Summer mail

Some GOODIES came in the mail recently. This summer business is keeping me away from the computer (not counting the instant Netflix playing while I prep thousands of circles…). So, a few things to show you and celebrate.

First, I participated in the Spring Fling Round Robin 3 and received a colorful, gorgeous quilt:


Naturally, the photo does not capture the bright, cheery nature of this quilt. I want to thank Lil, Kate and Margaret for working so hard on my quilt. I have to especially thank Lil because my center square was lost on its way to Luxembourg and I was in a time crunch at the time. Lil made a new center block for me along with doing the first border. Thanks so very much to everyone! Please note the circles in this quilt for future reference…

Speaking of circles, I fell in love with Anne Perry’s Jelly Beans quilt which won an award at this year’s Sydney quilt show. It is just such a festive quilt and I’ve always loved quilts with circles. And I love Anne’s border fabric. EDITED TO ADD: Sarah points out that Anne’s quilt was made in a class with Australian teacher and designer Sue Cody.

So, um, I ordered a little bit:


It’s Jennifer Paganelli’s Patsy fabric from her Mod Girls collection. I found it on sale at Fabric Shack. And the next day or so, I saw that Hancock’s of Paducah had it at an even better price… Hmm, now I want this print in another color or so.

We’ve also added to our summer reading via mail. I see that one of the books is missing and must have gone off to art camp today:


The cover of the Calpurnia Tate book is luminous! I think it’s my favorite book cover in the house. The book that went to art camp is called Any Which Wall and I’ve been told that I HAVE TO read it. However, I’m to the part of Olive Kitteridge that is making me sad. That would be to the middle of the book. Because now it is half over and that’s when I generally get sad in any good book.

But then I got happy when something came from Amitie:


Oh yes, two months’ worth of BOM, that is! I keep wanting to call it the sweet tea block of the month though. And I hear that in my head with a southern US accent. I’d better get it straight.

I have a rather longish post coming up on the subject of circles. I have been embedded in circles this week and have been documenting the process because it has been a lovely round of trouble-shooting and problem solving. Well, not that there have been troubles or problems, but it feels like I’ve been tiptoe-ing around some very narrow seam allowance. I’ll share that with you tomorrow.

I leave you with a couple of photos of the child we have dubbed Summer Kid doing what summer kids do:





  1. MichelleB said

    Love summer kids! You always find the best patterns! That Jelly Beans quilt is adorable.

    Love the new quilt that you received – so cute! Looking forward to hearing all about circles!

  2. Stephanie said

    What a gorgeous little quilt. You always seem to receive stunners! I did see the sale Hancocks is having. I walked away from the computer……………..

  3. Rachael said

    I’m all crazy over circles, too- take a look at my newest quilt on my blog!

  4. Katy said

    I am having some BIG love here for that BOM. BIG BIG love (not in the multi wife way, just in the ‘oooh, crikey, looky at that’ way.
    Big love also to summer kid. Is that some kick ass ninja moves she’s doing on the water sprinkler, or some throwback to the early ’90s dance moves? Either way – it’s looking good.

    Off to hunt down those books – I need that cover on my bookshelf too.

  5. amanda said

    That BOM kit looks great! I’m jealous 🙂 Also I think the Jennifer Paganelli fabrics are definitely under appreciated. She has some fantastic designs and since the fabric is from FreeSpirit, it feels really nice, too.

  6. Sarah said

    Hey, I’m doing the Amitie BOM too!! You weren’t influenced by that Sue were you??

  7. krommama said

    can’t wait to hear what you have to say about circles oh wise one! and your summer child sure looks happy!

  8. Thank you so much for the tip on the Jennifer Paganelli fabrics! I’m on it!

  9. lily boot said

    Oh so much to say! I want to play in the sprinkler too – we ALWAYS played in the sprinkler – until we ran out of water and now we would get fined if we even revealed we HAD a sprinker – unless it was attached to a rainwater tank. Ah the days of innocence. Abby has NEVER played in the sprinker. Sad state of affairs. I too have just received my BOM – isn’t it gorgeous! Have you started? Are you handpiecing? Funny enough – I keep thinking of it as the Tea Olive Bird Watching Society – having recently read that book – totally wrong! I too love the cover of the Calpurnia Tate book – doesn’t it make you wish we could somehow reproduce that silhouette look with applique! You have the skill – go for it girl! I’ve added the other books to our must read list. We’re still enjoying the Dragonfly Pool but I’m eager for something new.

  10. nanette said

    I had to bookmark Amitie in my google reader after seeing the BOM. Wow. (Like I need more things to read in my reader!) But I somehow missed knowing about this. Love that pattern. I remember those carefree days in the summer with a little sunburn frolicking under the rain or sprinkler. Sigh. Where did those days go. So much in this post to comment on. Jennifer’s fabric is lovely as is that beautiful little quiltie.

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