Romancing the quilt

I am a lucky girl! Trying not to squeal so that you’ll hear me from way far away.



Fresh from the mail carrier today! From the UK by way of Australia, this book has had quite the travels via Sarah. THANK YOU, SARAH!

It’s another delightful winner of a book a la Mr. Kaffe — and, look, if you are stateside, you can get yours now too!

Each of the quilts is wonderful — lots of fresh twists on the traditional, some providing a new way to look at the gorgeous Westminster fabrics. Lots of mmmmm… and aha! in this book.

OH, and also there is a wonderful profile of Kim McLean in the book too!

We had a once-through on the porch as soon as it was dropped off this morning. There is more quality coming later today and on into the future, I’m sure.

Along with this surprise, Sarah sent other lovelies.

Ooohhh, postcards from the V&A Museum exhibit:


More great reading! The Seven Easy Pieces book is a charmer with such calming uses of shot cotton. Feels like a deep breath of fresh air.


Thanks, again, Sarah!!!!



  1. Melissa said

    That postcard (of union jacks?) is fantastic!!! (so is your new book)

    I’m so jealous

  2. kathie said

    oh my how lucky are you?????
    Oh I love those post cards have to see if we can buy them too!
    I am waiting patiently (OK NOT PATIENTLY ) for my book too I hear there is an article about Kim McLean in there with her MM quilt…can’t wait to see it
    yes I am very GREEN with envy!

  3. Oh, you lucky, lucky thing! I am sooooooooo jealous. I just may order my copy tonight! If I’m lucky, my Sue Ross BOM blocks 1 & 2 will arrive today (or soon) and my copy of Material Obsession 2, should be here any day now. Yes, I could definitely get over my jealousy if the postman has a package or two for me.

  4. OK, I’m really working on not turning GREEN WITH ENVY!!

  5. Sarah said

    I heard you all the way over the ocean 🙂 Glad to see it arrived, enjoy x

  6. Jackie said

    You are one lucky ducky!! I am hoping to get mine soon. Just drooling over everything Kaffe now.

  7. Janet said

    I’ve been drooling through the pages of this book since I got it on Thursday. Lots of inspiration on those pages. I can’t wait to see some images come out of the exhibition of the quilts at V and A that some bloggers are going to.

  8. Katy said

    oh – you’ve got a postcard of the liberty jack quilt. NICE!!!!!!

    I think you need to come and visit so we can go to the quilt exhibition at the V & A. Whaddya say?

  9. Miriam said

    I saw the new Kaffe Fassett book the other day when I bought some of his fabric. It looks very tempting!!!! Have fun with all those goodies!!!

  10. Cathy said

    oh you lucky thing, these are wonderful. I’m still waiting for my copy of romance to arrive. I CAN’T WAIT!!! xo

  11. JudyC said

    OH goodie a new book to order! I’m waiting for my new Quilt Mania to arrive. I finally ordered the subscription for 2 years starting with that copy and I’m finding it hard to WAIT and not hunt down a copy now!

  12. JudyC said

    Back with a question…are there two versions of covers? or two versions of book? Amazon has two books…the cover shot you have is NOT available and one with s close-up quilt shot is on sale for $17 but seems to be the same title and everything. Weird.

  13. nanette said

    I was just admiring that quilt (in different colors) on another blog … don’t remember where. It was hanging on a door. Maybe it was a downunder blog. But I LOVE it. Gotta have the book. Good christmas present I think.

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