Two medium grey bobbins


At least someone gets to go to the “spa.” The machine has been needing service for a couple of months, but I’ve been putting it off. It’s been skipping stitches when doing free motion. Her seams have been a little bunchy. But the machine quilting is really the problem. Yesterday I tried to quilt a small piece. Not gonna happen with that machine.

So, I pulled out the 1090, the old reliable back-up machine — my first Bernina. We did some tension adjusting together and went about our quilting business. I kept thinking, “my, I’ve gotten too used to the nice bright fluorescent light of the 440” (in reality, the bulb on the 1090 keeps flickering and needs replaced). I contorted some Ott lights and carried on. We didn’t do too badly together. As bobbins do, the bobbin ran out about halfway through the quilting. So, I put the empty on the winder…no go. So, I just wound the bobbin on the 440 and finished the quilting on the 1090.


Then I took the 440 in to the “spa” today. And then I wanted to do some piecing on the 1090 with some beige thread instead of grey. Even though I must have 100 bobbins, I had to un-fill one to have an empty for the beige. I put the empty on the 1090’s winder. Ooohhhh. That’s right. I forgot. It doesn’t work. Rassum frassum (no swearing…). So, for piecing, I am left with two partially filled medium grey bobbins until the 440 returns. Wish me luck.

In that case, I decided I needed to stitch something wee. So I did:


See, wee:


We saw a lot of Westminster fabric mixed with batiks while at quilt market. A lot. One of my favorite booths was that of Virginia Robertson who had several beautiful quilts that used Westminster mixed with batiks. They were enchanting. They were new twists on traditional quilts. Of course, I was practically speechless (and not because of the drool) to be in such a quilting legend’s booth.

So, needing to conserve neutral thread (yes, 100 bobbins only two of which contain neutral thread…), I decide to bust out the batiks and Westminsters and get started:


Genius!  Everything for the quilt top can be cut from 2 1/2″ strips!  Stephanie knows of the fun of making Dresdens from 2 1/2″ strips.

Speaking of Stephanie, do you have her new West Linn bag pattern yet????


Not only is it cute, but it looks straightforward and fast. I can see this being a great gift for next year’s crop of 10 year olds. Well, and at least one for myself…

In other non sequiturs, I uncovered my copy of another Japanese lantern pattern by Trish Harper:


This one is pretty festive too, no? But those seams look too long for current bobbin rationing conditions. Later, then. But soon, hopefully.

Enjoy the weekend!



  1. Janet said

    I love your fun wee projects. When the machine omes back, it’ll be purring for you, lol. Stephanie has some great designs and so does Trish Harper, I’m a fan of both those talented ladies.

  2. Very nice dresden plate block! I’m really liking the batik/print mix. Ver pretty!

  3. Caryn said

    You mightt want to invest in a sidewinder (portable bobbin winder). I think Walmart sells them or Joann’s (if there’s one near you) with a coupon!

  4. Caryn said

    Oh, and I LOVE your mini dresdan. I have the acrylic templates for a mini but haven’t gotten to it yet.

  5. fabricpile said

    WEE love it!! So sWEEt!

  6. Amy said

    Hope your machine turmoil comes to a quick end! Happy weekend to you as well.

  7. Ranette said

    Oh how I love your wee dresden’s…very, very cute! I ordered that bag pattern and received it yesterday…I’m excited!

  8. belinda said

    ….LOL…..oh wow….sooo many times when I am having days like yours I have mumbled to myself….”i wonder if anybody else goes thru this”….and now I
    know….they do!!
    You are such a temptress showig us your ‘wee’ and latern patterns..gorgeous!

  9. Sewing machine woes are no fun when you just want to get at something. I love the wee dresdens!

  10. Jackie said

    Sometimes our machines just need a spa break. I keep putting mine off too. I need to bring it this week. It will be perfect timing because we will be away for a couple of days. I love the little dresden quilt in the Kaffe… heart is singing…. And I am off to pick up 3 days of mail and hopefully Stephanie’s pattern is there. I am looking forward to making that one. She really is creative and has some wonderful bags.

  11. MichelleB said

    Love the Lantern Light pattern! And those wee dresdens are so cute! Love that bright pop on the pastel background.

  12. I know what you mean about those bobbins…I finally invested in pre-wound bobbins…they are so worth it to me!! My older sewing machine does much better machine quilting than my new, expensive one!! LOVE THE WEE!

  13. Sarah said

    Wishing right now I could run over and lend you my Sidewinder. I feel your pain – I tried hand winding a bobbin once, and it DOES NOT WORK. Back to my Sunday…..

  14. pam said

    I love the lantern quilt patterns. Very festive. bummer about the machine. Makes the swear jar all the more tempting. And the being mad about never getting that bobbin winder.

  15. Hopefully your machine will return to you good as new. Also, if your back up machine’s only problem is a non-functioning bobbin winder, then you should look into getting one of those sidewinders. It’s a battery operated bobbin winder. It’s a fairly inexpensive solution – much cheaper than getting the machine’s winder fixed.

    The mini dresdens are adorable.

  16. Gigi said

    Hello, just noticed the Lantern Light pattern is the same free block pattern given at Moon over Mountain site. They have free blocks and quilt patterns. FYI.

  17. Stephanie said

    Tiny is so much cuter but oh so much fussier. CUTE wee dresdens and I love the lantern pattern. After 2 weeks away, I’m playing catch up. So glad you like the bag pattern.

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