Something about blueberries

I’ve been avoiding making desserts for some time now. Mainly because I am a dessert piglet and won’t stop eating cookies, ice cream, what have you. But blueberries are healthy, right? I knew I’d seen a delectable looking berry cobbler recipe…somewhere. I went through the usual suspects in my bookmarks: 101 Cookbooks, Simply Recipes, Serious Eats. Finally gave in and just did a Google search.

So, I made this:


From this Triple Berry Cobbler recipe. Hmm, 18 servings? Yeah, I don’t think so. Clearly, this recipe has not met me.

Of course, halfway through making that recipe, I found the original source I wanted to use in the Penzey’s catalog.

Oh well. Either way, I realize that NOT buying the vanilla ice cream was a big mistake!

It was a good mail day. I ordered a used copy of this:


I’m not sure which of the superb bloggy blogs mentioned this book recently, but it sounded like a good one. And it is!  What kinds of designs look good in what kind of space, how to draft the designs. Indispensible! I certainly didn’t pay a premium for the book, so look around, keep an eye on Amazon’s used offerings for better prices. That’s what I usually do…I’ll add an out of print book to my wish list and then check back periodically to see what kinds of prices are available. I didn’t need this book right away, but saw a good price and snatched it up. This one came from Amazon via Better World Books, a site that dear Lily mentioned recently.

Also, some summer linen arrived from Kathy today:

The darker one at top is tencel linen in moss; the lighter one at bottom is Aiden linen in natural. I need to add some Essex linen to the mix sometime soon. The tencel linen is a lighter weight with a good drape. The Essex is thicker…maybe good for bags and such? Both are lovely.

I also added a Pink Chalk Fabrics tape measure to the photo because I kept forgetting to show it to you. I ran into Kathy at Spring Market and she gave me the last one she had with her. Thanks again, Kathy! It’s a very cheery and easy to find tape measure. Which is very important around here.

Ohhhh, I also see that Kathy has Melanie Hurlston’s (of Melly & me) new Kaleidoscope book in stock. Note to self…

Oh, and I wanted to mention the book that Liza commented about the other day — Judy Martin’s Ultimate Rotary Cutting Reference.  She said she finds it essential! I’m going to be adding it to my collection immediately if not sooner.  Looks like it will take away some of the brain strain when I’m being all Goldilocks about quilt blocks.

Swear Jar/Grumble Jar update: Both jars are still emtpy (although the nightly complaints about the care and maintenance of braces is going to start to count…) (and I awarded myself two free swears over some coffee spillage…you know, the kind that covers the counter and and swirls around the canisters and under the dog meds containers, yeah, that one).

Hoping all is well where you are!



  1. Nichole said

    if you’re looking for more blueberry desserts (since they’re so much healthier than cookies!), here is another good one, Blueberry Buckle ( Yummy! 🙂

  2. Stephanie said

    Blueberry anything is delicious or just a handful from the strainer! Beautiful linen. I love hearing about great quilt books. I don’t buy them often because I want to like LOTS of things in them. I know Kaleidoscope will be amazing and gorgeous on every page.

  3. Thanks for all the info on the books. The quilting design book looks very interesting. And if a big spilled coffee mess isn’t enough reason to swear, then there probably isn’t one!

  4. Jackie said

    Blueberrries are absolutely healthy and very high on the anti-oxidant front! But I wonder if they loose some of their nutritive value after added all that sugar and butter? Mmmmm… NO! I have that same Penzey’s recipe and it looks so yummy. Would love to make it. I am just like you and am a dessert piglet. I have never met a dessert that I don’t like. I love that linen and I am going to have to check that out now.

  5. MichelleB said

    Are you sure you didn’t pay $131 for that book? Because that’s how much a copy is going for now! lol

    I just worked with some linen today, and man was it nice. Of course, I can’t remember what “kind” of linen. I got it at JoAnn’s, but don’t remember if it was a blend or all linen. *sigh*

  6. I hate it when I have pie or cobbler and no vanilla ice cream — tragic!!! Will you use the linen for quilting or other projects?

  7. AnnieO said

    Oh drat, you showed dessert. Now I have to have some. Thanks a lot.

    My high school sewing teacher’s name was Phyllis Miller, but I doubt that’s the same person. Looks like a great buy, that book.

    Linen is gorgeous, bags would look really good in that, I agree.

  8. Katy said

    mmm, crumble (or cobbler – it’s crumble over here). I don’t think that’d stretch to 18 servings in my house either, maybe 2 large ones, both for me?

    I got a good mail day too, after your last post I went and bought around the block with Judy Hopkins. Now I’m going to sit with some tea and read it, and make some oohing noises.

    Oh, I got my not-flannel animals copied today too – crikey they’re HUGE, I stood staring at them for about 5 minutes until the lady in the copy shop asked me if i was ok.

  9. belinda said

    ….dessert piglet……..I can relate……

  10. Nanette said

    I never heard of the rotary cutting book. I will have to look into that. I keep telling myself more prescise blocks start with cutting.

  11. Janet said

    Blueberries are a super food! You might have hear about that quilting book from me, it’s the first one I turn to. Thanks for the info on the linen, especially about weights.

  12. Christine Cohrs said

    Hi Amy

    I got my fabrics in the mail the other day, thank you so much for your give away. I will have to think of somthing to make now.

    Thank you again

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