That’s just wrong

OK, OK, I’m still holding back showing and telling about Pittsburgh…but I wanted to get right to the SEWN giveaway (still time to guess the bag weight) and then I wanted to do something about today. Today is my birthday, so I wanted to have a little giveaway–short and to the point though. But it’s going to be a subjective selection of the winner rather than a drawing. Yes, I’m going to make you work for it. And, no, we won’t be guessing my age or my weight.

First, I want to show you the current state of the Heaven and Earth quilt:

Aha! Such discipline. Came back from seeing lovely new things but went back to work on an “old” project even though I reaaaaallllly wanted to get to work on some of the new things. Anyway. I found a variegated acid green fabric for the filler strips and am pretty happy with that choice. While I was sewing, the green tents (auditioning as the border) were on my sewing table. Tents, meet triangle quilt. Triangle quilt, meet tents. I may have to see what the blue tents might look like, but I think the green ones are pretty good. Hmm, maybe the yellow tents need a try too.

But back to the story, it seems like every time I post about a quilt, I’m explaining what I did wrong–usually as a result of not reading the pattern. Case in point, I cut the triangles for this quilt from a 2 1/4″ strip and later found out I should have been cutting them from a 2 1/2″ strip (I think). So my triangle strips were only 2″ wide rather than 2 1/4″. Well, didn’t that just work out to my benefit in this case? The acid green variegates along the width of the fabric (over the 44″). Had my triangle strips been 2 1/4″ tall (and there are 21 strips), the variegated fabric wouldn’t have been wide enough to accommodate all 21 strips. I would have had to figure out some other approach to using the variegate…cut another width and then selected some section to duplicate, for example. So you see, in this case, my screw up worked to my advantage. Wishing I could say, “I meant to do that.”

But, really, I do seem to confess a lot of screw-ups, no? Feeling the need to re-name the blog MrsSchmenkmanScrewsUpQuilts. So, for my birthday, I want to hear about YOUR quilting screw-ups, OK? Will you entertain me and make me laugh? I’m going to pick the funniest quilting screw-up to win another fat quarter set of Erin McMorris’s Wildwood fabrics:


Submit your quilting “oopses” by 11:59 EST on Thursday, May 21. I’ll laugh WITH you (not AT you) and pick the winner on Friday, May 22.

In the meantime, I decided that today I’m going to start Sue Spargo’s elephant purse. OK, it’s actually called the Savannah Satchel. I like all of the bags in the book:


But when we stopped by Sue’s booth (hi Sue!), we couldn’t stop fondling the elephant’s velvet ear.

A fuschia velvet ear. Sigh. So, as a treat, I decided to begin the Savannah Satchel today.

Last, but not least, we’ve been laughing about this around our house this week. I received this cute little planter for Mother’s Day:


The best part, of course, is the little warning at the bottom:


Furthermore, seriously, who thinks I can be trusted to be left home alone with this all day????


So that’s that for now.



  1. Here’s a link to my biggest mistake of last year: wherein when making the quilt sandwich, I put the pieced backing down RIGHT side up facing the batting and didn’t discover the mistake until after binding. I cut a piece of the border fabric and hand stitched it over my boo-boo and I THINK no one was the wiser.

  2. karen said

    Happy Birthday to you!

    Well I have been following quilting & accumulating fabric since my mom made her first quilt 7 yrs ago for my then first baby. Since then I’ve taken a hand quilting class, made several bags, just not too much free time with kids. This year after Christmas, I was so happy to finally start making a few things. Well my 2nd or 3rd project was a St. Pats runner. I was sitting at the counter sewing the binding and my 2 yr old son woke up from his nap. I went upstairs to get him and change his diaper. As I was using the restroom upstairs, he headed downstairs. By the time, I got downstairs, he had crawled up the stool on the counter and was sitting there cutting my runner. He had cut it in multiple locations, one cut doing into the center section, so there was no saving it. It was my own fault, I had left the scissors out on the table but just forgot since he wasn’t right there at the time I stopped. Oh, and by the way, my husband who was home from work with a bad back was laying on the couch the whole time and was oblivious to all. Anyway, I was so sad and mad, I wanted to scream and cry but just couldn’t. Needless to say, I wanted to be alone, so off I went outside and shoveled the driveway. So now I’m just a little more careful where the scissors get left…

    • Rachel said

      My biggest quilting mistake would probably be free motion quilting too fast and breaking the needle. That sounds fine, except a small piece of the needle hit me in the eye. πŸ˜€ Other than that, I just cut some of my FAVORITE fabric for a steering wheel cover, when me dad informs me that he doesn’t want me having a steering wheel cover. Ack!

