Done and done!

The Savannah Satchel is done!



I really love this closure!


You can make a Savannah Satchel too. It’s from Sue Spargo’s Urban Sacs book. She also has kits (although I did not use her kit). It was great fun to make! Hmm…which Urban Sac next??



  1. pam said

    Very cool. So do you make the hardware or is it readily available someplace I don’t know about?

  2. Stephanie said

    Cute, cuter, cutest!

  3. MichelleB said

    It is so cute! I love it. That closure is great.

  4. fabricpile said

    Awesome! LURV!!!!

  5. Katy said

    I can’t get over how cute that elephant is…and then on a satchel? I can’t stand it any more, it’s made my knees go weak. The closure has tipped me over the edge. Now I’m on the floor.

  6. You did an amazing job on that bag!!

  7. Andi said

    So gorgeous!!!

  8. Jackie said

    Love it! But I really love the closure too! Where did you get it???

  9. Rachel said

    Adorable! The Elephant is fabulous! Very cute.

  10. Susannah said

    Absolutely charming!

  11. Nedra- Cactus Needle said

    You have done an amazing job! Love the elephant.

  12. Janet said

    The whole thing is wonderful. It’s turned out just fabulous.

  13. What a cute satchel. I’m lovin’ the closure, too!

  14. Anita said

    Cute, cute, cute! And I need a new purse too. 😀

  15. Debbie said

    Love the satchel, sue’s designs are fun to work with.
    I will have to look for her new books when I hit the quilt store.


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