Stopping and starting

It’s late summer and I’m still trying to learn to let go, to come to terms with a lack of quilty accomplishment. Trying to see the piecemeal nature of what is being done as progress. I have been at the sewing machine less this summer than at any time in recent memory.

Breathe in, breathe out.

I have had, however, the luxury of enjoying my nine year old before she turns on me, while she still enjoys my company. There is much to be said for that.

Maybe the Leaves in the Breeze quilt came along at the right time. It is easy to prep, eminently portable, and the applique can be done quickly.



I’m putting the individual blocks together as I go, so that I have something to show for my time.

I have also been taking along a Zauberball (!!) from time to time. I’m knitting a lacy baktus:


Excitement in every inch from that magic ball!

On the other hand, we had an unmitigated baking disaster today. Otherwise I’d show you a baking accomplishment — brownie buttons (here, go look at someone else’s successful brownie buttons). I’m blaming the local grocer who purveyed a brick masquerading as a box of light brown sugar. Nothing like pitching a double batch of brownie bites into the trash and then having to clean up the mess. Ahh, accomplishment.

There is a lovely bakery that has taken over a living room storefront. The confections and service (special delivery to the sewing room!) are inimitable! Take a look at the delectable sandwiches:


I’ll hire them the next time I feel like brownie bites.. Lego brownies might be better.

Finally, for the past few summers, we have selected and planted random batches of flower seeds (without regard for required conditions, etc.). It is always fun to see what shows up. This summer, we planted seeds in our porch pots and in front of the porch. We were ecstatic to welcome a bona fide sunflower which is just blooming in front of the porch:


A little dirt + a little water = accomplishment.



  1. Elaine said

    Your applique is wonderful! Thank you for sharing. It made me smile, Elaine

  2. pam said

    So very weird, I left a comment and it dissapeared. Not that it was all that interesting or anything but still…

  3. Nanette said

    Don’t we all feel like time is slipping away so fast and we can’t catch it! Is it just summer or life? I am wondering. Though I always feel like this, summer seems to be worse this year for time erosion. Love those blocks. I’m patient. They are so enjoyable. This is a quilt to be savored I believe. Your work is so perfect. I could frame that snap of the block.

  4. Stephanie said

    Lego Brownies with Hello Kitty would be a lovely escape from reality! :o) I’m loving your Leaves in the Breeze. I have the book…I’m inspired by your blocks.

  5. Alison said

    Relish the time with your 9yo – the sewing machine and quilty projects will always be there. Your 9yo won’t. Enjoy every moment. Love the applique BTW, think I’ve gotta get me that book. Alison

  6. Cathy said

    Great bakery, can I come and try your leggo cakes? I’m loving your applique, the colours are so beautiful. Lovely pics xo

  7. Katy said

    I’m not sure the lego cakes will be very light and fluffy – maybe a little heavy on your stomach? Don’t eat too many.

    Loving the applique, I think I need more applique in my life, but I think summer needs to be out of the way first – my almost 10 yr old is making me belly laugh way too much to sew.

  8. Lorraine said

    wow…Amy ….that sunflower is amazing……how wonderful to have that flowering at your house…..that is an accomplishment!! I made cupcakes the other night and couldn’t work out why they didn’t cook properly and were VERY crumbly…it was late…..I had worked all day…..and it dawned on me that I forgot the eggs…..LOL… we all have baking disasters…..loving your applique!!

  9. Jackie said

    My sentiments exactly, Where has the summer gone??? I just don’t know. But even though things are getting done piece meal at your home, you are still getting things done. I just love Lego Brownies, low in fat and calories….

  10. Lori said

    Your applique is really awesome!! Summer is a nice time to relax with a hand project and not feel pressure to meet deadlines.
    Love your sunflower. The deer just ate mine- yep the whole darn flower and all the leaves!

  11. jmbmommy said

    those leaves are DELICIOUS! LOVE THEM!

  12. It’s that gorgeous quilt again. It’s haunting me. I see it in my dreams.

  13. ragdolljudy said

    Oh the leaves are going well! I have just about all of my backgrounds and I’m going to start making blocks next week! Can’t wait!

  14. sewpam63 said

    That sunflower is BEAUTIFUL and filled with inspiration! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy that nine year old! ; )

  15. Joyce Cushing said

    As a Mom of 4 girls, all I can say is enjoy that 9 year old. Believe me, one day you’ll wish you had these days back…but you already know that. Love your blog and your beautiful creations!

  16. Love, love, love the leaves in the breeze!

  17. Sarah said

    Love that top leaves block. Yummo. Not that they aren’t both lovely. Love that beautiful book.
    We don’t eat Lego at our house at the moment but we do make beautiful things for mum to hang on her wall, like plaques that say “mum” and suqares with love hearts on them. Treasures all 🙂

  18. lily boot said

    Yum – pass me some lego brownies. They’ll be better than the moldy raspberry and lemon muffins that are currently passing for morning tea in my kitchen. The last half of the year does always run away too fast for me – it must be the impending panic of Christmas. As for your applique – my goodness girlie! You are truly such an accomplished and speedy stitcher. I wish you lived around my corner 🙂

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