  3. Kelly said

    My errors usually have to do with the dreaded… math. Last month I made a mini quilt for a swap that was supposed to be in the range of 12×12 to 25×25, and somehow I created something 15×40-ish (I never did measure, but it works great as a table runner). The mini quilt before that involved pinwheels, and originally my math told me I needed 25, and I ended up needing 64 because of how the seaming makes all those triangles much smaller. Huh. No major disasters, but it does seem that I don’t think things all the way through.

  4. Cyndi said

    Happy happy birthday Nanette!

    As for my oopses, one of the quilts in my book is sewn entirely with a 3/8″ seam allowance… πŸ™‚ I had a wise teacher once that said something to the effect, “If you do something wrong, just do it consistently!” So instead of starting over I just finished sewing everything with the wrong seam allowance (with a warning to my editor!).

    Hope all your birthday wishes come true!

  5. Rachel said

    I would have to say my biggest mistakes are blamed on being left handed. Somehow I always seem to want to put thing together “backwards” This quilt
    was a bear for me. I sewed all the red and black fabric backwards so that you didn’t get that lattice effect. I had to do A LOT of ripping on this one.
    And I just bought a quilting machine with my mom and I put the bobbin in backwards. Needless to say we were EXTREMELY frustrated until we figured out what the problem was. The thread is supposed to move CLOCKWISE!
    I think left-handed people just think differently! πŸ™‚

  6. MichelleB said

    Happy Birthday Amy! That cakes looks great!

    My biggest mistake was back when I was first learning to quilt. I was making a rather large quilt and went to put on the borders. Rather than measuring the borders and then sewing them on, I just put the border strip of fabric next to the quilt and started sewing. I did that on all four sides. Well, you can imagine what happened. The border strips were much longer than the quilt top and puckered like crazy when I went to quilt it. At that point, I was not thrilled with top anymore, anyway, and I just quilted it – huge puckers and all (I just kind of folded the material and quilted right over it). We actually ended up using the quilt quite a bit as a picnic quilt – because I didn’t really care too much what happened to it.

  7. betsy said

    Happy Birthday. If you read my blog, I have a screw up for everything I make. I just cannot get it right though I love quilting.
    My recent screwup is the queen size quilt I made for my daughter who is going off to college.
    I started quilting row by row but it was hurting my shoulders so much that I decided to quilt the rest on one side, the middle and then the last side. Guess what I had at the end? Puckering galore! So I added made a rick rack vine and made some fabric flowers t cover the puckers.
    Email me and I will show you the picture.

  8. dorothy said

    my worst quilt was made with some of my prettiest fabric (by Paris Bebe, sigh…)–it was a simple design of squares within a square set on point. except that the i used mitered borders on the bigger squares and probably stretch everything out because when i laid the quilt down to baste, it was absolutely un-flat–a HUGE bubble in the middle. completely unquiltable 😦 i ended up just backing it with fabric (no batting) as a summer throw–but alls well that ends well ‘cos the backing fabric started pilling up after washing (i don’t remember when i bought it but i guess it was cheap fabric) which would’ve killed me if everything was quilted!

  9. Jackie said


    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday dear Amy,
    Happy Birthday to you!! And many more!

