Leafy greens

Well, a girl has to do something while she waits for the new Kaffe fabric to come out.


So, why not start the Leaves in the Breeze quilt from the new Piece O’ Cake book?


This is some of the most relaxing, least fret-about applique I’ve ever done. Easy to prep, only one point to tuck per leaf. Ahhhh… And the GREEN fabrics a girl gets to choose?!?! Say no more, I’m there.


For some fantastic hand applique tips, be sure to visit Cathy and Janet!



  1. I want that book!

  2. pam said

    I love it! And I”m loving that daisy print, who makes that? Is it Kaffe? Because I think I’m going to need some of that!

  3. jmbmommy said

    Wowee zowee….love this one!

  4. Stephanie said

    I LOVE it. Now that’s the kind of applique I can do. I’ll be needing to see this book too.

  5. Jan said

    I could see that this was a great design when I glimpsed the book cover a few weeks ago. Your blocks make it look even more enticing. Darn!

  6. Janet said

    I like the way you think! It looks sooo good and your fabrics are fabulous.

  7. V said

    really cute quilt. what fun!

  8. Dang! Everyone keeps telling me about the wonderful new Piece O’ Cake book, and I’m desperately trying to keep to a budget.

    Your blocks are great — you’re off to a great start!

  9. Anita said

    That book is on my list! How DO you keep track of all your projects? 😉

  10. lily boot said

    oh woman! You just leave me gasping! That quilt is gorgeous and you are the perfect person to be doing it – you and your applique. Delicious. Green leaves. Delicious. I love it.

  11. Jackie said

    No grass is growing under your feet… tee hee! I love the leafy greens, another wonderful project in the works.

  12. Lorie said

    Looks great! I love their applique. Wonderful blog,have had a great time looking at your creations..lovely!

  13. Cathy said

    I just love that quilt and your fabrics are going to be stunning. I think I will have to buy that book too. Thanks so much for the plug xo

  14. lil said

    have to get that book, definatly, it’s already on my wish list

    your blocks look so very pretty, but that’s usual, lol

  15. Terri said

    Love the quilt in the book, love your quilt blocks, LOVE your choice of fabrics!

  16. Liz said

    You inspired me to buy that book! Can’t wait to get it and make somehting. thanks. Yoru newest is wonderful!

  17. mickie said

    Looks wonderful, I need to see that book! It’s going to be a great quilt!

  18. Shelley said

    Kaffe is my hero!!! And your choices for the work you are doing were luscious!!

  19. oh wow, that looks awesome. So awesome. But I’ve never hand appliqued in my life and am somewhat scared to try.

  20. krommama said

    i love it! makes me want to applique. almost. how ’bout i just watch you do it?

  21. Gorgeous, and that book looks FANTASTIC!!!

  22. nanette said

    I’m having serious anxiety right now. I want to bold from my desk at work, grab my car keys and run home and pull out fabrics to make this quilt! Holy Cow I love it. Oh my gosh. Thats all I need. Another project! Argh. Why do I have to sleep??? Oh my I want to do this.

  23. julie said

    I really love the way the halves of the block come together, something magical about that! Pretty applique, I am really into greens of all hues right now, must be the summertime colors!

  24. Amy said

    I’m not big into applique but you’re tempting me…

  25. JudyC said

    Too funny! Kathie (inspired by Antique Quilts) and I have been collecting fabrics and sharing them for this quilt since seeing it on her diningroom wall! I had to wait for my book for months it felt like! It’s fabulous and I love the colors you are using and can’t wait to see how yours turns out!!

  26. Kim said

    I so love that quilt! I’m going to try and tackle this one for certain! Can’t wait to watch yours unfold!!

  27. I have loved the things those two ladies create for as long as I can remember! Their new book isn’t out here until November! I can see an Airmail package coming on! Carolyn

  28. Mal* said

    Oh! Oh! Oh! I love those leaves and the look of the finished quilt! Can’t wait to see how you progress through it, and thanks for the applique links. Goodness.

  29. Doris said

    I just bought this book, haven’t even had time to flip throug it yet!

    I read and admire your blog, your fresh take on quilting and sewing…and am writing to invite you to join a quilting bee I plan to host! I am currently a member of Sew Connected 2, led by John, a.k.a Quilt Dad…it is great fun and instead of trying to find another one to join in 2010, I thought I’d take his excellent example and start my own! I’m artistdoris on flickr…

    I certainly hope you will join me…email me with questions, and please let me know your response to my invite!


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