Zauberball! I met the Zauberball at the local yarn store yesterday. It’s magic. Kind of like the Gelato ombre fabrics. And I like saying it: Zauberball! I went again today to visit the Zauberballs. I want to make a Zauberball scarf of some sort.


I like the slightly rustic nature of the winding too. Zauberball!

I have lost my mind.

But here’s something you might want to know about. I found this at Borders today:


Patchwork Folk Art by Janet Bolton is just out in paperback in the U.S. I believe this is a reprint of the 1995 hardcover of the same name. It is extremely charming and now easy to get! Visit Janet Bolton’s web site here.




  1. Lisa A said

    I love Janet Bolton’s stuff. First saw an article about her in Victoria magazine years ago. I got this book back in 2002 at our guild’s quilt show boutique. Paid $2 for it. At the time it was out of print, but I could have purchased it off eBay for $100!

  2. Susannah said

    All her books are utterly charming…

  3. Cathy said

    Zauberball…great name, lovely colours!! Isn’t Janet bolton featured in one of Kaffe’s books? I will have to get up and go check!!! Thanks for the link to her book, I love coming here and finding all sorts of new things on the market, fabulous! xo

  4. Janet said

    I’d love to see the yarn knitted up to see how the colous go. You wouldn’t believe it, I found a piece of fabric that is a replica of your ombre circle dots in my cupboard today. It made me think of you.

  5. Helen said

    ohhh, that looks like a fantastic ball of yarn!

  6. Hedgehog said

    I have that one in my stash – waiting for the perfect project. Have been considering that cool fish hat on Ravelry. Used the denim colorway for some socks a while back. Have fun!

  7. Jackie said

    Now I am going to have that word in my head all day…. Zauberball…

  8. Annie said

    Loving your circles

  9. When I attended the quilt run in So. Cal last week, I saw a demo at Fabric Patch where the woman had hand dyed her yarn. Such beautiful colors! I don’t remember yarns being as beautiful as they are right now.

  10. Lisa said

    Love that yarn!! It looks so fun it makes me want to go find my knitting needles.

  11. Anita said

    What a fun word to say. Zauberball! Now I’m going to be saying that all night! Thanks. 😉

  12. Cat said

    Hi-I’m a knitter, spinner, felter, and I fell hard for the Zauberball too. My goal is to figure out how to make one at home! Here is a link to the scarf pattern that I saw made with the zauberball that made my head spin.

    • Honeynut said

      I’d love to see the scarf pattern made with the zauberball. I did not see the link on your posting. Thanks. I bought 2 skeins impulsively and now can’t wait to knit it into something other than socks!

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