    Now onto my story, I had taken a class from Carol Doak some years ago. She was teaching paper piecing from her book Easy Stash Quilts. I loved piecing this so much! Well, I got all the piecing done and joined the blocks, then the rows, then pieced the backing. Now to load it on my long arm. I decided I was going to custom quilt this one, I love it! Well, I was about 2/3 of the way through quilting it and noticed that I had pieced one of the flowers incorrectly. The golden “inside” was outside the flower. Now it was supposed to be on the inside, not outside. Duh! I had been staring at this quilt for months in various stages of the piecing process and quilting process and ACK… I didn’t notice it until I was almost done quilting it. Well, there was NO way I was ripping the quilting and the piecing out to fix this one boo, boo. NO WAY, I say! So I finished quilting it and bound it like the good little quilter that I am. I had my hubby get out the really long ladder and hang a curtain rod in our foyer to hang the quilt on. Then I told him about my mistake. Well, he didn’t see it until I pointed it out and years later no one else sees it either until it is pointed out. In fact if you go over to my blog it is on my left side bar, see if you can find the mistake. So it goes to show you, that sometimes your mistakes are only big to you and nobody else really sees them. So QUILT ON!!

  10. V said

    How old are you now…Are you one? are you two? are you three? are your four?…..

    happy birthday!

    My sewing oopsies happen ALL the time. nothing to hilarious. I find ooopsies are often, OH! cool! IF I think of one funny, I’ll let you know!

  11. Barb said

    Happy Birthday to you! And we share more in common than just quilting screw-ups, it is my birthday today too! I always love meeting people with the same birthday!

    Okay, here’s my stab at your contest….I make so many screw-ups it is hard to choose just 1.

    About a month or so ago, I finally got around to piecing the back to a big queen sized quilt that I was sending out to get quilted. The long-arm quilter said that the only thing she didn’t like in backings was a big seem all the way down the middle because it gets too bulky. I didn’t have quite enough fabric so I knew I had to sew in some extra pieces and I was determined not to have a middle seem.

    So I measured the fabric, cut it to the right length and sewed. Darn…when I measured I had the fabric folded in half and cut on the fold…too short. Then I added a pieced section. Darn…sewed it to the wrong side…too short. Then I picked out all of my seems and sewed again. Darn…wrong side AGAIN?!? I swear the thing was cursed! Finally, after leaving it for 2 days, my brain finally got it sorted out. But you know what? The only way to fix it was to have a darn middle seem. Arghh…I’ve had quilt tops go together faster and easier than that quilt back!

    Thanks again for a great giveaway. Enjoy your birthday!

  12. Anita said

    Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday! Who cares what number it is! I’ll have to think about my funniest screw-up and come back. Hope you have a great day!

  13. Trisha said

    Happy Birthday!! Your cake looks so yummy! I couldn’t be trusted alone with that cake, for sure!

    Ok, here is my big blunder. A few years after I had made my first quilt, I decided to make a quilt for my daughter. I chose some blocks I had made shortly after I finished my first quilt. I had used a St. Louis Star pattern that I had gotten out of a beginners quilting book. I figured since I already had the blocks it would work up really quickly and it did. I wanted it to fit on a twin bed so I made it exactly the size of the top and made a ruffle to hang down and cover the sides of the mattress. I tied the quilt using red ribbons and then tied them into bows. I used a thick polyester batting that has since pulled away from the sides and bunched up in places. (let me just say that my quilting has come a long way since) One day a friend was visiting and I proudly showed her the quilt. She says, “Those look like swastikas”. I was so horrified that I grabbed the quilt and stuffed it in the bottom of a trunk. And there it stayed until my daughter found it years later and wanted it on her bed. Ugh! I can laugh about it now but it took me a long time to see any humor in it. Now I think it is pretty funny that I unknowingly made a “swastika” quilt for my blond haired, blue eyed, baby girl. Sure, they were backwards swastikas but it is still just so wrong!!

  14. Rachael said

    Happy Birthday! I made an X string quilt out of gorgeous pink and green fabric, but when I decided to stipple it, I didn’t take into account all of the stretch from the bias cut strips (I didn’t piece it to a foundation). It’s sitting in my closet, half done and a total mess– I get so upset thinking about it, I can’t even tear it apart to reuse the fabric! Really, though, these are the lessons learned. Thanks for being so generous!

  15. Karen S said

    Oh, happy happy birthday to you!!!!

