Tops a’plenty

This week is apparently about quilt tops. Next week I think I have to have a visit with the other end of the sewing machine — the quilting end, so to speak.

I worked with some lovely Art Gallery Fabrics this week, from the Botanica grouping:


It’s a bit of a variation, but Art Gallery offers a free pattern for this quilt. Seriously, done in one day. Don’t you love a good quick quilt?

I finally returned to the flannel animals:


After I saw Katy‘s FUN, BRIGHT version of this quilt, I wept and left my blocks in a pile for a while. This is from a free pattern over at the Michael Miller site — it’s called Giraffes, Hippos and Elephants, Oh My!

I do like my elephant’s polka dots:


So, that’s what I’ve been doing. If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go sit on the porch with a yummy new book:


Heh heh heh. SQUEAL! This is an AWESOME book! I like every project in it.



  1. Thanks for the free patterns tips (yes, who doesn’t love a FAST quilt top?). That Piece 0′ Cake book sounds awesome. There are so many books on my list 😦

  2. Janet said

    Nice show and tell and the book is a must have on my list, thanks for leeting us know it’s out.

  3. Jackie said

    I just love the look and feel of Art Gallery fabrics and that quilt is just fantastic. How cute are those animals??? Ack! I need to get my hands on Piece O Cake’s new book. I have every single one and they are just yummy to look at and read, let alone make a project.

  4. Stephanie said

    Absolutely loving your critter quilt! Tons of polka dot goodness. I have 3 quilts to machine quilt…THIS WEEKEND, hopefully.

  5. MichelleB said

    I love your tops! I have not many that I still need to quilt. But I haven’t stopped making tops.

    I’m not sure how you got that book – since it hasn’t been released yet! I guess that’s what happens when you get to hob nob with all of the quilting celebs.

  6. Jolene said

    love that top…the botanicals are just a bit lovely, aren’t they?

    …still can’t get *zauberball* out of my freaking head, thankyouverymuch!!!!

  7. Love your Botanica quilt. And the Piece O’ Cake book looks VERY interesting!

  8. Cathy said

    Lovely quilts…your animal one is a more sophisticated version, I really like it, and in flannel, how gorgeous. Thanks too for the heads up on the Piece O’ Cake girls new book, I think I will be getting this one xo

  9. Katy said

    I’m so glad you finished the animals, because i was seriously planning on flying over and whipping you until you did it. It’s awesome. Now I want a flannel one as well as bright one. Winter evenings, snuggled under the flannel animals? Does it get any cosier? Darn you woman. And I think I HAVE to make a variation of the botancia one too. Done in a day? Now that’s my kind of quilt!!!

    I have 2 tops basted and ready to quilt. I’ll join you for a week of quilting. Mind you, mine will look positively rubbish next to yours.

    • betsy said

      your animals quilt is as cute as can be. Thank you for sharing the link.

  10. Nichole said

    i love that art gallery fabric. i have been eying it for myself for awhile now. someday… hopefully. 🙂

  11. V said

    like the sqeal! you may have answered this somewhere, what machine do you use… my machine does one stitch, and I want to get another to maybe try machine applique…

  12. randi said

    Adorable! I love all those fun animals!

  13. nanette said

    Your work is always so inspiring. I hate to admit this because I hate comparing people, but I always spend more time on your blog than others, reading and looking at your work because of your level of expertise and your inspiriation to me. Your fabric, textures and lines are always beautiful. I have shyed away from Piece O Cake because I considered them too hard/too many pieces, too intricate. But maybe I should reconsider that.

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