Like your blog.

    ~anna in md, right near DC

  125. Alisa said

    Wow! What beautiful fat quarters. Ok, my guess is 18lbs. It sure looked like a bag full of great fabric. Thanks for the chance to win.

  126. simone mayze said

    Hi, I am guessing that it weighed 12.6 kg. Sorry don’t know pounds.

  127. simone said

    I am guessing 12.4 kg. Sorry don’t know pounds.

  128. amy said

    I guess 18 kgs, which is 39.6 pounds 😀

  129. Robin said

    I’m guessing 13 lbs. – the bag is gorgeous- I want to fondle the fabric too.

  130. Lauren said

    My guess is that your bag of goodies weighed 16 pounds.

  131. Ann Garner said

    Great bag! My guess is 21.5 pounds.

  132. Dolores Sedore said

    My guess – 15 pounds, 3 ounces.

  133. Cindra said

    About 27.5 pounds. Those flowers are gorgeous and look like fabric.

  134. I think 14.5 pounds for that satchel.

  135. Hannah said

    33 pounds? I have been drooling over that Heather Ross fabric for weeks now, especially the princess and the pea

  136. Lisa said

    I’m guessing 29 lbs or just over 13kg for us Aussies 🙂 LOVE the Far Far Away fabric.

  137. Melanie said

    I’m going to guess about 16.5 pounds (or 7.5kg) and hope I’m right because I really really want that fabric! I live in Australia and I haven’t found anywhere that sells it here yet!

  138. Helen said

    Can I guess in kilo’s being an Aussie girl? 11 kilo’s exactly?

  139. Deb said

    I’m an Aussie girl too and I’m guessing 15 kilos…so guess that’s about 33 pounds. LOVE the fabric!

  140. SusanC said

    Lovely bag, I’m guessing it weighed 12 pounds.

  141. Thanks for the fun contest and giveaway. I’m guessing the bag came in about 27 pounds.

  142. Sarah Z said

    I am thinking a good 33 pounds!

  143. Mishia said

    Hmm. 25.5 pounds

  144. Oh, your poor aching shoulders, but Oh, your happy heart, to have such a great bag and such awesome fabrics. LOVE the Far Far Away fabrics SO much!!

    I’m going to guess 22 pounds!

  145. KC said

    My guess is 21lbs. Looks like a durable bag to hold that much. Great fabrics, Thanks.

  146. Jane said

    I’m an Aussie too!
    My guess is 29 pounds (I had to check on a weight converter cos I was confused about how much I was actually guessing)
    I’d love to win this amazing prize, fingers crossed!

  147. SUZANNNA said

    i say 45 lbs fabric is heavy

  148. Raelena said

    ill guess 30lbs

  149. Janna said

    Hmmm … my guess is 32 pounds

  150. Hi, all that gorgeousness would weigh about 31.5lbs I reckon 🙂 (are there 8oz to a lb ? no idea, it’s all metric here so you probably don’t do decimals for lbs but I think you get what I mean, 31 and a half pounds lol)

  151. danielle said

    ok, wow….i work in kilos, but maybe 21pounds??? i would LOVE to have that bag filled with that fabric!! But the fat 1/4’s will be a great addition to my new stash!!

  152. Eliane said

    My guess: 16 and a half pounds. This is fun! Thanks for the chance.

  153. Anne said

    This is the cutest idea of a giveaway ever! I know that those bags can be heavy, I’m thinking how much my son weighs…23 pounds?? I would love to win, thanks for the giveaway!

  154. Cynthia said

    I’m guessing 32 lbs.

  155. I’m going with 23.3… that stuffed animal fabric should be in the dictionary next to “creepy-cute”!

  156. Dawn said

    I think every pound has been picked after 155 posts…I will say 5.5 pounds!

  157. Angelia said

    My guess – 26 pounds.

  158. Page said

    I’d say it was about 25 lbs.

  159. Gary said

    OK, I am probably better at this than my wife, so I say 10 lbs. What? Don’t boo me!

  160. Karen said

    Love those goodies! Maybe 16.5lb?

