Color game

It’s rainy and cool here. It was rainy and cool yesterday. Tomorrow and Sunday? Rainy and cool. Not really complaining. But there is the need for regular brighteners when it’s like this. So I did this:


Please imagine a striking GP31 Zinnia print in crimson for the border. Oh, it’s there. I just can’t get a photo of the whole thing at the moment. With all of the colors in the quilt, I figured it would be hard to choose the border. Nope. Took all of about 10 minutes to realize that print in that color was perfect. It’s got a nice and clear dark purple background. All of the haziness in the stripes and batiks needed something clear. Glad I could clear that up.

Oh, this is the Color Game quilt from the new Quiltmania mag. It’s the quilt on the cover. Very fast. Hardest part is choosing all eight colors — although the only real troublemaker in the bunch was mustard.

So, that project helped break through the clouds.

Another thing that helps out a rainy day is this chocolate chip cookie recipe. I’ve been making Tollhouse cookies for, ahem, about 30 years, give or take…. Can’t believe I actually tried something new. These are stellar! I think I’m on batch numero four in the last week or so…give or take….

Here’s hoping you find something sunny to do over the weekend!



  1. MichelleB said

    LOVELY quilt (as if you could do anything else!). Boy, those cookies sure look good, too. I might have to try those.

  2. Striking crimson zinnia for a striking quilt? Yes, please! What a gorgeous quilt, and I am already picturing the border! So many of Kaffe’s prints seem to blend with so many colors/prints/styles. For example, I used the Persian Vase in lime for the back of my sherbet colored half hexagon quilt (soft, Amy Butler fabrics) and Cathy (Cabbage Quilts) used the same to back a boldly colored block for the Sue Ross BOM. Anyway — LOVE your quilt. And I have only seen one issue of Quiltmania, but I liked it very much.

  3. Oh– and thanks for the cookie recipe! I don’t often bake, but I’ll give these a try.

  4. Jackie said

    As soon as I saw the picture, I thought that was the quilt from Kaffe’s book Country Garden Quilts. I was just leafing through it today admiring a similar quilt. Yours is absolutely gorgeous!! And the Zinnia fabric will finish it off perfectly. As far as the cookie recipe, all I have to say is that I have two “knock your socks off” recipes. If you would like them let me know. I would be more than happy to e-mail them to you. Also, you should visit Terri at Quilternity, I have purchased tons of Kaffe’s from her. She has them priced extremely well and she is very speedy. Great selection too!

  5. Trisha said

    Wow, your quilt is gorgeous! I love the colors and the way it blends.

  6. Oh, I love it! I saw that magazine in B&N and was drawn to it though it not my usual thing.

  7. pam said

    Super wonderful quilt. I would love rainy and cool. Its hot, hot again tomorrow but next week 80s. I love that.

  8. Kim said

    Wow! Gorgeous!!

  9. lily boot said

    Oooooh those COLOURS – they are the perfect antidote to rainy and cool – I am grimy, sweaty and dirty from gardening – just whip me one up Amy in greens and cool blues and if I hang it from a post in the garden, maybe it will inspire it to rain! You must show us the border – you secretive thing you.

  10. Sarah said

    Just whipped that up in your spare time did you?? 🙂 AND cookies. You need to be stopped.

  11. AnnieO said

    Oh, you’re making me hungry–sometimes nothing will satisfy except a choc chip cookie! Very energetic and lively quilt. Nope, can’t feel less than cheery when looking at it, no way!

  12. Lori said

    That quilt will definetely break through the clouds! It’s so bright and cheerful! I can’t wait to see the border you chose.

  13. kathy doughty said

    I can’t get past the memory of making Toll House Cookies. You always push my memory buttons. Cold, rainy days are my favorite for quilting. Bring them on…oh yeah, we are heading into Spring which alway makes me feel like I am hanging off an upside down world. Imagine Thanksgiving in SPRING!!!! k

  14. krommama said

    zing! waht a quilt! and now i want cookies. i make “tollhouse” cookies too, but with a mix of chocolate chips, m&m baking pieces and butterscotch chips. don’t know if i could try another recipe, i love this one so.

  15. nichi said

    Wonderful quilt! And the Zinnia in crimson will be perfect as border fabric!

  16. jmbmommy said

    oh great another quilt I want to make!!! I did see this on the magazine… but seeing it on your blog makes me covet it more! Yum yum yum.

  17. belinda said

    …OH WOW……this photo just sucked all the air out of me!!!!


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