Dollies Online

Wow, you all are somewhat geeked about the Love fabric, huh?! Thanks for your comment entries and your blog posts about the giveaway! Keep those cards and letters coming!

I’ve got something else I hope you’ll be geeked about. Sarah and I have embarked on a little adventure:


Dollies Online! You do love a good dolly quilt, don’t you? Well, we have a program of 12 months of dolly quilt patterns for you beginning in January 2010 — six patterns from Sarah, six patterns from me! Dolly quilts are a great way to try new methods in a small project, so we’ll be exploring a variety of techniques. We will be sure to share our tips for success in every quilt.

The program will run through the Sew n Sell site. You can sign up for all 12 months at once at a savings of $5 AUS per pattern. With the 12-month sign-up, you will also receive a free pattern for the adorable Dollies Online logo quilt. You can also purchase the patterns individually on a monthly basis for $15 AUS each.

The January pattern is called Hurry Home:


Sarah offers her lovely linen stars quilt pattern for February:


Frankly, I can’t wait for that one — isn’t it happy?

The rest of the quilts will remain under wraps so that you can get a happy surprise in your email-box each month.

In honor of the Dollies Online launch, I would like to offer a toast to dolly quilt lovers everywhere:


Cheers and we hope that you’ll join us in some dolly quilt fun!

I know that’s a funny looking dog, but who can resist that orange and pink polka dot background?!



  1. Sarah said

    Woot… hey, we don’t get that wine here??

  2. Jackie said

    Congrats on this new adventure! I am sure that the patterns will be wonderful coming from the two of you.

  3. Janet said

    How exciting, the two peeks are delicious. You must be an honary Aussie by now, why you’re even drinking the wine.

  4. Julie said

    man that is one scary looking mutt, I’m trying to see past the fangs & look for his inner beauty…hmmm not working

  5. “Geeked out!” Love it! I am totally a geek for love. I’ve never made a doll quilt before, or even been tempted, but I getting geeked out by the two shown above. Guess I will be taking a peek at the Sew and Sell site. šŸ™‚

    Oh — and I blogged about your giveaway in truly geeky fashion just now.

  6. I’m also a geek for polka-dotted backgrounds. Just thought you should know.


  7. Sarah said

    Oh Joan, I’m SURE I can help you there…. šŸ™‚

  8. Cathy said

    Oh Amy, what a fabulous thing getting you and Sarah together! These quilts will be wonderful, I love the first two already. That is a scary hound, but I do love the polka dots, and yes, I’m a Love geek too! xo

  9. lily boot said

    oh my goodness – you amazing girl! I am so utterly delighted and impressed ’cause woman, you have serious talent. It still makes me giggle when I think of me in that shop last year, pleading with the sales assistant – “but Sarah loves Amy and likes how she applies rick-rack to her quilt blocks!” What a dolt I am. But I am thrilled and will have to sign up quick! See, you have to do a special one for me on your gorgeous applique!

  10. Janice said

    Lovely block & the wine looks good as well lol
    Hugs Janice

  11. Stephanie said

    What fun! You two are so creative this will be amazing. Thinking…thinking…

  12. MichelleB said

    Congratulations! This is so exciting for you. I’m sure that the quilts will be just wonderful.

  13. pam said

    Well aren’t you fancy!!! Congratulations!

  14. pam said

    p.s. that wine might bite back, be careful!

  15. Rene' said

    Will definitely have to check out your new venture. The sneak peeks look cute. I haven’t done any doll quilts but think they are adorable. Seems like a good time to start!!

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