She’s baaaaaack…

The sewing machine, that is.  She’s back from the spa. At least she’s not breaking stitches when quilting. In reality, yes, I am PICKY about my quilting stitches and I’m not enthralled her stitches anymore. I need them to be factory fresh like they used to be. I wonder if she needs to travel to her homeland sometime to get her back to the stitches I knew and loved. Maybe I should take her there myself. Ah, well… At least I can wind bobbins now. I may be adding the Sidewinder to my cadre of tools soon too.

Here is a sneakity peekity of something the machine and I did today:


I love the shadows created on the quilted linen. Hmmm….should I show you part of what she is attached to:


Yes, a little bit of Christmas fabric. In July. Hmmm… That is all I can divulge. I will say that at some point this week, I thought it would be easier to make a quilt than, say, a garment.

I’ve been making a garment this week. I’ll show you that when I feel better about it. I used to spend my young summers sewing garments. In an un-air conditioned house. I was sticky with sweat and dog hairs (because I cut out my patterns on the floor). Every garment ended up mediocre. I remember the sick feeling when I would be nearly done — realizing that something had gone awry and this garment would not meet my vision. Well, why couldn’t the middy braid fix the purple and white print for the sailor top???? I’m still waiting for the answer to that.

So, this week, I’ve hearkened back to early days of sewing. And my garment has indeed turned out mediocre. The top stitching is not pretty. And, GASP, the thing doesn’t fit (unless I have some ribs removed). I do meet the criteria set forth by the size I chose. Alas, my rib cage apparently does not.

And sew it goes…



  1. Janet said

    It’s frustrating when the machine is not as good as it could be, still the quilting looks great.

  2. The quilting looks great from here! I’m very impressed that you can make all those smooth curves without points! And I LOVE that quilting design.

    I became disenchanted with garment sewing when everything I made was either too big or too small. And I don’t do alterations! I’ve seen some really cute patterns lately that have made me think about trying it again, though.

  3. Nedra- Cactus Needle said

    I think your quilting is beautifully done.
    And the rib cage thing? You can blame the expansion on giving birth. At least, that is what makes me feel better.

  4. Nanette said

    Holy Cow AMY! Your quilting leaves me speechless. It is perfection. It is so incredibly beautiful. Amazing really.

  5. gari said

    My grandmother was a professional seamstress. My mother, although not professional, was an excellent seamstress. I, could sew, and it turned out better than OK but I HATED sewing. So, I quit about 36 years ago. But 6 years ago I accidentally learned to quilt and LOVE it. I think part of it is that my machines like me now but part is that I love the creative process, something I just didn’t feel with garment sewing.

  6. AnnieO said

    I have made many a garment that didn’t fit. But that was usually because it was TOO SHORT in an important place, like the rise! I remember once making a pair of overalls in sewing class during junior high. I think I grew two inches between the time I started them and when I finished because I had to add four inches to the bottom of each leg and I still only wore them for about six months before they were too short again (I grew 6 inches in 3 years of junior high).

    Love the sneak peak and your beautiful quilting. It’s truly gorgeous!

  7. Andi said

    Stunning stitchery!!!!

  8. lily boot said

    your quilting is exquisite – exquisite! Those curves are beautiful – I’m happy just sitting here and following those lovely lines with my eyes. However, clothes. Hmmm… I’m with you baby! I’ve made clothes where the pattern is so quirky, the fabric gorgeous, the pieces cut out look exciting, and the finished product makes me look like a mongolian wet nurse! Making clothes is never as fun as it promised. 🙂

  9. mary said

    oh beautiful quilting, is that a regular machine or long arm? That is some intricate handling!

  10. Lisa said

    I love the swirly quilting you did! I have always wanted to be great at sewing garments but they never seem to turn out so great for me. I have learned I do ok with pajama pants/lounge pants and aprons so that is what I have been sticking with.

  11. MichelleB said

    Your quilting is beautiful! I love that pattern and you do it to perfection. Ah! Garment sewing! Such a challenge. I’d love to know what you were trying your hand at making.

  12. Katy said

    oh, but that is perfect quilting. Perfect perfect perfect. You are Mary Poppins, you know.

  13. Kim said

    Beautiful quilting!

    The reason I love quilting is that it doesn’t have to be so precise (my kind of quilting, anyway). An important aspect for someone who basically flunked the sewing part of home ec. After two years while all the other students were sewing complete outfits, I was ‘allowed’ to make placemats.

  14. Nichole said

    that is really beautiful quilting.

    i share similar sentiments about sewing garments. it is quite discouraging to work so hard and long on something to not have it fit properly or to look the way you expected it to. such a shame really. the idea of making my own garments sounds so nice.

  15. diane said

    Great quilting design though. It is frustrating that after so much work, the garment didn’t match your expectations. That is exactly why I never sew anything three dimensional!

  16. Miriam said

    Love your quilting on linen!!

  17. LOVE your quilting! I wish I could do that!

  18. Michelle Amer said

    That quilting looks fabulous, in fact it’s so beautiful that I want to try to do some right now. But I’m too scared, cause mine will never ever match up to that! Awesome!

  19. Stephanie said

    All I can say is WOW on the quilting and someone is going to be absolutley thrilled with their gift.

  20. Jean C. said

    Sewing garments hmmmm? Yes, sometimes it goes like that! But you need to pursiver…. try using your rib cage for another measurement! And measure your pattern b/4 you cut out…. can you make ajustments in the pattern? Or go for a little larger size (if your pattern is multi sized) in just that area! Hey, I have to do all sorts of things like that… I never seem to get to use the “standard” pattern size I buy! Hang in there!

  21. rabbitstylenews said

    That spiral quilting is amazing! I start a quilting/stippling class series next month — I started making quilts 2 1/2 years ago and I’ve tied all but one — and now I have a goal in mind while learning to actually quilt!

  22. Chammer said

    I don’t sew clothes anymore, I’d much rather quilt. Your quilting IS stunningly beautiful and that gray/brown goes so wonderfully with the Christmas fabric. That was such a tease!!!

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