And I quote…


  1. Debbie said

    If my stripes ever matched, it would be a miracle;)
    I love the whonky look anyways.


  2. amanda said

    Playing with stripes is also fun if you’re Kaffe and you have someone else sew all of your stuff for you and execute your vision!!!

  3. Jackie said

    I have some really fun stripes that I am eventually make a quilt that should look the same.

  4. I have been thinking about making a pillow just like that with stripes. You are a mind reader!

  5. Nichole said

    well, i don’t know if you’d say you were “fiddly” or not, but your stripes look great! 🙂

  6. Melissa said

    Your stripes look amazing! I think I would be matching as well – they just look really great.

  7. diane said

    Ha! When I was proof reading for Designer Quilts Magazine, I edited instructions for a Kaffe project that had a comment like that in it. Instead of stripes, it had to do with handling bias edges, or putting bias on the outside of a block. Only he would have enough confidence to make such a comment about issues that drive the rest of us quilters bonkers.

    Your blocks look fine. If anyone has the nerve to inspect your finished quilt that closely, they deserve the headache all those stripes will give them!

  8. jacquie said

    i’ve been making these too…i love the shirts you found. i’m trying not to worry about matching it up either…hard not to though.

  9. Trisha said

    Your blocks look awesome!

  10. Cathy said

    I love your blocks and I’m loving watching this one come together, I’ve always wanted to do this one, but never had the courage. xo

  11. pam said

    Since those look perfect I suspect you did not understand the quote.

  12. MichelleB said

    Looks to me like a bit of fiddling is definitely going on in your house!

  13. Jen said

    Your quilt (and all your projects) are totally inspiring! Absolutely beautiful! Even though I don’t need to start another project right now your pictures have me itching to go hunting for some striped shirts.

  14. Anita said

    Great quote! 😉

  15. Katy said

    ah, so true. He’s a wise one, that Kaffe

  16. LOL — Kaffe doesn’t actually sew 🙂

    Your blocks look great!

  17. lily boot said

    Well my dear, you may be quoting Kaffe but it doesn’t look to my eyes as if you are actually practicing what you’re quoting! Those strips look amazing! Eeeeek … I can feel a trip to St. Vincent De Paul coming on – and how virtuously thrifty would I feel!

  18. Sarah said

    Sometimes I think Kaffe does these things just to give us all the pip. Missing something Mrs S?

  19. Becca said

    Wow! So trippy, but it really works.

  20. belinda said

    OOOOoooouuuu…s-o-o-o- loving these stripes!! I think you are doing a
    great job on them!!!

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