    My biggest quilting blunders usually come from not listening to that voice inside my head! Numerous times (really…. I mean numerous time) as I am quilting along on my longarm, I might think…. hummmm do I like this design? But do I stop there and figure it out? Oh, no, I just keep quilting along……… and then finally deside that Nope! don’t like that! THEN, its hours and hours of frogging (rip-it, rip-it). If only I would learn and stop when I first question what I am doing!

  16. Paula Munter said

    Happy Birthday Amy, 21 again, right?

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that green quilt. Those tents really speak to it. Isn’t amazing how we sometimes come across other fabrics we have and it just works? Of course, never good for a model if that fabric is no longer available…hate that.

    Well, I confess I am not much of a quilter…I did make a few table runners a few years ago for the different seasons. But, most of my oops happen in the garment department or cross stitching. I have spent hour frogging out a piece that I had almost completed but had shifted over a few stitches…man that was frustrating.

    Have an awesome day!

  17. Jana said

    Happy Birthday!

    I made a log cabin quilt for an auction, got done with the quilting and realized the block on the bottom right corner was on wrong. Whoops! I wasn’t even the one who noticed it — my husband was.

    I like that the name of the company is “toysmith,” even though their product is not a toy.

  18. Sarah N. said

    Oh where to start? I guess one of my biggest oops was about 8 years ago when those quilted sweatshirts were all the rage. In case you never made one, you take a regular sweatshirt, undo the side seams and the arm seams and sew little patches all over it. Then you “quilt” it. Then you need to sew the arm seams and the side seams back together. Then you put a binding around all the edges. Anyway – in a rush to finish one for my mom for christmas I sewed what I thought was the side seam shut only to discover it was the bottom of the sweatshirt. I did that three times. Not too quick on the draw! Finally I went upstairs where my friend was quilting on our long-arm machine and had her come downstairs and sew that seam for me – since I couldn’t be trusted with that difficult task.

  19. Jan said

    Happy, happy birthday, Amy!! No hilarious major screw-ups to report here…sorry. Or maybe at my advanced age (*ahem*) I’ve forgotten them all.

  20. Hedgehog said

    Happy Birthday!

    This quilt is really one of my all-time favorites!

    A mistake I’ve made several times: sewing the binding on the back so that I have to do the handstitching on the front. Not a huge mistake, but the second and third times I was pretty frustrated with myself!!

  21. pam said

    Happy Birthday!!!! No story for me. I’m perfect, I don’t make mistakes. Uh ahhahahahaha how ridiculous am I , I just can’t think of one ripe for telling.

    Eat cake. And make a bag. And have fun!

  22. Amanda said

    Happy Birthday! This is the first time I have visited your blog. Pam Kitty Morning sent me here.

    Here’s the story of my biggest screw up. I made a queen size Jacob’s Ladder Quilt in red and green Christmas fabrics. I sent it to this lady to machine quilt for me one late afternoon. The next morning around 10:00 she called me and said the quilt was finished. I said to her, “That was quick!”. She said, “Yeah. I didn’t have much going on so I put it in the frame late last night and quilted it really quick. Oh, and by the way, yesterday afternoon when I laid it out to look at it, there was a mistake. One of the 4 patches was turned the wrong way. I started to call you, but I didn’t want you to come all the way out here when I don’t think it’s going to be that noticeable at all.” I didn’t know what to say. So, I drove to her house and picked it up. She only charged me $28, and it wasn’t until I got home that I realized why it was so cheap. I asked my kids to come in the living room to see my quilt to see if they noticed anything. I flipped it out really big onto the floor, and right there in the middle of my quilt was a 4 patch turned the wrong way. Not only that, but there must have been something wrong with her bobbin thread, and (up close) the quilting is terrible.

    The next day was our Quilt Guild Christmas party. I wanted to share it at Show and Tell, so I made another four patch and hand quilted over the top of the 4 patch that was turned the wrong way. I knew that from a distance they couldn’t notice the bad quilting, but they would notice a mistake. So, the next day it’s my turn for show and tell. I proudly hold up my quilt for everyone to see. I got a few oo’s and ah’s, hand claps, and some strange smiles. I folded up my quilt, and my best friend whispered in my ear, “There’s a mistake in the middle of your quilt”. I said, “No. I fixed it.” We unfolded it and looked at it again. I made a mistake when I hand appliqued, too! Everyone was so sweet and didn’t tell me. I guess that’s where those strange smiles came from.

