Flower power

In red and green.  No independent thinking here, copied straight from Quilt Romance:


Fun and satisfying!

In my infinite wisdom and laziness, I whipped this off the bed a la pulling a tablecloth off the fully set dinner table. Only, the pillows were over the littlest bit of the outer border and managed to cause enough friction to ravel part of the outer border beyond the seam allowance. My disgust is in the fact that it took longer to add the loooonnnng horizontal pieces than it did to make the rest of the quilt. Of course. To be remedied another day when I have some more sashing/border fabric.

Why are new glasses exciting? OK, maybe they are only exciting to me? One reason I’m excited is that I managed to outrun the bifocal monster once again. Hurrah!


These are not at all what I had in mind when I went shopping for new glasses. I am guessing that either my head is shrinking or people are making glasses that are way too wide for my face. At one point, I saw the optical person bringing me glasses from the KIDS’ section. I don’t know. I’ve never had this problem before.

I don’t know how to assure you that I am not selecting this brand simply based on their great glasses cases. The cases certainly don’t hurt though.

The old case:


And the new more subtle but no less fun case:


Off to fold laundry and then to lunch. Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. MichelleB said

    One more reason to get Quilt Romance! It looks great.

    Ah, bifocals.

  2. fabricpile said

    You give me hope that I can last another year or two without bi-focals. But when I’m lying in bed doing handwork trying to thread a needle, I fear the wrinkles that I’m creating from all that squinting.

    You are a Copy-Kaffe! 😉

  3. Katy said

    I keep telling myself I don’t like Kaffe, but I think I’m kidding myself. Because I’m seriously thinking about sneaking over to yours and trying to steal that without you noticing.
    Your head is shrinking, mine is getting bigger. How?

  4. Kat said

    I LOVE your quilt…. the definitive “let the fabric do the work” quilt….. I love Kaffe and I love your choice of sashing….

  5. Karen said

    Love the quilt, love the Kaffe fabrics!

  6. Janet said

    Maybe new glasses is what I need to whip up something as fast as you. It’s gorgeous and I love that you put some blue/teal in there. I’d love to see it quilted, it’s going to be stunning.

  7. njquilter24 said

    just beautiful!
    love those glasses and the case well I might be convinced to buy glasses for that case!

  8. Dolores said

    Love the quilt. I figure if you like it so much, and it’s really something you want, why not do it directly from what you see. Great – I can’t say any more.

  9. Totally drooling over your quilt! You made it so fast I’ll bet your machine is smoking! Yes new glasses are kind of fun for me, I just wish I was one of those people who actually looked good in glasses.

  10. Miriam said

    Ohh that quilt is beautiful!! So bright and cheerful.

    I can’t wait to start sewing with my new Kaffe fabrics.

    I have just been to get new glasses too. Multifocals for me this time. I have had frames from the kids section!

  11. pam said

    What’s with the fabric fraying so much lately. Seriously.. I’m wondering if anything is going to hold up anymore.

  12. lily boot said

    Oy! What a bummer wth the edge! I did a similar thing today – was attempting to pull the bobbin thread through to the front – and simply unravelled the first 2 inches of quilting. Fab. Your quilt looks ravishing – as must you in your glasses – you funky thing you!

  13. Jackie said

    Love the quilt, sorry about the fraying. What a bummer!! I also just had my annual style change too. Funny, I find that I can’t seem to find glasses the right size for my head either. They are generally too wide. This time though found the perfect pair. But unlike you, I have had the progressives now going on the fourth year. When you add that into the mix of picking out frames, they need to be wide enough in the height department to fit the bifocal part in. That just adds another element into picking out frames. Love your frames though!

  14. AnnieO said

    What a beautiful quilt! There’s nothing wrong with copying a design that sings like that one does.

    I like the new glasses. I mostly wear my computer glasses but have progressives for driving and they need to be replaced with the updated rx. Not looking forward to picking out new frames–they are sooo expensive!

  15. Loving this!!!! I have another ‘darkish’ quilt to put together and then I’m pulling out the Westminsters……time for a color punch!!! This one is great!

  16. Judy B said

    You ears should have been ringing this morning as we were talking about you and Sarah. I was at Laura’s class making those adorable baskets but not with your wonderful Kaffe fabric. I was trying to use an ‘unknown’ for me – Japanese fabric. I could not get it to work but will prod on (or buy more fabric). Anyway, fun to read both of your blogs!

  17. Cathy said

    My quilt romance turned up today…yay!!! I have to make some of these, starting with Kim’s quilt!! I’m loving yours here, will I make that one? Love the glasses case, I would buy that for the lime green! xo

  18. nanette said

    My new glasses are red and similar but yes, plenty big. But my head is way bigger than yours. My problem was mostly that the sides were all bejeweled. Ick. I’m not 80 yet! But yes, I have bifocals. I’m ok with it though. This quilt is fabulous. I got a new Kaffe book. Love it.

  19. sewplay said

    The case IS gorgeous AND the glasses are lovely!

  20. Lil said

    Ami, that kaffe is so very pretty, love the sashing fabric, adds a special touch

    and your new glasses are pretty cool too, love the shape, mine are similar but funkier, green with tiny purple flowers, lol

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