Best possible outcome

Just an update on the stray Boston terrier — her family claimed her at the animal shelter. Yea! Having had brief incidents with my own strays, I know how relieved they must be.

Now it’s off to tend the fabrics and hopefully not get led astray among the bolts myself. That is, if I can wake up today. Feeling awfully creaky and tired today for some reason…or for no good reason other than aging?

And don’t forget to enter the mass of SEWN giveaways before the deadlines! For any of you who remember the sale commercials: Open, open, open, open.



  1. MichelleB said

    It’s so good to hear that she was claimed! It still is quite the story.

  2. Katy said

    oh, that’s really good news. I can sleep now.

  3. pam said

    Good for that family! Phew.

  4. Lisa said

    Oh, I really thought you were gonna end up with a new dog. But it is wonderful that her family got her back.

  5. aneela said

    So glad the little stray traveller found her family again and…….. I’ll be back tommorow crossing my little fingers for far far away wishes of hoping I’ve psycho analysed the weight of your bag correctly!

  6. fabricpile said

    Open. Open. Open. Open. I miss Mervyn’s. Glad that little sweetie found her family.

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