In support of fried dough

We had a quick weekend getaway. Maybe it doesn’t qualify as a getaway if you’re actually going home?


I managed to snap one quick picture on the world’s shortest Ferris wheel ride. Sheesh, give a girl a chance to take some pictures, would ya?

Some advice. Be careful of what happens when you’re trying to take artful photos of colorful fish bowls.





While you’re not paying attention, you may end up with one of these:


This is Gilligan. Yes, I overfed him this morning. We haven’t had a goldfish for quite a while. I didn’t miss cleaning the fish bowl. I’ll pay more attention at the goldfish booth next time.

I also visited the hometown quilt shop. Twice. Same number of elephant ears I ate (correction: SHARED). On the first visit, I bought a small amount of Avlyn’s Nature’s Palette distressed solids in black. The second time I bought the rest of the bolt. It’s lovely aged-looking stuff dyed with natural dyes. I may have the last bit in captivity because it’s old (well, 2006) and isn’t made any longer. I thought it would look fantastic with acid-y greens and golds. If the sun returns, I’ll try to take a photo. But it’s, well, distressed dark grey. Not really at its best without something on it. That may take some time. But I have it. For posterity. Interesting! I washed the largest part this morning and left the small portion unwashed. The WASHED fabric is now darker than the unwashed fabric.


  1. Jan said

    Great fishbowl shots!! (That is odd re: the washed fabric.)

  2. MichelleB said

    Those are fabulous fishbowl shots. Too funny that you ended up with a new goldfish. We’ve been through plenty of fish – I’m glad to be done with them!

  3. Karin said

    Lovely photos of the goldfish bowls! I think Gilligan will be happy at your house. I remember winning a chameleon at the fair when I was a little girl. I brought it home, made up a box for it to live in, complete with a little play yard, and the darn thing died two days later. 😦 Oh, well.
    You know, that 3rd shot of the bowls might make a really cool Spoonflower fabric.

  4. Amy said

    Now where is the Bluffton quilt shop? I grew up there also, and went to get my pineapple whip this last week, but I had no idea they had/have a quilt shop! Is it downtown?

  5. Katy said

    I don’t trust Gilligan. He has shifty eyes. Are you sure he’s not a piranha?

  6. poppyprint said

    What’s an elephant ear (aside from the obvious, large, grey, leathery ones attached to real life elephants). Is that the fried dough? I’m wondering if they are similar to the Beaver Tails we have up here – sort of like a strung-out flat donut covered with lemon juice and cinnamon sugar? Yumm. Love the bowl shots.

  7. Miriam said

    Lovely goldfish bowl photos! Cute goldfish. Its a long time since we had fish too.

    Great work going back to buy the rest of the bolt!! That sounds like something I would do! lol

    What is an elephant’s ear??

  8. nanette said

    great photography, I remember being a kid at the fair and loving the fish booth but not really liking the fish after I got it home

  9. Sarah said

    Don’t you know what happens when you feed a goldfish too much? Dr Seuss would not approve.
    And why were you eating that poor elephant’s ears? Now he can’t hear and will have to go and live in an elephant shelter in Malaysia with a personal trainer with fans waving the flies away from his eyes.
    Sounds like a weekend of animal cruelty to me. Plus, how did you know that you can now get a baby elephant on Farmville?

  10. Cathy said

    Oh I love gilligan!!! Does he miss his multi coloured homes? Where did you find so many fishbowls? Great artistic shots! xo

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