Christmas in July

Stephanie and Linda organized a lovely Christmas in July Swap. I received a FABULOUS package in the mail from Lorraine in Australia. If you want to be swept away by the Christmas in July mood, you have to run over and see Lorraine’s most recent post about visiting the Christmas in the Hills event. Be warned, you may come away hungry for a sweet treat…

Are you hungry now? I know I am.

Wanna see what Lorraine sent?

Look at all of these wonderful treasures:


Here’s flying Santa at the top of the perky polka dot stocking Lorraine sent:



The Melly & Me pattern (my first — only because I can’t choose just one to purchase…) is a shrinking sheet pattern. Just the other day I was reading about shrinking sheets — hadn’t heard of it before. Lorraine included shrinking sheets, so now I get to try it out!


You can’t see it well from the photo, but Lorraine included the Christmas Issue of Australian Homespun magazine — it is filled with loads of Christmas making inspiration.

As you can see, I have been completely spoiled by Lorraine’s talent and generosity. That she has spent so much time making and sending these gorgeous items to a total stranger humbles me.  Thank you, thank you, Lorraine!

Thanks to Stephanie and Linda for organizing a swap-tastic event!



  1. i am loving all those beautiful goodies with beautiful stitching from Lorraine.

  2. Stephanie said

    Beautiful stitched goodness from the very talented Lorraine. Very lucky you. So happy you could join the swap.

  3. Lorraine said

    Amy – it was my pleasure to stitch and send the gifts…..and now I can come out of “lurkdom” and comment on your blog which I have been enjoying since finding out you were my secret swap partner! I am so pleased you liked the gifts and I thought the Melly & Me pattern might be something you and your daughter may enjoy…..I am looking forward to my parcel arriving soon…..and it isn’t true that I have been stalking the parcel lady….although it has crossed my mind. Thanks to Stephanie and Linda for organising the swap…I have been able to make a head start on Christmas projects… pleased you liked yours!

  4. auntiepami said

    I think it’s time for a road trip..down under. It’s too darn hot here (my car actually said 95! I am loving your package! Merry Christmas!

  5. AnnieO said

    Great fun and beautiful handwork, you lucky girl, Amy! Glad the secrets can be revealed at last. I saw Lorraine’s post on her blog and was eager to see who her swap recipient was. The cupcakes were divine looking, absolutely! Seeing these swap beauties inspired me to order a Christmas kit at the Long Beach show, a Sandy Gervais panel from her new “Crazy Eights” line. Enjoy your goodies!

  6. Linda said

    Such lovely swap gifts from Lorraine. Was that doiley one of the gifts? If so it’s just stunning.

  7. nanette said

    Fun. I’ve swapped with Lorraine before. Good stuff!

  8. Oh my, what a wonderful bunch of gifts you got from Lorraine!
    She’s done such a beautiful job! Enjoy!

  9. Chookyblue said

    Lorraine has stitched some gorgeous gifts there for you………….

  10. Cheryl said

    Beautiful lovelies…. and so much hand stitching! What fun 🙂
    thank you so much for my bunch of gorgeous gifts, I’ve just been bragging on my blog about how you’ve spoiled me…
    thank you so much, Cheryl

  11. aneela said

    Oh the idea’s you are putting in my head…one swap is never enough!
    Am getting secretly very jealous of your hubbies fabric shopping skills are you sure he is not a harbouring wannabe quilt dad in disguise…….sure…….I’d keep your sewing machine firmly in your grip if I were you….

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