Full house

For the last two weeks, some part or other of the family has been away from the premises. Dear husband was working away in San Francisco for 10 days. Dear daughter was visiting my parents. Do you know what that left me? Two dogs and the house to myself! I tried really hard to be diligent and keep my nose to the proverbial sewing grindstone. Another goal was to cook and clean up as little as possible (solved by a vat of gazpacho and a huge chunk of watermelon…). Ahhh… I just finished quilting the Art Gallery Fabrics Botanica quilt as my last “official” alone time activity.


I don’t think I mentioned, this stuff is heavenly to work with — a crisp hand (in a good way), presses and quilts up beautifully!

And now the house is full again — well, not right this minute since these same people are now off swimming with visiting cousins — and happily so. It is always nice to have a quiet routine, some clear and complete thoughts, and a sense of finishing some things. It is also nice to have the loved ones back at home.

While in San Francisco, hubby was working less than a mile from Urban Burp. The Other Mrs. Schmenkman waxes lyrical about the place, and I can almost hear the tear glistening in her eye when she speaks of it. So, hubby just had to get himself there. He is rather proud of his purchases:





I appreciate that he would act as my personal shopper in a place that, I am sure, would overwhelm me with choices! Don’t you think he did a good job?

He also went to Kinokuniya in search of quilting reading material:


Two mags showcasing the fantastic Island Style work of Kathy Mom, an IQA Founders Award winner. Beautiful and exciting things in these two.

And knowing the dear daughter and I like a good, cute Japanese stuffy book:



I’m afraid I have no travel photos of my own to share since the dogs and I saw pretty much the same things we see every day. Pixie, our canine tour guide will never let us stray from our regular path. So, sometimes Pepper and I leave her at home and venture a little further afield (hmmm, still nothing new to photograph…).

Instead, I will leave you with exciting fabric photos. Some new choices from the latest collection of Kaffe Fassett fabrics. The new colors and prints are, of course, stellar!




::Sigh:: Besides, I’d rather look at the new fabrics and let my mind do the wandering!



  1. Stephanie said

    Oh my goodness that Mr. Schmenkman’s a keeper and what a dear hubby to shop for you! He did fantastic!!! Love the new Kaffes. You chose the very prints I’ve been admiring. Urban Burp…that’s a giggle

  2. Janet said

    Your DH did very well, I have that gorgeous book with the compass and roses quilt, I love it. Very nice Kaffe fabrics, I love the first one.

  3. You hubby chose some really pretty fabrics! Very impressive.

    The design on your Botanica quilt is beautiful. And so are the Kaffe Fassett fabrics. Gotta get some of those!

  4. Anita said

    I’m in love with Art Gallery’s fabrics too! And your hubby did a fabulous job at shopping. I’m impressed. And maybe even a wee bit jealous.

  5. Jackie said

    First off, your quilting is gorgeous! Job well done! Boy, that hubby of yours is quite savvy. And a definite keeper, I might add. You may have to send him away more often. Only kidding. Love his picks.

  6. Cathy said

    It ap-pears you have have a husband with great taste (chuckle!!). And oh those Kaffe’s are delicious xo

  7. Katy said

    what excellent choices the husband made. He must have had years of training, the sneaky subconscious kind that they don’t realise is happening to them.

  8. lily boot said

    You have one SUPERB husband. Amazing. Awesome. Adorable. Wow! My husband would NEVER go shopping for me in a patchwork store – he would say I’m too fussy. The books like great too. And the new Kaffe fabric – oh I love it. It reminds me of curtain fabric my nanny had in her store during the mid 1970s. It was my favourite.

  9. Tara said

    I LOVE the button fabric–and all the others too! What a keeper you have in your husband!

  10. MichelleB said

    Ah, the joys of having the house to yourself! Our boys are gone for a few days, so it’s all girls at our house. Hubby picked out some great fabric. And I love the new quilt. Your stitching is so fabulous.

  11. pam said

    Crap I have never been to Urban Burp and its not that far. I think I’ve seen their booth at the Alameda Antiques show though.. so I’m not feeling too bad about that. I wonder how big the craft section is at Kinokuniya in SF? We go to the San Jose store but I’ve been thinking about taking BART into SF to check out the store there. Our craft section is mostly crochet and knit books, less patchwork. Looks like you got a good haul!

  12. Martha said

    What a great job your husband did — I love all the prints he selected. I can’t even imagine my husband ever buying fabric for me.

  13. AnnieO said

    Oh, time alone! What a treat that can be, even if you miss your loved ones! The joy of waking, eating, sleeping and meandering from one project or interest as whims hit you….bliss. Your quilts are gorgeous and I am amazed at your DH’s abilities. Definitely top notch!

  14. nanette said

    Your man is a keeper. You’ve got lovely stuff there. Good for you. What a nice break for everyone.

  15. marisa said

    Love those Japanese magazines, those are awesome. Nice work. The Kaffe fabrics are pretty as well. More dreamy colors than he sometimes uses, so very nice choice here too.

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