This is gonna be big

After studying the Love hexagons (thanks to Kathy for stopping the slideshow), I guess-timated some dimensions and made a test.

Yipe. That’s a big block:


Big, I tell ya! This guess is 18″ from flat side to flat side.

Turns out this was a test block for the sake of some brain exercise because, good news, the pattern will be available for free at Amy Butler’s site by the end of next week.


  1. I’m in love with LOVE. Can’t wait to get mine and access that online pattern!

  2. Katy said

    I’m overexcited by the size of that block – totally over excited!!! 18 inches? Oh, the excitement is too much.

    I think I need some love. Why have I gone and spent all of my pennies on stuff I really don’t need? I don’t get any more pocket money for 3 weeks. Now I wish I was a saver not a spender *sigh*

  3. Jackie said

    Wow that is big, big and beautiful!! Love the new Amy Butler line too.

  4. That really is a big hexagon — I’m going to try it! I’m thinking bed quilt. I’ve never made a quilt for my bed. This could be it!

  5. Did you guys get the Jay McCarroll in?!! I’m hoping to score some in NYC. Freakin’ cute!!

  6. Kat said

    Excellent work! I had gone back to Amy Butler’s site to examine that quilt and noticed the fact that the center is one piece, requiring setting in, and not six pieces, which would be SO much easier to piece, no setting it required… raising the THINKING factor…. SO glad to hear that the pattern will be available FOR FREE (!) next week, so I could concentrate on fabric placement rather than MATH… always my preferred path!

  7. Sharrieboberry said

    It’s rainy here today–laminate that baby and make an umbrella, or, um, a parasol.

  8. Caroline said

    Oooo, very excited to see you are our guest designer this month in MO Dolly land! Looking forward to seeing what gorgeous-ness you have planned for us….

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