  161. marine_bio said

    Wow, I have been to things like this before, and can only imagine that you need a shoulder massage. Since it included books, I will go with 24 lbs.
    Love the fabric that you are giving away, as well as your great finds…the lime feedsack is sweet!

  162. Katie said

    Hmm, all those things can really add up. I am guessing about 19.2 pounds. The fabrics are just wonderful. Thank you so much for the giveaway.

  163. Carol said

    Those fabrics are gorgeous. I would like to guess 31 pounds!!!

  164. Sally said

    I’m guessing 33.5 pounds and that you were mighty glad to finally put it down when you got home!

  165. L. said

    Lovely fabric and great giveaway question. I’ll guess 47 pounds. I can’t wait to see the actual number. I hope your shoulder is feeling better from all that weight.

  166. Julie in WA said

    I’ll guess 17.5 pounds. My shoulder hurts just thinking about it. But I would have loved to have been your seatmate and see all the goodies in that bag!

  167. Ange Moore said

    Hmm – I was going to say 7kg but I’ll have to work out what that is in pounds… 7kg = 15.5lb! Looks like you had a great time at the quilt fair and filled your bag to the brim!!

  168. sue brown said

    5.5kg is my guess

  169. Mel said

    Oh, how ’bout 32 pounds?
    LOVE your work!!

  170. Elisabeth said

    I’m going to guess 30 lb

  171. ROBIN C said

    My husband and I concur on the weight as he has had to lug around quite a few filled tote bags for me and we think 37 lbs is the weight. You can get quite a lot of fat quarters in the corners…

  172. Rockgranny said

    I’ll guess 16 pounds, thanks for chance to win your lovely giveaway

  173. Melinda said

    I guessing 14 pounds. I’m sure you had lots of fun unpacking all those goodies.

  174. 24 lbs, maybe? And I’d like the Far, Far Away please!

  175. Tammi said

    I will guess 22.5 lb. Looks heavy! But worth it.

  176. Mary D said

    Hi there 🙂 My guess is 9 and a 1/2 lbs!

  177. Brina said

    Heather Ross for me!
    28 pounds is my guess.
    THank you

  178. Carol R. said

    Hmmmm, with books, and all that lovely fabric, throw in the aching shoulders, I’m guessing 35 pounds.

  179. Sarah Vee said

    Great giveaway – great bag!! I’m guessing 13 lb.s. I hope your shoulder recovered:) Best of luck everyone. What shall you do if there’s a tie?

  180. Shannon said

    i’m guessing 13 pounds

  181. Kerry said

    umm….lets say 16 lbs! That’s quite hefty for one shoulder!

  182. jen said

    Thank you so much for the chance to win this great giveaway!!!

    22 lbs is my guess.

  183. Lynne said

    MmmNow as a professional bagstuffer where I normally carry everything but the kitchen sink, I am guessing 13lb and 10ounces . BTW Love the Bag. Hope you did not stress the stitching tooo much. Good Luck everyone.

  184. Christina said

    I’m guessing 27 pounds. It looks like you got a lot of beautiful fabrics. Thank you for the chance to win.


  185. Christine Cohrs said

    Great giveaway and I think it weight 15 pounds

    Christine from down under

  186. Chrysalis said

    I’m going for 25 lbs- I always end up with heavy bags on the way home from a trip. And I often have to buy more luggage at the last minute.

  187. Naomi said

    Wow! Love the bag! Where can I can one??!

    Make my guess about 34 pounds…..

  188. karin said

    My guess is 24.6 pounds.

  189. Katie said

    Hmm. I’m going to say 22 pounds.

  190. Terri Hogan said

    I’m guessing…..11 lbs.

  191. Tara Flynn said

    My lucky number is 18, so I’m guessing 18 lbs. Love the unicorn fabric! Thanks for the give-a-way!

  192. Sue said

    Don’t asked me why but 19 lbs jumped to mind! Gorgeous fabric! Thanks for the giveaway!

  193. Julia said

    I’m guessing 23.5 pounds.

