Your services are no longer required

It had to happen. I’ve been angst-ing about it for months. I didn’t want to believe it could ever happen.

She finally quit me.

old iron

My first really good quilting tool. Yeah, she’s pretty corroded and gross, but we’ve been together for more than 15 years. I’m probably a little more corroded than I was then too.

But then she burned me.


Well, admittedly, I was — shall we say — finessing the plug in the socket trying to will her to turn on.

I wasn’t ready to give up on her, for one reason, because I didn’t know what to replace her with. Auto-shutoff is such a deal-breaker.

But recent reviews have been a little better, so:


And we are going to follow the watering instructions. To. The. Letter.


So far, newbie is giving me nice crisp seams. I haven’t put water in her yet. I want to keep the fantasy going a while longer.

I will be keeping my fingers crossed while I iron in hopes that she doesn’t spring a leak.

Wish me luck, and I’m sure I’ll keep you posted. Keep an eye on the “Whining” category…



  1. Nichole said

    what is it about auto-shut off that makes it a deal breaker?

  2. Stephanie said

    Amazing you had an iron last 15 years! Fingers crossed you don’t suffer incontinence…I mean your iron.

  3. Brenda said

    I had a Rowenta that “retired” on me last year, after nearly a decade of service. I bought a used TFAL ultraglide thru Kijiji and so far so good. I loved the Rowenta, and would buy another, but they are $150 and more in Canada. good luck with yours.

  4. Kim said

    I wish you much happiness with your new iron! My 20 yr old iron finally gave up the ghost and I have one just like yours. I love her.

  5. Jean C. said

    O.,K. is the iron it’self dead?????? Cause if it’s just the cord…. you can replace the plug yourself!!!!!! So, if you didn’t get rid of it yet… got to the electrical department of practically any store… i.e. Target… Lowes….. Home Depot… yes…. probably Wallie World too…. (although, I don’t partake of that store!!!) and find yourself a replacement plug! The instructions are included… just need to find yourself the same type of plug that you had… i.e… 2 prong or 3… You need a good way to cut off the old plug… past the bad part! And then you need to stip the wires back a bit… then put in the new plug close it up tight and some you have to screw on… and waaaaa laaaa! You have a new plug thus reusing your old dependable iron!!!! Hope that you saved it!
    Good luck!

  6. Love my Rowenta!

  7. Kat said

    My experience with Rowenta has been this: Once you’ve had one, it’s really hard to have anything else; HOWEVER, they do have issues with leaking; dribbling yucky water spits on your fabric… one can quickly go from bliss to despair. I’ve had at least six Rowentas… averaging only about 2-3 years each… and at $75 and up, that is a habit I can’t afford! I was raised to ONLY put distilled water in an iron, and that does not work with a Rowenta… they need the minerals in hard water. We have a soft water system, so I would actually buy spring water just for the iron… not good enough! Right now, I’m saving up for that new iron I’ve heard of: Reliable. Very pricey, but if it works as well as a Rowenta without the dribbling, it’ll be worth it!

    P.S. I’m glad your experience with Rowenta has been better… may it continue!

  8. lily boot said

    ahhh! a nice new iron – I’m keeping tabs on all this advice – we will probably find out Monday whether I will need to start taking notes đŸ™‚ Good luck with your new iron – mine died quietly last week – had to go to work in unironed linen (linen seemed a good idea at the time – must have been the rebel coming out in me) but I made Mum by a new iron – you know, just in case.

  9. blop said

    Instead of using water in your iron, use a spray bottle….works great and still get the effect w/o the dribbling issues!! Good luck!

  10. I have the same iron – so if they were manufactured anywhere near each other – you odds are GOOD! I, too, was skeptical, but she’s been good to me. I even built her a little shelf of her own.

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