    The sweet part about this story is that for years this quilt sat in a box somewhere. During those years my best friend bought a long arm quilting machine. Last year, for my birthday, she asked if she could have the quilt to fix the mistake and re-do some of the quilting. Now it’s beautiful.

    Have a great birthday!

  23. Maria said

    I never used to mess anything up when I quilted. Then I turned 40.

    I designed a quilt for my friend. She has a king size bed with a fat mattress. I even put the quil design on EQ5. It was supposed to be 116″ with borders. I went to a retreat and sewed and sewed and sewed. I put the center together and laid it out on the floor to measure it for borders.

    The darn thing measured 128″ without borders. I got a different tape measure. It still measured 128″. I had to hire someone to quilt it for me because my frame isn’t big enough. It took forever just to piece the backing!!!

    Here’s the quilt. It’s gorgeous, but I’m stupid!!!

  24. Rita said

    Happy Birthday Amy! Quilt Oopses! Well there are many I wouldn’t like to confess to! But let’s just say with a seam ripper (quick unpick) in hand I am very dangerous! I have been known to make quite a few ripper oopsies!


  25. Cathy said

    Hi Amy, have a fabulous Birthday day today, try not to eat ALL the cake (it’s gorgeous by the way, did someone make it for you?). My latest sewing disaster is here:, you are certainly not alone in the screwups department!! Have fun making the elephant bag, he is too cute xo

  26. Sarah said

    Once again we are living the same life on opposite sides of the world. Sue’s elephant bag is all cut out and waiting on my sewing table for when I get home. I’m too scared to ask you what fabric you’re using in case we are somehow hooked by telepathy.
    My best quilting screw up is when I was piecing Charlotte Sometimes, which is in MO Book 2, and each block has like a zillion 1″ pieces in it, and I was sewing and sewing and chatting and chatting, and I pieced every single pair in the quilt inside out with the backs showing and DIDN’T NOTICE, and went back chatted and sewed and sewed them all into teeny little nine patches over about 4 hours before I woke up to myself. Eedjit.

  27. Sarah said

    Oh hey – and hippo birdie, two ewes πŸ™‚

  28. kim mclean said

    Happy birthday Amy! Many more happy quilting years. Nice cake!

    I’ve done a big blooper. I was trimming the excess fabric after attaching the binding with a rotary cutter and didn’t see the quilt under it. Anyway, I cut through the completed quilt and had to throw it out because there was one huge slash in the middle. Can’t look at it after that!

  29. gari said

    I think that I make at least one mistake in every quilt/object I make, it kind of is my trademark. Most recently I quilted my Spring Garden with very large tucks in the back: appliqued them down. But the funniest was last weekend when I made my first bag. I “unsewed” the bag from the lining 9 times, just couldn’t get them to line up so that I didn’t have open seams. I finally had to slit the lining in order to pull the bag through. I was afraid that I would fray the fabric with so much sewing and ripping. Both bag and quilt can be seen on my blog.

  30. Kerry M. said

    Happy birthday, Amy! I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing your beautiful quilts.

    I have a long list of quilting boo-boos, including a double-Irish chain quilt I made for my mother with 2 reversed blocks. I did not notice this until it was completely quilted, of course. May I add that the reversed blocks are in the center of the quilt rather than the edges?

    However, I thought you’d enjoy this mistake story even more:
    Three years ago, I was taking a machine applique class with Sue Nickels at the Vermont Quilt Festival. The woman sitting next to me had a Rowenta travel iron that we were sharing. Somewhere in the process of working on my blocks, I managed to knock the iron off the table (I do this all the time at home) and break the handle. I ended up writing her a check for $25. Later that afternoon, I finished my blocks and decided to pack up my things a half hour early since the woman had not been as happy to be my “neighbor” since the iron incident. I went to unplug my sewing machine, and accidently unplugged hers — AFTER she had just spent several minutes reprogramming the size and width of a buttonhole stitch on her computerized sewing machine. I apologized and high-tailed it out of there. Thankfully, I have managed to take other classes without being such a menace to fellow quilters!

