Sweets from the sweet

Having some good mail karma today! First, I have a confession to make. Just after Easter, I ordered A CASE of Lifesavers jelly beans from Amazon (what don’t they sell?). Yes, there have been tales of my excesses with sweets before. I’m not here to talk about that (and you’ll notice I didn’t even put a link to past excesses of which I speak…). In any event, around that time, Katy was telling me that all of the fruity candy treats in the UK are actually flavored with, get this, FRUIT JUICE. What? No scientific flavorings?!? I could barely comprehend this.

So, I sent her a few measly all-chemical-all-the-time Peeps and she sent me this haul of sweets:


I couldn’t show you the top of the Skittles bag because, um, well, it’s open and unsightly now. Had to do a tasting, dontcha know. All I can say is: YUM! There is quite a difference between these and what I’m used to. The purple Skittles are flavored with black currant juice. I find that awe-inspiring, don’t ask me why.

But wait, she also sent:


A Paddington Marmite set! Get. Out! Look at his little Marmite suitcase! And the Marmite is in a squeezy bottle. We’ll be having a tasting after school (but before piano and swimming…).

Katy, being the dear, sweet, generous person that she is, also sent us something to do while we are feeding our faces:



A Clothkits doll to make! Fun, fun, fun! Best not to get Marmite on her, maybe we’ll stick with the fruity treats while we sew–ever so much more cleanly.

Thank you so much, Katy! Oh, and there is some contraband that somehow managed to get in the box. An oversight, no doubt, a Kinder egg. Shhhhhh…

Oh, and I see that Katy is doing the Old Red Barn Co.’s Quilt Along. Are you quilting along too? I WANT to jump in and join in but am having a hard time catching up to myself right now, so I may join in later just to make a fun quilt.

The other piece of good mail karma was the May Material Obsession dolly quilt kit, Tanglewood (see some dolly quilt action here).


Yea for great mail!

Ooh, speaking of which, I need to get Amanda’s fabrics in the mail!! Yipe! I don’t know, it feels like I’ve been spending far too much time this week doing things other than what I planned to do this week. For instance, I did not plan to spend so much time at the mall. Today I bought a foundation garment, ahem, because yesterday I bought a — wait for it — DRESS. Even dear daughter was in utter disbelief. Well, when you have to buy SOMETHING, you might just end up with a dress when you least expect it after weighing all the options (and not wanting to go into another store) (issues being: don’t want to hem lined pants in a hurry, DO NOT want to buy (or wear, for that matter) high heels to go with too-long pants, nope, not a suit with a skirt because that would require HOSE AND HEELS…so a longish dress it is…) (clearly, I am not a grown-up).

Oh well.

Here’s hoping you’re having a sweet day and good mail karma!


  1. Paddington is one of my favorite bears. How lucky for you to have one so adorable. Good luck with the marmite. I can’t stand it.

  2. MichelleB said

    Wow. Fruit juice flavored candy. Sounds like it’s a real treat! And some great goodies to go along with it.

    I think I’ve just now this minute decided to the Old Red Barn Quilt Along. Of course, that means I need to right now this minute get cutting – or the moment will pass and I’ll be on to something else.

    That MO doll quilt is great! I love the fabric.

  3. Stephanie said

    Paddington and a Marmite suitecase–way too cute! I’m not a marmite fan myself. Enjoy your goodies. I’m on the hunt for a dress for my dad’s 90th birthday party…last time I wore hose was 2 years ago for my folks 50th anniversary. Usually my hose rots inbetween use.

  4. Janet said

    I think you have to have been bought up on marmite to really love it. It’s great for flavouring casseroles and gravies too. The dolly quilt loks like fun.

  5. Jackie said

    Can’t beat the kind of mail you can eat, unless of course it is fabric! Real fruit flavoring, who would have thunk it??? Send some good Karma vibes this way.

  6. V said

    Great goodness, look at those goodies! You mean I’m not the only one to buy candy from amazon by the case?
    ok, I fess up. Jolly ranchers, the passion fruit mix. it’s the only bag that has orange, peach,( & raspberry, and cherry…) but for me it’s all about the peach and orange… Now if they would just bring back the lemon ones, i’d be in heaven.
    real fruit juice… well, I still need my jolly ranchers!
    Great goodies. Always love paddington….

  7. AnnieO said

    That bear is so cute it makes me want to squeeeze him! And all of his accessories!!! But Marmite, no thank you ma’am.

    I too am considering a dress for a wedding coming up all too soon. I already dismissed everything at the mall and am heading for the Dress Barn this weekend. Have you ever been to a more poorly named store?

  8. Amanda said

    I have to go shopping for a dress to wear to a wedding, so I know what you mean about dresses and all. Around here, people don’t dress like they are supposed to for a wedding. Last year I went to four weddings, and I over dressed for 3 of them. I can’t wear the dress I wore to the fourth wedding because some of the same people will be there (at the wedding I’m going to next weekend). I guess I haven’t grown up either. I’m just glad I’m not alone.

    Please don’t worry about not getting my fabrics in the mail yet. I understand completely. I don’t get all dressed and prettied up just to go to the post office if that’s the only place I have to go that day. Besides that, I’m still in awe that I won something.

    Skittles are one of my favorite candy. I’m sure they taste great with real fruit juice. My grand kids love sour skittles. I tried them, but I like the originial ones better.

  9. Kim said

    What a fun haul!!!!! And I agree….long dress it would have to be for me as well. I don’t think my feet would know how to behave in heels, and Lord knows I wouldn’t be doing much walking in them! It’s been too long! LOL Have a great weekend!

  10. Lauren said

    Just wondering if you like Marmite. It is similar to our Aussie Vegemite which people in other countries can’t stand.

  11. Katy said

    ah, I see the general view here is marmite sucks. It’s definitely a love or hate thang. Paddington sweetens it right up though, doncha think?

    Any time you need more real fruit juice candy, holler and I’ll send you an emergency care package (as long as you send me more peeps next easter) xxx

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