  194. JJ said

    26 Pounds!!! Please let me be right I love that first set you are giving away…

  195. KathyT said

    mmm … i gues 14.9 lbs ( or 6.8 as us aussie folk call it)

  196. Deborah said

    Pounds or Kilos? I’ll guess in pounds…20.


  197. Nicole said

    OOOO…. I love this… Im gonna guess 16.5 pounds. FUN FUN!

  198. Juann said

    ~Hmm 16.5 pounds?

  199. isabel f. said

    gessing….28 pounds 🙂
    I hope I’m right :)))
    hugs Isabel

  200. Tiffany said

    Oh my, I’m guessing 27 pounds!

  201. Sandy said

    What a generous giveaway! I’m going to guess 10 pounds.

  202. I’m slightly terrible at these guessing games. I’m going to say 23 pounds. What a fabulous giveaway! So generous!

  203. rae said

    i’m saying 41 lbs! must have been a lot of goodness crammed in that bag! 😉

  204. My guess is 27 pounds, and my shoulder aches for you!

  205. Meghan said

    my guess is 35 pounds, great stuff, creates great weight!!

  206. Sue said

    Nice haul! I’m guessing 19 pounds.

  207. Chrysa said

    I will guess 22 pounds. THat’s a lot in there!

  208. Just ordered 8 yards of fabric, so I roughly know about how much that weighs.. however… books and all.. who knows. fun idea though so going to say 25.5lb as nobody has said that yet !

  209. Melissa said

    My guess is 25 pounds…

  210. Jody said

    I would guess that your bag weighed 19 pounds and 7 ounces. lol Thanks for holding a sweet giveaway. How fun! Please sign me up.



  211. i guess it 13pounds!

  212. Melanie said

    I’m going to guess 28 pounds, but really, I have no idea. I love love love that Far Far Away fabric 🙂

  213. Mary Flynn said

    I’m guessing it was a very heavy bag….32 pounds

  214. Nichole said

    I guess 33 lbs.

  215. Karen G. said

    Books and fabbies and odds & ends (and those sweet hugs and kisses!!!)…I’m guessing 33 pounds – hope you had someone to massage your shoulders when you were finally able to set it down!


  216. I will say 17 pounds- looks like alot of fabric

  217. Jennifer said

    Oooh! I’m going to throw my guess in and also say that the love note weighed A LOT more than anything else in your bag (at least on your heart). But I’d say 14 pounds?!?! My shoulders hurt just thinking about it.

  218. Joyce said

    My guess is 16 pounds. Anything heavier would be torture to carry! Thanks for a chance to win.

  219. Candice D. said

    So fun! I guess 20 pounds. Thank you for this opportunity!

  220. Laura said

    Hmm… I’m gonna guess 31.5 lbs…

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  221. craftydame said

    i’m guessing 29lbs, because the last time i flew, my carry on was 35lb and OUCH, it hurt!

    thanks so much for the chance!

  222. quarterofaninch said

    I have no idea, but it’s fun to guess right?

    Maybe 2.7kgs

    Now can I win please?

    Tam xo

  223. Marilyn said

    I guess 16 pounds. What a lot of beautiful things you bought. Thanks for a chance to win some fabric.

  224. Amanda said

    I’d say 25 lbs! and what a WONDERFUL burden to bear. ;D
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  225. Regina said

    I am guessing 39 pounds!

  226. Louisa said

    18 lbs, I think. Fabric adds up!

  227. Mrs Bernstein said

    What a great giveaway! The Heather Ross fabrics are FABULOUS!
    Bag Guess: 4.78 pounds
    I would LOVE to win!
    Thank you!
    Mrs B

  228. Karen said

    My guess is 14 pounds. Hope I’m right!

  229. emilyflippinmaruna said

    I’m going to say 33lbs. ouch!

  230. carmel said

    18 pounds?

    or 10?
    god im not so good at that…..

    thanks for the give away!
    and you have a lovely blog

  231. domoshar said

    No idea – mine bags were around this weight at the latest show 🙂
    Come and see my giveaway – Bulgarian fabrics 🙂

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