  31. Noelle Smith said

    I was making a quilt where each block had an appliqued dress in the center. I had all of the blocks made and sewn together, borders on, everything done and ready to quilt. I was quilting inside each block and had done maybe 3 or 4 and decided to take a break. I hung the quilt up on the quilt wall and stood back to look at it and all of a sudden realized that 3 of the blocks were appliqued to the wrong side of the fabric. The fabric was a tone-on-tone swirl pattern and although not everyone would notice, I know it is there and cannot seem to get past it and it is too far in to take apart and redo. So, I have not quilted another block and it still sits as a UFO. Maybe one day I will suck it up and finish it like it is. It was heartbreaking because I really loved how it was turning out.

  32. So wanting to be the “cool” new quilter at my first retreat where everyone else had been retreating together before, I thought I would be SUPER prepared. I had the newest pattern, the best layer cake and jelly roll and I was going to be all ready to sew withing minutes of arriving. Ooppss. Forgot the jelly roll AT HOME 50 miles away.
    Thankfully all was not lost. Even though the LQS did not have the needed jelly roll, they did have another project I wanted to do!

  33. Kim said

    Happy Happy Birthday, Amy! I am LOVIN that Heaven & Earth quilt! Like, SERIOUSLY…as in MUST go to the quilt shop and get BATIKS! STUN-NING! :o)) Love your little red boot and I hope you had a great day!!!

    I couldn’t possibly come up with a single story…I’m always goofing things up but then just look at it as an opportunity to make it truly my own! ;o) Hubs says I cook that way too! LOL

    Have a great day! :o)

  34. lil said

    oupses, screw-ups, me, no more

    you know there was a time where I was blond, overhere being blond means a little dumb, lol
    at that time screw-ups in almost every quilt,
    – cutting mistakes and then realizing I didn’t have enough fabric to complete the project, grrrrrrrr, no wonder, I AM blond
    – quilting flipped backing fabric and didn’t realize till I finished all, turned the whole quilt to add the label and saw nice quilting on the batting, grrrrrrrrrrrrrr, no wonder, I AM blond
    – calculating mistakes were usual and then my pieced blocks wre too small, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, no wonder, I AM blond
    – appliqued a truly pretty Minnie Mouse (, that I enlarged from a 1″ pic from internet, and after having completed the quilting and preparing the binding, oh nooooooooooooo, used the wrong side of the background fabric, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, no wonder, I AM blond

    and THEN, after that last screw-up, I had the solution, yippieyeah


    and since then, no more screw-ups, no more mistakes, I reached the goal of being almost perfect

    ok, I have to confess, this story might have entertained you, but now I have to confess, …………………., changing my hair color didn’t help for anything, I continue bravely with all my oupses and screw-ups, maybe that’s just me

  35. lily boot said

    Happy Birthday Dearest Amy! Goodness – fancy getting to go to Philadelphia so close to your birthday – what a treat! My quilt disaster – I had agreed to make a quilt for a friend at work in the mid 1990s – she chose the fabric and the pattern – a selection of Debbie Mumm’s and she wanted a courthouse step design. I didn’t like the fabric or the pattern but spent a whole Saturday diligently slicing up the 1 1/2 inch strips. When darkness fell, Julian suggested we go out for dinner and a film – so I left everything on the dining table and off we went. We didn’t get home until almost midnight – and as we opened the front door a stray cat which had been hanging around for a few weeks came shooting out of the flat. We were a bit surprised but thought nothing else of it. The next morning, I got up early, went straight to the dining table with the intention of beginning to piece the courthouse steps. But when I picked up the ruler, it was wet. I went into the bedroom and demanded to know what Julian had spilt on the table – nothing! he protested. I went back out and as I looked closer – the whole table was covered in sticky yellow wetness – 4 metres of fabric sliced up into wet, yellowed 1 1/2 inch strips. I can’t remember whether I was able to breathe at this stage as I realised – smelt – it was cat urine. The stray cat. Shrieking and crying, I grabbed the fabric, threw it into the washing machine and washed it. AAAGHHH!!!! Even bigger disaster – naturally it came out as a huge tatty mess – all that fabric knotted and frayed together like a demented Christmas wreath of Debbie Mumm’s dreadlocks. Oh how I cried and cried and cried. And cursed all cats that walk the planet. I LOATHE cats. I probably jumped up and down on the spot. Then, I had to go to work on the Monday and explain the demise of the fabric – and buy new fabric myself. I’ve never agreed to make a quilt for anyone again! And I’ve never bought any more Debbie Mumm’s fabric and have never made a courthouse steps. Ugh!

