Old Gizeh

Maybe this is a post purporting to contain evidence that I am always prepared (stop laughing…). Maybe I just couldn’t resist a post with the title “Old Gizeh.” You decide.

To wit, evidence (and a reminder for next year) that I am ready for NEXT summer:



Thank you, deep end-of-season discount at BirkenstockUSA.com (and, long story short, gift certificate to a different store…) (oh, and hubby…)!

Strangely, these look a lot like, yes, the old Gizehs:


Well, except for the pristine footbed in the first pic…

Old Gizeh, indeed!


  1. kim mclean said

    They are comfortable – got a pair last summer. Can’t drive in one of those though! In fact I can’t drive in any sandals.

  2. Mimi said

    I want those!! I love Birkenstocks and Earth shoes.

    Good job on being ready for next summer!


  3. AnnieO said

    Well, not really sure what to say here. Congratulations? Hope you remember where you put them when next summer comes along? They are a happy color, I’ll give you that, even with the weird name! Enjoy

  4. Lorraine said

    Can’t do without my birkys !!
    I have black white & gold !!
    Love em !

  5. Jackie said

    You are too funny! I have never owned a pair of Birkenstocks but I hear they are mighty comfy!

  6. gari said

    I have several pair of Birkenstocks ( and even more Crocs) and wouldn’t be without them. I began wearing Birks 20 years ago and my feet said “thank you.” I still have the first ones and if fact was wearing them today. I only wear Birks and Crocs: don’t even own a pair of heels anymore. I’m always ready for summer. LOL

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