Ups and downs

Yesterday was the day!

I’m sure we were all sad to say goodbye to the lack of schedule that summer brings. No alarm clocks, no lessons (OK, we kept up on piano for most of the summer), no homework (OK, we did do math through the summer and read a lot) — but mainly, aside from camps, days (and days) left to our own devices.

On the other hand, I’m a person who needs a little routine and sense of accomplishment. A growing nine-year-old is a work in progress — a joy and a treasure but not a finished product. So, I’m welcoming the return of some structure … although the 5 am walk is going to get old pretty fast what with the nocturnal critters and face full of cobwebs — well, and the 5 am-ness of it (although I highly recommend exercising in the dark –it’s almost like it never happened).

So, the day started off at the bus stop.

Fully loaded:




Yea, it’s the big yellow transport!


I came home to some paper piecing. Which is also good exercise if you don’t keep your cutting and ironing supplies right next to you. Up and down. Up and down. Up and down. I’m working on a Kaffe-y version of Kathy’s Gypsy Kisses quilt from the Material Obsession 2 book (here and here).

All I can say is “whee.”




Gee, only 38 more pairs to go. More ups and downs in my future.


I previously gathered together other batiks and Westminster fabrics for a lovely basket quilt from Diana McClun and Laura Nownes called Going to Market:


For me, it’s all about the striped bias handle!


I really like the method used to make the basket handles. It is new to me and don’t we just love to learn something new? You can view the method on Diana and Laura’s web site where they kindly show us in an instructional video (it’s the preparing handles for applique video).

May your day be filled with more ups than downs…unless you’re exercising or paper piecing.


  1. Jan said

    The *waiting* photo cracks me up. I have an almost identical one from when Molly was that age (yesterday). Sweet yellow top, too!
    Thanks for the bias basket handle link…very handy. And the Gypsy Kisses blocks? Divine! You’ve been busy…while I’ve been sitting at the computer.

  2. pam said

    Ahhhh I love the look there, the top one! She’s so grown up! Love the whole color coordinated look going, monster and shoes.

    Love all the sewing projects. BACK TO SCHOOL. Music to one’s ears.

  3. I am totally in love with your gypsy kisses (my MO-2 book is on it’s way — can’t wait!) and black and white striped bias handles! Good work!

    I don’t think you’ve popped by to enter my fabric giveaway. If not, hurry — it ends tomorrow! Anna Maria Horner fabrics looking for a good home!


  4. Janet said

    There’s something good about routine but the early morning excercise, I’ll take your word for it.
    I have all the fabric to make the same MO quilt, I just need the book. It’s definitely on the list. Love the basket quilt as well, you have two fun quilts on the go there.

  5. Kim said

    Seriously? Walking in the dark, eh, well, it’s worth a try! I don’t seem to be getting my walk in otherwise…

    Gorgeous MO quilt start and Gorgeous 9 year old! My granddaughter started first grade this year and is catching the bus from my house…good times!

  6. Rita said

    Welcome back to a “normal” routine. Love the Gypsy Kisses, this quilt is near the top of my list of quilts to make! Love the paperpiecing, gorgeous fabrics.

  7. So beautiful!! If I hadn’t done TWO paper pieced quilts this year, I would start that one. Now though, I’ll just watch you make Gypsy Kisses.

  8. Jackie said

    Ah, back to school happened here last week. Already settled into the routine of it all. I am sure you will be too after just a day! She looks so ready.

    Love what you are working on. Not only because it is paper piecing, but because it is Kaffe and MO. Think about how good the up and downs are for your thighs!

  9. Cathy said

    Oh yes, I do love routines!! And I love your start on gypsy kisses, that is one I will have to make sometime soon. And those baskets, yes, I love the handles too, thanks for the link too xo

  10. Miriam said

    Cute basket quilt. Thanks for the links. 🙂

  11. MichelleB said

    Our school finally started today. *sigh* I like summer better. Although I do better with routine, too.

    I LOVE those gypsy kisses – my whole reason for having to have that MO2! I love the baskets and the handles – too cute.

  12. Brianna said

    I love the Gypsy kisses! I think I may be heading down to Borders to get it. Funny how your kids are all going back to school and I finished Uni for the year last week. Hopefully a lot more sewing will get done now.

  13. Thanks for the tip on the basket handle video. New technique for me too, and looks like it is easy to get good results.

  14. AnnieO said

    My, my, my, seeing a 9 year old brings back memories…9 is such a hard age for girls AND boys. I wish you much luck on your work in progress! She looks so cute with her back to school face on!

    Glad you’re enjoying paper piecing circuit training…one reason I keep my ironing board on the other side of the room is the alleged exercise I might get. 🙂

  15. My friend Ricci just finished the Going To Market Quilt all done with Kaffe’s for the basket. I have mine all layed out to start, but have several other things in the line up first.

  16. Katy said

    I can’t decide what to start with in the MO2 book – it’s all too beautiful!

  17. Mary Jo said

    The pictures of back to school brought back many memories. I was always glad to have more time for my quilting when school resumed.
    I love the pictures of your Gypsy Kisses wedges. I definitely want to make that quilt from my huge stash of Kaffe fabrics.
    Are you going to do a tutorial for the Japanese lantern block you showed a while ago?

  18. Just love those baskets! Oh, and the paper piecing you’ve done is amazing. I seem to find I need more patience for that than regular piecing:-( ?
    And I have to say, on the Birkentock note…… I live in mine all summer…. and now as it’s getting chillier, I find it really hard to put other shoes on. But I would feel the cold in the snow if I kept them on!!!

  19. Laura Nownes said

    Hello – I was just referred to your lovely site by one of my friends. I was delighted to see your photo and kind words about our “Going to Market” basket pattern and link to our website. Yes, it was all about the striped handles for us also. I have taught the class several times and am always excited to see the variety of fabrics used. They all come out fabulous. Can’t wait to see photos of your finished quilt. Keep up the wonderful work.
    Laura Nownes
    author and pattern designer

  20. Martha said

    Gypsy Kisses looks like a modified DWR with a smaller lozenge piece. I’m making a DWR with vintage fabric that has a similar shape (I like the longer, narrower wedge pieces). I always use scraps, but I’m very attracted to the lovely contrast in your two-print design — of course, the Kaffe Fassett fabrics make it so pretty. Oh, and I love, love, love that basket with it’s striped handle — I know I can make use of this somehow.

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