Where is this year going?

Half the year gone? Three more days of school (well, two and a half if you’re a kid who’s counting)? How did this happen? I don’t know how it happened, I just now that 2009 is fast moving.

And like the gobs of cottonwood fluff swirling around my backyard, I’m in a mental frenzy trying to make the most of the last few days of peace before sewing productivity plummets.

So, what do I go and do? Start something new that wasn’t in the “plan” (or the semblance of a plan that resides noggin-side). Well, it landed in my email-box. What can I say? I’ll tell you what it is once it is more accomplished.

I can say that I have it ready for handwork for the hockey game tonight.

And, while I don’t retract any of the nice things I’ve said about Pittsburgh recently (what a lovely city…), it is the Stanley Cup we’re talking about and this is Michigan. I’ll go back to warm-fuzzy Pittsburgh feelings after we win. 🙂 But, go me, I have some handwork at the ready!

It was also not too late for making part of a teacher gift:


Yes, it’s the famous journal cover with directions courtesy of the lovely Bloom blog!

A pattern so nice, I made it twice. However, the one below is a quarter of an inch TOO SHORT:

D’oh! My next quest will be to find a notebook that fits it so it doesn’t go completely to waste. In your comments, please be sure to say how much nicer the flowery one is…

Aside from these two things, there are A LOT of things I want to start, but they are suffering from a bit of a delay of game. All righty, maybe I need to go and make a list and get some of the swirling bits down on paper so I can remember what I meant to do before next week comes.

Can we slow the year down just a little???



  1. Katy said

    Great notebook. I need a teacher gift, or 3 (yes – 3, that’s not right is it?) so I’m off to check out the tute – thanks!!!

  2. Great journal covers! What teacher wouldn’t like those? And if you find a way to make time slow down, please share it!

  3. MichelleB said

    Those are fabulous journal covers! Especially the flower one. Love it 😉

    What a horrible reminder of the year racing by. *sigh* Too many projects in my mind that need to done, too. Hopefully I’ll get to some of them soon.

  4. Jackie said

    You are too funny! The first thing I said in my head, when your blog popped up and I saw the photo, was “Wow, Another NEW project, Go girl!” You just amaze me, even with the short year. So yes, the 1st journal cover is so pretty. By the way, we would have never known the 2nd one was a 1/4 inch short.

  5. lily boot said

    I know exactly what you mean about the year disappearing – it’s rather alarming! I’m not ready for Christmas!!! :-0 And I’ll bet you’re not ready for Winter! :-0 But I envy you a lovely long summer holiday – nice 🙂 I adore your new flower – pretty pretty pretty – you are the queen of ric-rac. And the flowery notebook is SUPER LOVELY! 🙂 I must make one. GOod luck hunting for the smaller notebook – you’ll find it – you live in America where you have everything!

  6. nanette said

    I’m so with you on the slowing time thing. I feel like time is not ticking but ripping past me. Frustrating. I haven’t really been to Pittsburgh for years. I wish I could have gone to market but it wasn’t in the cards. You know it used to be a coal mining/steel community. I’m so glad to hear it has sort of reinvented itself. Coming from the Philadelphia side of the state I have to say I’m jealous. I wish Philly would move in that direction more. I need to visit PA soon. I miss it.

  7. Mamaspark said

    Let’s Go Red Wings!! Where in Mi are you? I’m in Canton.

  8. fabricpile said

    Don’t rush things! There are still a few weeks to go before the year is half-gone. Sheeeeesh!

    I’ve been collecting up the drawing pads and notebooks and moleskins and anything-else-that-might-look-good-covered-and-make-a-great-gift. I’m dying to make some of those! I have them in my swim bag with a bunch of fabrics to audition (no, seriously!) while I’m supposed to be watching the kids swim. There are life guards–it’s okay.

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