Pincushion rings

I forgot to mention that I am currently obsessed with these.

Please don’t buy them ALL.



  1. Oh gosh darn, what will they come up with next.

  2. Katy said

    oh wow – they’re so cool, I just bought one!!!!

  3. pam said

    Very cool.

  4. Susannah said

    Thanks for mentioning my rings! A customer said they saw them on Mrs. Schmenkman’s blog and I just had to come see!

    Susannah @ art nest

  5. Melanie said

    I’m obsessed with those also!!!! How many is too many? 🙂

  6. AnnieO said

    These are adorable! What a clever girl.

  7. Cathy said

    Oh I love these, I just bought one too…thanks Amy, you are so good at helping me shop!!!! xo

  8. ibby said

    CUTE!!! I just bought one for me and two more for my quilting buds.

  9. Jackie said

    Love them! So adorable and useful!

  10. dorothy said

    the rings are such a cute idea. anyone have experience with them? do they really work?

  11. Sarah said

    Yep, as usual you sucked me in and I bought one too. You should get her to pay you a commission! VERY quick delivery to Australia by the way.
    And in reply to Dorothy – yes, they are not only cute, but they do work as well, I was appliquing last night with mine on and they are very handy for sticking all those little applique pins in to, instead of in to the arm of the couch 🙂

  12. pam said

    ” before she turns on me” and you know its just a matter of time.

  13. Your fabric choices for Leaves In The Breeze are just perfect. Summer is officially over for us tonight. School starts bright and early tomorrow morning here in So. Utah.

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