  36. Brooke said

    My biggest oopsie so recent memory is that I went to the fabric store, thinking I knew exactly what I wanted and exactly the shade I needed for one more fabric for a quilt in progress. No need for swatches for me, No Sir! Well, the fabric I bought was completely wrong for the quilt….but the funniest part is, I went back the next day and did the same thing and bought the SAME EXACT WRONG fabric. Twice! I think I need to make a quilt now that coordinates with that wrong fabric, since I have so much of it now. Ha!

  37. Pam said

    My good friend was teaching me to quilt and we would meet twice a month with two other ladies. Now my friend is a perfectionist and quilting was a new game for me and I did not own a 1/4″ foot at the time, which has since made a huge difference. Any way, no matter what square pattern I would do she would always make me tear it out an redo it because it wasn’t perfect. The points didn’t align exactly or the seam was not perfectly straight, etc. I really wanted to do it perfectly but was so ready to just give up from frustration. After about 5 meetings of these, one of the other ladies said, “Don’t feel bad. Just consider your quilt homey!” Well, I have come to the conclusion that I will never be a master quilter but I can always have a homey quilt. πŸ™‚

  38. Shelley C said

    My first mistake was during my learning process of quilting (self taught). I needed a baby quilt made and not knowing any other method, birthed the quilt (thought I had discovered that method myself !) After tacking down most of the quilt, I noticed some shiney sllivers on the surface….I had left the pins in!!!! Not good for baby! Hard to manuever my hand around in there to get them all out….I think I was successful since the recipient didn’t mention a screaming baby! LOL

  39. Di said

    Happy Birthday! Quilt screw-ups? What have I not done? I sew the wonkiest seams, put blocks in the wrong way, measure incorrectly, you name it. My biggest screw-up so far is that I was sewing rows together and managed to sew the middle row in wrong side up and didn’t even realize it until I was all finished with all the rows.

    Does it get any better than that? Duh? I’m surprised I didn’t quilt it that way, too!

  40. Kristin L said

    I love your triangles, and I especially love them next to that tent fabric. I think you should leave it as-is — big triangles with an off-center strip of tents. It’s very arty and fabulous.

    My big screw-up was when I made a strippy Lone Star quilt. My strings and strips were very scrappy and swiss-cheesy, so I couldn’t efficiently make long strips of strips if that makes any sense. I decided to cut each diamond individually using a template from QNM because I didn’t think I could be accurate enough with my rotary tools. It ends up that the template was wrong (the correction was printed in a later issue I didn’t bother to read), so my large diamonds didn’t line up. In teh end, I added a starburst in teh center of teh quilt to fill in the missing space, and teh setting triangles and squares had to be fudged since the angles weren’t correct, but the finished quilt turned out beautiful, so i just pretend “I meant to do that.” Here’s the (mostly) finished quilt:

  41. Andrea said

    oh my gosh, I LOVE that planter!!!!

  42. Jean C. said

    Hope that your birthday was fun! Cute little “puddle jumpers”! I wore those types when I was a little girl in Seattle, Washington. It rains lots and well… they were perfect for the “actual puddle jumping part”!

  43. Happy belated birthday!

    I have loads and loads of mistakes that I could share, but I am famous for accidentally ironing myself. the way some folks have rotary cutter tales of horror? I have iron tales…

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