Like a hole in the head

I needed to start a new project like I need a hole in my head.

But the cutting was so fast. And the piecing was so fast. Now I just need to put the sashing all around.

It’s like it never happened. Well, I might play around with the layout because I can’t quite get the pattern here, so that may take a tiny bit of extra time…



I think this might qualify as my Christmas quilt for this year.


  1. kathie said

    another beauty!
    oh love the fabrics your using 😉

  2. Janet said

    You’re a dynamo! I’m still at the reading and drooling stage of the book! Love the reds.

  3. Miriam said

    Wow, that was fast!!!! Great fabrics!!

  4. Yum

  5. I love those colors and fabrics for Christmas!! I think my favorite is the botom right-hand corner square of the bottom picture. Can’t wait to see it finished!

  6. Stephanie said

    Modern fantastic Christmas quilt! I just love seeing what you’ll make next.

  7. I kind of speechless… WOW! Good for you! Gorgeous!

  8. Andi said

    But who could resist?
    This one is going to be a real beauty!!!
    Love your work,
    Andi 🙂

  9. Amy said

    Eeek!! Gorgeous!!

  10. MichelleB said

    LOVE it! Darn you – I still don’t have that book. But I DO have some more lovely Kaffe coming to me in the mail.

  11. lily boot said

    ooooh – kaffe loveliness! Very, very pretty 🙂 Your house must be BURSTING wih beautiful quilts!

  12. betsy said

    It is stunning. I love your fabric selection.

  13. Jackie said

    I am in love!! No really, I just love it. Is it from the new book???

  14. Sarah said

    I was thinking of starting a betting ring on how long it would take before you made a quilt from the book….then I thought that no-one would take the long odds so it wasn’t worth my while 🙂 ha ha
    looks lovely as per usual……

  15. Awesome!!!!!!!

  16. Cathy said

    Oooh I’m still waiting for my book…hurry up Fishpond!! xo

  17. Brianna said

    Love the quilt, I had been eyeing that one off as an easy finish as well. Still waiting on my book 😦 and more of my kaffe to come. Any ideas as what to make with all my kaffe scraps?

  18. sewpam63 said

    Dear Mrs. Schmenkman – thank you for adding me to your blog roll. I feel honored. I LOVE your work and am a BIG fan. : )

  19. Stephanie said

    Love this one! Love your blog! Must follow! Stephanie

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