Practice whirly gig block for the Sue Ross BOM through Material Obsession:


Completely fun! Taking hints and cues from other BOM-ers over here on the blog started by Maree (notice my whirly whirling in the right direction — will have to remember that for the actual block…).

I adore Cathy’s practice block. Almost copied it entirely. May still. Cuz I can almost foresee a quilt made entirely of these lovely blocks.

Unrelated but also very exciting:


Round 1 (and hopefully the only round…but not holding my breath…) of braces? Gone! I took advantage of the photo opportunity exception of the retainer instructions. We have been making lists of foods that are no longer forbidden: corn on the cob (just in time), nuts, popcorn, Z Bars (the excitement is lost on me), (sugarless) gum, all kinds of Halloween candy, crunchy carrots…. Yea!



  1. MichelleB said

    I also made a practice block! I’m so glad that I did. I sewed it with the machine – the thought hand sewing it almost made me pass out. I haven’t finished it, but I certainly will now. Thanks for the other links.

    Hooray for Round 1 being finished! Our round 2 only took 9 months – half of the anticipated time. It was great!

  2. Lisa A said

    You know this is very similar to Karen Stone’s Mississippi Wheel of Fortune block. How DID you sew all those curvy bits?

  3. Cardygirl said

    Love your practice block…I have been hand stitching mine…slow but it is looking good. Looking forward to watching your progress.

  4. Cathy said

    Wow, Amy your block is just gorgeous. Congrats on braces off too!! By the way, you are more than welcome to copy my block, I’m with you, a whole quilt filled with these blocks, yum! xo

  5. Jackie said

    Hi Amy, I just contacted Kathy at MO and am anxious to sign up for this too! I just love it. Which option did you choose pretty or contemporary? How long did it take for you to receive it from Australia. I am not sure I can stand it.

    On the braces front, lovely smile!! Yay for being able to eat all the goodies and just in time for all that great summer corn.

  6. pam said

    Congratulations on the end of Round 1. Awesome.

  7. Janet said

    I couldn’t stand it either and signed up for round two. I love the idea of the templates so that opens up the possibility of quilts made with just one block. I like both the pretty and contemporary versions.

  8. Lisa said

    AND CARAMEL APPLES!!! (I have braces, as an adult. I have had them for over 2 years and have a long time left. :0( The caramel apples at the fair make me so SAD.)

    Your practice block is cute! I am enjoying watching everyone make these. I am not brave enough to try myself. Maybe next time…

  9. Beautiful teeth, beautiful smile, beautiful block! I was going to sign up for the BOM, but then didn’t. I wonder if it’s too late….

  10. I love that block! And hope to make one at some point!

  11. lily boot said

    Miss Amy, that block boggles my over-heated brain. It is exquisite (I think I’ve used that word before) and so beautifully precise. Oh oh oh oh oh! You must make a whole quilt in it so that I may drool. And wish dear Anabel lots of yummy eating – especially the corn on the cob – with lots of butter – I love corn on the cob. And her teeth look great!

  12. Lori said

    Wow! The block is stunning and so graphic. It has so much movement. Congrats on getting it done so perfectly!

  13. Liz said

    your block is wonderful. I have seen this block all over the blogs and LOVE it. Only wish we could make it in the US.

  14. Beautiful block AND beautiful smile! She is so lucky to have such beautiful teeth.

  15. Martha said

    I have always loved these curved wheel blocks. One of my WIPs is a similar Laura Wheeler block (it has fewer points) and it’s such fun to hand piece. I love how you used the solid fabric — it makes those points just pop. It’s just a beautiful block.

  16. belinda said

    …..I really ‘heart’ this whirly thingy….the fabric is FAB

    And what a nice set of ‘chops’ she has now!!!

  17. Katy said

    beautiful teeth on the little lady! How much fun will she have now at halloween?

    The whirly block is amazing. But I do think it has been upstaged by those pearly whites!

  18. Lorraine said

    nice block….and great teeth…!! who is a lucky duck getting your very own signed copy of the new Kaffe book…..! Awesome!

  19. Now I keep seeing the MO BOM on other sites and yours, I going to join up too. It looks like it will be great, and such a treat to sew something I haven’t had to think about and plan myself! Thanks for nugging me in the ‘right’ direction!!!

  20. Oh please please tell me how and where to sign up for this botm!!!
    I think it is so cool!

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