Stretching summer

It’s a crazy weather day here. Blustery, rainy, sunny, cool. Fall is definitely here. I wish I had a pot of veg chili on the stove. Instead I’ve been working on a summer-y quilt top. I’ve been meaning to make this quilt top for quite some time. The dog tells me that a box containing these fabrics has been sitting on her crate since maybe July. Now that it’s getting cooler, she is a little sad to see them go. She might need them to keep warm.


These are mostly Bari J.’s Full Bloom fabrics from Windham. The border is still to come. It will be somewhat similar to Bari J.’s Garden Tea Party quilt border. More summer is in store. Good thing since tomorrow’s weather forecast looks a lot like today’s.



  1. Mmm. Vegetarian chili. Now you have me thinking of a nice dinner, and I have a meeting after work until 8:30! So, probably no more work on BOM block 1 or a homecooked dinner.

    Love the quilt top — pretty, pretty colors.

  2. ~Michelle~ said

    Ooh, great quilt! I do like the Bari J fabrics by themselves, but they really do work so much better as a collection, IMO.

  3. Stephanie said

    I’ve yet to find a shop that carries it around here. I want to see it in person and make my selections.

  4. Happy colors! It makes me think summer isn’t really over just yet.

  5. Katy said

    you could always give the quilt back to the dog, that would be fair.

  6. Karen said

    Beautiful quilt – lovely fabrics!

  7. lyn lindsay said

    Great quilt happening, what is it about these babies waiting to be completed, at present we are heading for summer and I began a simple quilt which will be scrap and do you think I can get to it, the requests for clothing or babies being born just keeps me away from the quilt I began forever ago, summer will be over and still the quilt won’t be done, oh well there is Christmas when life does slow down a bit, hopefully then I will complete it…after all that it will be good to see your quilt finished and yes you will beat me.
    Enjoy sewing, thanks for the blog.
    Lyn, Brisbane Australia.

  8. Brianna said

    Amy, that quilt top is gorgeous! Love the fabrics. Your quilts are so bright and colourful and always remind me of summer. Hopefully you can get it finished in time to keep you warm as it gets colder there. Poor dog, maybe you need to make her a jacket?!

  9. MichelleB said

    I love those Full Bloom fabrics. This quilt looks great – it is very summery. I can hardly wait to see the border finished – that is such a cool border.

  10. nanette said

    Love the blend of fabrics and colors. I also love squares. Fun project.

  11. Jackie said

    Yes, fall is definitely here! Great time to quilt and I just love the one that you are working on.

  12. Sarah said

    29 degrees C (thats about 85 F I think) in sunny Sydney today…. funny to think of you all being cold!

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